Why do muscles ache

Why do muscles ache?

Sometimes you can feel the pain in the muscles. This article will discuss the causes of this pain, as well as its elimination. It is clear, if a person goes to the gym, the cause of the pain will be his hard work on his body. Well, if a person has never been in the gym, he wakes up in the morning and asks himself why the leg muscles ache, and even hurt so much that getting out of bed is a whole problem! What it is?

The answer is our memory. Remember, maybe you were riding a bike, strolling around the city unusually for a long time or running away from someone? Pain in the muscles can also occur due to stretching of the muscles. In this case, you should buy some ointment from the dilations in the nearest pharmacy.

Nevertheless, to a deep regret, the pain in muscles is not always connected with physical exertion. Sometimes it can be a symptom of the disease.

Diseases that cause muscle pain

Most often, the symptoms of certain diseasesare the pains of the muscles of the legs. This may be due to diseases of the vessels of the legs, the muscles themselves, the spine or joints. Often the whole thing is in the vessels, in the broken outflow of venous blood. The person in fact can not distinguish, it hurts at it or him particularly muscles or vessels. These pains are more "stupid" in nature, there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs. In consequence of all this, a disease such as varicose veins may develop.

Also, the muscles of the legs can hurt because of the constantsitting or standing work. After all, under such conditions, normal blood circulation does not occur, oxygen starvation occurs, very harmful toxins accumulate in the legs, after which the muscles begin to ache.

The strongest pain in the muscles of the legs is a person canfeel because of such an unpleasant illness as myositis - inflammation of the muscles. Myositis is treated only under the constant supervision of a doctor. The cause of this disease can be trauma or unusual muscle strain. Among other things, this disease can occur as a complication, for example, after the flu.

If you are not engaged in sports, and the muscles are always sore - always consult a doctor. Why muscles ache and how to deal with it, only a specialist can tell you.

Why muscles ache after training

On training, and muscle pain after them, it is worth talking separately. It is believed that the pain after training - an indicator of the quality of yesterday's training, its effectiveness.

So, because of what there is such a pain in the muscles? All this is due to the receipt by the human body of an unusual load. Due to the load, microfractures occur in the thirds of the muscle fibers. Hence the feeling of pain. Such traumas provoke our body to active recovery. A very active release of hormones, as well as protein synthesis, begins to occur. And protein, as is known, is the building material for our muscles. As a result of all this, muscles increase their volume.

Such belated muscle pain weakens latertime. If you train regularly, it, of course, will not pass completely, but after a while will cease to bring you inconveniences. Changing your program or taking a break, you again remember about it. Such muscle pain is positive if you want to "pump up" your muscles, become stronger and bigger.

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