Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller

Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller

The ancient city of Siberia is located on the banks of the Angara River. Therefore it is considered very beautiful and picturesque. In addition, the city has a variety of places to relax.

Irkutsk: where to go in the evening

For young and active people in the city are openseveral night clubs, which will gladly meet all comers. For example, Club 7 Bar. This nightclub is one of the most popular among the locals. Therefore, inside the institution is always a fun atmosphere and a lot of people. Very often, various DJs and presenters come to the club, conducting various incendiary parties.

Where can I go to Irkutsk?The entertainment complex "Akula" is located directly on the embankment of the Angara. The institution provides all visitors with a comfortable stay. So, inside there is a spacious dance floor, on which professional DJs work. In addition, the club has a bowling alley in which visitors can escape from loud music. Also in the complex there is a cafe, which serves Japanese and Korean cuisine. Very often in the "Shark" theme nights are held, but one of the most common are foam parties.

where to go in Irkutsk with a girlWhere to go to Irkutsk with a girl?In the night club "Megapolis". It is located on 3 thousand square meters. Therefore, includes a lot of entertainment. Very often live concerts are held on the territory, up to 2500 people can listen to it at one time. Also in the club there is face control, so in the institution you can usually rest without incident.


Where can I go to Irkutsk? To spend time in a more relaxed atmosphere, it is recommended to visit one of the city parks or some picturesque place. Consider a couple of good options:

  • Park of the Paris Commune. In this place, young people can enjoy the silence. Especially if you choose a secluded place somewhere in the depths of the park.Irkutsk where to go in the evening
  • Central Park of Culture and Leisure.In this place can come not only young people who want to be alone, but also tourists interested in the history of the city. On the territory of the park there is the Temple of Entry into Jerusalem, as well as a zoogallery and many different attractions.

Where to go with the child

For small residents and guests of Irkutsk, a lot of entertainment and programs have been developed, so finding a place to rest will not be difficult. Let's look at a couple of options:

  • Ice rink.There are a lot of them in the city (about 30 pieces). The most common vacation spots of such a plan are: Angara, Lokomotiv-1, Ice People. In many places there are cozy cafeterias where you can order a cup of hot coffee or tea.
  • A trip to the Malamutes.If parents have the opportunity to go to a village located 70 km from the city, then the child must necessarily be taken to this place. The fact is that in this village there is a nursery with malamutes, gladly skating everyone on sleds. The whole program takes about 4 hours, including acquaintance with animals, entertainment and a hearty lunch.

Where to go with a child in Irkutsk? In the Planetarium.Visiting an amazing place, which tells about distant planets and about space, will become one of the most memorable and fascinating travels for a child.

Other entertainment for children

Where to go with a child in Irkutsk? To the Museum "Experiment". In this place, children will be told about various sciences, while doing this in a playful form.

where to go in Irkutsk

Thus, children are asked to measure the volume of theirscream or experience a gust of wind at 200 km / h, and also try to climb the chair to the ceiling and much more. Each child will remember visiting the museum for the rest of his life.

A boat trip along the Angara River will be interestingchildren. There are two steam-ships, each of them carries its visitors on different routes. Any baby will be interested to visit the ship and see the local attractions.

In addition, Irkutsk has numerousentertainment centers, in each of which there are all kinds of attractions, gambling machines and other children's games. One of the most beloved are the center "Black Pearl", in which the main theme is pirates. Also, the kids like "Fidget" and "PicaBum".

where to go with a child in IrkutskAlso, small guests can visit the horse-riding complex, a children's railway, a museum, a zoo and many other similar places.

The city's attractions

Where to go in Irkutsk? Those who wish to learn more about the history of the city and see its sights, it is worth to visit the square of the Earl of Speransky.
Also, the city is talked about 130 silentlyquarter, a walk through which will bring a lot of positive emotions. In addition, in this place there are many cozy cafes where you can relax from a walk by drinking a cup of hot drink.

Where to go in Irkutsk? In the House of Volkonsky.Literary evenings and balls are often held in the museum. On ordinary days, people come to know about the history of noble Russia, as well as about the families of the Decembrists.

where you can go to Irkutsk In addition, guests of Irkutsk are advised to visit the Cathedral of the Epiphany, the Znamensky Monastery, the Church of the Icon of Kazan Mother of God, the museum-estate of V.P. Sukachev and numerous monuments of the city.


As you can see, there are many places to go toIrkutsk. In the city there is a large number of museums, squares, theaters and other institutions that will be interesting to visit not only visitors, but also local residents.

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  • Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller Where to go in Irkutsk to a tourist and a city dweller