Who are SEOs and how do they become

Who are SEOs and how do they become?

On the Internet, there are many sitesand blogs. This type of earnings is very popular, and so many are resolved to open this particular business. Create your own site is not a problem now, but over time, users stop doing it. The fact is that it must be actively developed. And for this, knowledge in the field of SEO is required. Who are SEOs and what kind of work do they do?

Features of the profession

Seoshnik came from the word SEO, which meanspromotion of the site in search engines, for example, in "Yandex" and Google. It turns out that this work is required for all network resources. Who are SEOs? These are professionals or amateurs who carry out website promotion. To do this, they use proven techniques that are required for the popularity of the resource.

who are SEOs

Private SEOs can work not only withpersonal sites, but also with strangers. If a specialist sees the prospect of a resource, then he acquires it. With rich experience, an employee can have an excellent income. If the owner does not understand the intricacies of SEO or he does not have time, then he hires a professional.

Principles of website unwinding

If a site was created, then for successful developmentit must be visitors. It is on them depends on traffic and profit. The topic of the resource is commercial and entertaining. The first type is easier to monetize. But in any case, visitors are required, because the profit depends on them. Even entertaining subjects bring in income, if it comes at least 100 people.

SEOs worse

The work of the SEO is to deduce articles inTop search engines. If the resource takes place among 10 sites, then there will be an excellent attendance. When the site is located on other pages, it is unlikely that it will be popular. Therefore, if a professional SEO is taken for work, the site will not be worse.

Methods of promotion

Who are the SEOs and where do they work? Specialists can do their work both at home and in the office. There are 3 options for promoting the resource:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • black.

White methods are common.To do this, you need to write natural texts, purchase advertisements. With such a job, the site is unlikely to fall into the ranks of popular ones, but eventually it still becomes popular. A significant expenditure of money is required. The technique is more suitable for articles, because the quality of the articles is taken into account. It takes into account the activity of visitors who put the likes, reposts, comments.

good SEOs

For commercial sites, white methodsnot suitable, it is better to promote them in gray ways. They include links. There are many methods, and all of them are considered effective. The site quickly becomes in the ranks of popular.

For black methods, a mass insert is usedkeys in the texts. The article and the background acquire one color, the text is not visible to people, but is noticeable for search engine robots. The site goes into the positions visited and therefore brings in revenue.

There are 2 types of SEO optimization: internal and external. Each type has its own characteristics.

Internal optimization

Work of this kind is needed to improve the site,improving the ranking factors that affect the position in the search. To fully understand this work, you should read a lot of information.

Internal optimization is very important, as this affects the success of the project. The work includes:

  • compilation of the semantic kernel;
  • correction of internal structure;
  • removal of technical errors;
  • improvement of resource usability;
  • work with text;
  • implementation;
  • Other types of work to improve the site.

work SEOs

It is important that the resource is user friendly. They must find the information they came for. That is why different methods of improving the resource are used.

External optimization

This work involves the implementation of actions,necessary for obtaining the reference mass on the site. It can be expanded using free and paid methods. For this, there are such exchanges as gogetlinks or rotapost. References are temporary and eternal.

First you can start with free methods,for example, with registration in the profiles of trust sites, posting articles on resources. The reference mass should be increased gradually. In SEO there are such concepts as natural and unnatural references. They are determined by the search engines, so it is important to carefully consider the purchase of links.

former SEOs

There are also complex systems of promotion, inwhich have everything you need to optimize the site. Their advantages are that you do not need to work with different services. It is enough to use one resource, and everything will be under control.

One of the popular systems is SeoPult.The resource has an add-in above the link exchanges to acquire quality links. Also, there are a lot of tools needed to analyze the competitor's site, perform a personal resource audit, purchase content. All these functions are necessary for the qualitative work of the webmaster.

How to become a professional?

If it is clear who are the SEOs, thenread the requirements for the profession. This requires knowledge and skills. To become a SEO, you need experience. To obtain these qualities, you should get acquainted with useful information. And you can use not only books, but also the Internet.

There are many resources where you can find manyinteresting information about the promotion. It usually takes several years to learn all the subtleties of the profession. Even the former SEO has theoretical and practical knowledge.

Quality SEOshnika

For each owner it is important that his site goes outin the TOP. This ensures an excellent attendance of the target audience, as well as income. SEO-optimizer performs work on inserting key phrases, meta tags, headers. Also, he correctly adjusts the section for other pages of the site.

Find a good SEO is not so simple. It is desirable to focus on what he should be able to perform:

  • analysis of the site and texts;
  • analysis of competition;
  • compilation of the semantic kernel;
  • meta-tagging;
  • correction of texts;
  • selection of effective methods of promotion;
  • work with search engines;
  • selection of external links;
  • article promotion;
  • monitoring of positions;
  • work on the basics of web analytics and web marketing.

Portfolio SEOs

The best SEO is white.Such a specialist for website promotion uses quality content and proven methods. The owner does not risk his resource, because the ban will not be imposed on "Yandex" or "Google". Such a specialist does not apply substandard methods that do not bring results. To work with a true professional, you need to choose the right one:

  • should be asked to show the portfolio, evaluate its quality;
  • you need to take contact information, as well as talk about ways to work, you can ask questions.

After these two stages it will be clear who canentrust the work. White SEO ensures optimization of the content of the site, after which it goes into the TOP. If this work is successfully completed, then no purchase of references is required. All this is necessary for qualitative promotion.

become a SEO

Promotion of the resource is a necessary stage,so it is important for this work to choose a professional. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the portfolio, but also to the feedback. It is necessary to discuss the work in detail. The present specialist will provide contact details, as well as details about the implementation of the promotion. When a knowledgeable person undertakes to work, the resource will quickly become popular.

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  • Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become Who are SEOs and how do they become