What to give a girl for 18 years

What to give a girl for 18 years?

All, regardless of gender and age, likereceive gifts. When choosing a presentation, I want to please the birthday boy, please him, arrange a real surprise! Unfortunately, many have enough fancy for a bouquet of roses and inexpensive perfume. If you are thinking about the question: "What to give a girl for 18 years?", First of all, take an interest in her hobbies.

For those girls who like extreme, you canpick up a special birthday present. Gather together with your friends and arrange a hiking trip to the nearest forest with tents, hiking in the caves, descents to the water, fishing and kebabs. Especially in this case, lucky birthday girls born in the summer. Winter for extreme sports is suitable gift in the form of a trip to the mountain slopes. Skiing and snowboarding will bring fun even to the most boring company. Also to date, popular alloys on kayaks. Organize alloys in the company or present a certificate for individual swimming. A gift for a girl of 18 years can be so! Lovers of shooting games like playing paintball. After a cheerful fight between friends a festive table with meat and other gifts of nature is laid.

What to give a girl for 18 years, if sheprefers to celebrate holidays in a home atmosphere? Organize a home themed party. Themes can be diverse, from geographical (Hawaii, Mexico, America, Africa, etc.) to historical epochs (Catherine Ball, primitive tribe, Russian folk feast). A gift can be made with your own hands in accordance with the theme of the evening. It can be a huge wall newspaper with wishes and photos of the birthday girl, a photo album with jokes and interesting stories from life, a box of desires (a few small symbolic presents), "a voucher to adulthood" and much more. If you want to choose a material gift, fold with your friends and hand the girl on the 18th anniversary certificate to her favorite store. The main thing is not what kind of gift for content, but how it was presented and decorated!

If you do not know what to give a girl on 18years, if she has everything, present her a gala concert! If you have the means and opportunities, invite real professional singers to the concert, if there is no money, speak for yourself! Sing her favorite songs, dance, read poems about this girl. It's unlikely she will forget such a gift! It definitely remains the most original.

Also in the treasury of interesting ideas you can addWalk on the night city on a trolley. Order a transport and at midnight invite the birthday girl for a walk. The trolley itself should be decorated with balls, garlands and flowers, turn on the music, buy a lot of delicious food and booze. Catania on the night roads in the company of a loved one or cheerful friends will remain in the memory of the girl forever!

A gift for 18 years old girl should not bebanal. The majority is a symbolic date, which means that the present should also be appropriate. Forget about platitudes like books, electronics, cosmetics, etc. If you are preparing a surprise for your beloved girl, you can get by with jewelry, but for a friend this will be too luxurious a gift. Think what she wanted all these years? Feel like an adult, free and independent! Help her do it. Embark on a journey (even to the next city), jump with a parachute, write it down for dancing (not ordinary pop, but for strip-plastic, for example). The more bezbashennee will be her birthday, the more emotions will get not only the birthday girl, but also the people around her.

If you are still in doubt and do not know whatto give the girl for 18 years, and our advice to you did not help at all, ask her directly. If she will be honest with you and tell you about her dreams, consider that you are lucky and the way out is found.

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