When is the day of the hairdresser

When is the day of the hairdresser? history of the holiday

While studying the question of which numberDay of the hairdresser, it is necessary to note one most curious detail, which consists in the fact that this profession is very, very ancient. It arose several thousand years ago.

when the day of the hairdresser

And before answering, when the day of the hairdresser,a little plunge into the history of the emergence of this wonderful craft. Thanks to ancient frescoes and today one can admire the multi-parted hairdresses of Egyptian priestesses and pharaohs, even then people used basma and henna for coloring hair, had different analogues of modern means for cutting and styling scissors, razors, combs, plaques, etc.

A little more history

In Ancient Greece hairdressinghas received a new round of development. Who, as non-Hellenes, knew a lot about human beauty, and they did their best to improve it. Rich nobles wished that the hands of a skilful barber would somehow embellish them in a special way. At first, this case was dealt with by specially trained people, but over time, the first beauty salons began to be created.

congratulations on the day hairdresser funny

When is the day of the hairdresser in Russia

Day of the hairdresser in Russia note for some reason twoday: one - September 13, and the second - the 14th. There is no exact date, but this does not prevent us from determining the day that is convenient for the collective and organizing a solemn celebration of our masters.

Now it becomes generally clear when the day of the hairdresser, however it is unclear where this word takes its name. Some argue that the word "hairdresser" comes from the German termperückenmacher -so called the wizard for making wigs. However, in Germany this word is already outdated and has not been used for a long time.


Others believe that it is of French origin:perruque- a hair lining, in the theater it was one of the most expressive means of makeup.

Interesting fact:at different times and in different countries these people were called differently - barber, scoundrels, barbers, stupid artists, chauffers, since besides styling their hair they could do shaving and manicure, and even took on the duties of doctors, exposing their clients various simple procedures. In Russia before hairdressers were called barbers.

Day of the hairdresser is not celebrated at the statelevel, but, of course, this holiday is another occasion to rejoice and pay tribute to the love and respect of people who perfectly master this craft, without them it would be boring and tedious to live in a world of constant stresses and negatives, they seem to paint, but in their own way, our life.

If you have a master, then you stronglylucky, and if not, look for him immediately, because he will be able to change your destiny and as a psychologist as well. Women, as well as men, often come out of the beauty salon with a raised self-esteem, because they look fresh, beautiful, in a new way, the mood rises and self-confidence arises.

what day is the hairdresser

When the day of the hairdresser and how it is celebrated today

By the way, there is one more holiday - Day of workers of trade and sphere of consumer services of the population. It is celebrated on July 31, and hairdressers can also consider it their own.

Almost every company to provide theseservices conducts thematic master classes, where hairdressers are trained and improve their professional level. Therefore, by the day of the hairdresser, one can complete a course and combine the presentation of the diploma with the holiday. Then it will be twice as pleasant, symbolic and symbolic to celebrate this day. And here you can not do without a festive buffet table.

These days some salons arrange specialshares for their customers. Well, regular customers usually like to please their own masters and they will certainly take the time to congratulate them. In general, on this day everyone will be satisfied: the masters themselves, and their customers.

when the day of a hairdresser in Russia


The most kind and positive congratulations on the Dayhairdressers, cool and funny, must be sounded on this day, they will further emphasize a favorable and festive atmosphere, it's not for nothing that people say: until one arranges a holiday for himself, no one will arrange it.

At the solemn collective meetings, you canexpress all their wishes, discuss the subtleties of the profession, offer some innovations, exchange experiences, give gifts and certificates for the best achievements, for example, "For the largest number of clients served" or "For high professionalism", etc.

On this day, congratulations on Barber's Day, cool and heartfelt, will be enjoyed by those who are specially trained to please customers with scissors and combs.

Give the scissors, comb,
The master will do his hair.
Will work without fail,
It cuts you up modern.

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