What say the former girlfriend guy

What say the former girlfriend guy?

Often, girls who have lost for some reasonbecause of his relationship with a young man, can not leave the life of the former chosen alone. She is looking for "occasional" encounters and follows a new pair of shadows. What to say to the former girlfriend of the guy - you will learn from our article.


Obviously, the mission of the former girl, when she appears in your life together, is to show the young man that she is better.

If there is aggression in the behavior of the girl, then it means that the offense has remained after the parting.

You, as a new girl of a man, need to remain calm. Be kind, affectionate and polite. Against the background of abuse and abuse - you will look more dignified.

Now imagine that you started screaming atUnison with an angry girl, while letting terse remarks in her address. There is a risk that feelings for that girl in your man have not completely died out, and choosing between the two of you, he can make a choice not in your direction.

Be patient and talk politely with his former half. Not seeing a negative reaction from you, she is likely to leave your couple alone.


It can happen that the former girl will startpressure on pity, telling about your love for your man. Perhaps she will even scare you, that she will commit suicide. In most cases, this is a method of intimidation and there will be no real action.

But ignore such statements in no eventit is impossible. You need to enter into a dialogue with your ex-girlfriend. Try to convince her that if a man loved her, he would not have gone to another, and to live with an unloved person does not make sense. Open her eyes to the world: explain that there are many other worthy guys around and it's time to let go of the past. Convince her that if she loves your boyfriend, then she must let him go and wish her happiness with the new woman.

If you can sincerely penetrate into her problem and try to help, then your man will appreciate this deed.


We do not exclude the possibility that the former girlFollows you just to once again laugh at your pair. As in the case of aggression, you need to remain calm and not engage in dialogue, let alone provoke conflict.

This behavior may be due to severalfactors: it hides the pain behind the mask of indifference and turns the situation into a joke, while chuckling at you. Or she simply has nothing to do. In any case, she will see that her actions do not hurt you and will soon fall behind your pair.


It happens that you have a common medium of communication. Therefore, it is possible that the abandoned girl will start to set up your friends or colleagues against you. You need to continue to communicate with friends in the usual way.

If people around you stop talking withyou, then decide what is best for you: a quiet life with a loved one or dubious friends? Surely such a layout will not be catastrophic for you.

Stories about the past

Girls are very cunning and inventive. Do not be surprised if you receive a phone call from your girlfriend's ex-girlfriend asking you to meet. In no case do not agree to a meeting and politely clarify by phone what she wants from you.

It can start a nasty conversation about yourman, telling bad stories from the past. This may well be true, but do not take the words seriously, since he is with you now, and the goal of the last friend is to bring him back.

Do not show your annoyance, even if youwill shake from this conversation. As we said above, when a girl realizes that you do not care, she will leave you and your boyfriend alone. Otherwise, she will double her strength and try to get her man back in different ways.

That the image of the former chosen one does not interfere with your life together, it is necessary that your bonds be as strong as possible. Next, we'll tell you how to get closer to your beloved.

3 ways to get closer

  • Learn to listen. Ability to listen and hear your chosen one will help to avoid a lot of quarrels and conflicts, increase trust and improve your relationships. During a serious conversation turn off the TV, move the mobile phone and look at the man - by such actions you will show how important the conversation is to you;
  • Find a common passion. General activities in the gym, trips to the pool or dance lessons - the choice is huge. So you can spend more time together and you will always have something to talk about.
  • Pay special attention to touching. Physical contact allows you to relieve stress and show your concern. Kiss the man in the morning, before going to bed and at a meeting. Embrace it when he goes to work, and he will think of you throughout the day.

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