What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true


Flower Name: Rose.

Alexandra is a truly royal name. Proud and domineering, haughty and hot, tender and cruel - such is the nature of this woman.

Like its flower, a rose, it has an amazing beauty that certainly catches the eye. They envy Alexandra, they even hate her, they constantly gossip about her, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to her.

Alexandra's heart is impregnable. Like a rose, it is surrounded by thorns and can hurt the feelings of a man painfully. Conquer it can a man decisive and desperate. Alexandra-Roza will always have attractive force for men, but it blooms only in free conditions!


Flower Name: Lily.

In the Christian tradition, the lily symbolizes purity and innocence, and several lilies on one stem signify virginity, rebirth and immortality. The straight stem of the lily is the personification of the Divine mind, while the drooping leaves are a symbol of modesty.

The same temperament and the owner of this name.Usually women with this name are very sociable and purposeful. In addition, they easily become the soul of the company.

Strong-willed, judicious, fair and intelligent, Alina is able to laugh at herself, which allows her to gain the support and respect of her colleagues and friends, who value her for balance, reliability and a great sense of humor.


Flower name: azalea.

Alla-azalea has expressive appearance: she is all bright, catchy, attractive. She involuntarily evokes the sympathy of others and because of this often makes a rapid career.

An immediate and merry Alla, however, can be extremely vindictive if you offend her. In addition, the yellow color of azaleas is a sign of insecurity. Therefore, do not trust Alla too much - she herself is on her mind.

Charming Allu-Azalea is loved by men, and she will willingly allow herself to be carried away, but she will choose her life partner, adhering to strict ideals: secured, loyal, capable. Alla can forgive a lot, but her patience is not unlimited. Only she herself manages the house.


Flower Name: Orchid.

Most likely, you noticed that Anastasia is endowed with subtle beauty and is not like any of the women. Like the orchid, Anastasia is notable for its extraordinary vitality.You will not frighten her with difficulties, she always holds her head high, is strong and proud, knows her worth.

As countless colors and varieties of orchids, so elusive nuances of mood Anastasia. It is always different, amazing, and therefore always interesting and full of surprises.

Dear Anastasia-orchid flower requires special attention. She will not be satisfied with simple courting and modest bouquet! To win her position, Anastasia needs to be blinded, stunned, subdued with a rich gift or an unusual act; you need to be stronger, smarter, more courageous and kinder than all.

Growing brighter and brighter with age, this woman does not tire of striking men.


Flower Name: Pansies.

Pansies have 3 primary colors: white, purple and yellow, symbolizing 3 moods: hope, sadness and spontaneity. And all these qualities are visible in the character of Anna.

As a rule, she is an optimist, lively, somewhat naive, and sometimes brooding and sad. The character of Anna, cheerful and cheerful at first glance, can not be called simple either.

She is capricious and can show extraordinary stubbornness. Her naivety and meekness are often just a mask designed to fascinate and deceive people.

Anna draws her touching beauty.She is extremely flirtatious, carefully monitors her appearance and knows how to evoke sympathy. Anna is curious, will always be interested in the affairs of her chosen one, and so deftly subordinate him to himself that he will not notice.


Flower Name: Edelweiss.

Few people can boast of what they saw near edelweiss. This rare flower grows on steep bare rocks at dizzying heights. Perhaps that is why the character of Antonina is distinguished by such extraordinary strength and independence.

It is difficult to find a person more honest and loyal than Antonina. She is demanding, but she makes the highest demands to herself. On this woman in everything you can safely rely on yourself.

Being a person with a crystal clear soul, Antonina will open her heart only to a person who is equally honest, strong and strong-willed. Male henpecked her not interested.

Antonina will devote her life to her chosen one without a trace: such a notion as treason is alien to her. Therefore, the betrayal of a lover can kill her ...


Flower name: forget-me-not.

Valentina is very similar to forget-me-not: her beauty is quiet, unobtrusive, inner.This is an unusually sincere and sensitive person, she will never refuse to help and will share the last thing she has.

Keeping like forget-me-not, a little apart from everyone, Valentina is very diligent and able to achieve a lot in life. She will definitely become a “lifesaver” anywhere, as she is attentive and careful.

Anyone who has paid attention to Valentine at least once, really will not be able to forget it.

Since forget-me-not is also a symbol of true love, Valentine will be loyal to her chosen one and surround her with care. Gentle and kindhearted, she will become a good wife, mistress and mother.


Flower name: bell.

Valeria herself is like a bell: with pure beauty, always with a ringing voice, always cheerful and sociable. It happens, of course, that it closes itself, but as soon as something good happens, the whole is dismissed and shines with joy.

Valeria is generally not able to be bored and sad for a long time; And she knows how to infect others with her happiness and good mood.

As a delicate bell is immediately striking among other colors, so Valeria certainly stands out among others.

Valeria is strict in choosing a partner: an ordinary person will not like her.Her elect must be witty and courageous, and Valeria will surround him with care and tender love.


Flower Name: Narcissus.

Varvara is very similar to a daffodil: the same fragile and feminine, as a rule, incredibly cute, but proud and selfish lady. She is well aware of what a powerful weapon is her appearance, and skillfully uses it. For a Barbara carefully follows: she has well-groomed hands and a clean face.

Like a daffodil, Barbara favorably accepts the attention and love of others, but she herself prefers feelings not to give to anyone. This is an insidious woman who is able to use men hard to achieve her own goals and without regret leaving them.

If Barbara falls in love with someone, her demanding love will poison the life of the chosen one. The aroma of daffodils faints - so be careful when communicating with Barbara!


Flower name: Veronica.

Veronica's small flowers are undemanding, resistant to cold, but unusually bright and fragrant. Veronica has the same cheerful, irrepressible, violent temper.

Veronica stretches to everything new, bright, unknown, that excites the imagination and makes the heart beat faster. Its impulses are difficult to contain, it is impossible to control or subordinate to oneself.

Veronica is stubborn, but, alas, is able to easily quit the job started halfway. She is charming and lures a lot of men into her networks.

It is difficult to love her, because it is difficult to find a more impermanent person than Veronica. Nevertheless, she cannot be angry for a long time.

Veronica can not live without holidays and parties. She chooses only the most fashionable, most sophisticated and expensive restaurant. She shines in triumph: she looks stunning, dances beautifully, loves compliments.


Flower Name: Mimosa.

Victoria is extremely capricious and does not tolerate an invasion of her own world. She, of course, is sociable, witty, cheerful and flighty, but as if from a distance, for everyone, and her true feelings are hidden.

And not because Victoria does not open her soul, that she is angry or reticent, but because she is incredibly sensitive, receptive, vulnerable. Victoria herself considers her feelings to be her weakness, unacceptable in the world of envy and aggression. That is why it shrinks, like mimosa leaves, at the slightest touch.

Of course, forcing Victoria to show true feelings is not easy. She is surrounded by a huge number of admirers, but she doesn’t stand on ceremony here: if a person doesn’t evoke sympathy, she will directly declare it.

A man conquers her endlessly gentle, patient and faithful.Indeed, despite all the whims, Victoria craves understanding and love and is able to become a good wife.


Flower Name: Sweet Peas.

Galina's soul is amazingly light and transparent - women dreams and mysterious women for many people around her. She loves clarity in everything, unusually meticulous, disgusting, does not tolerate lies. Sometimes Galina looks selfish, who works only for her own good, but she is fully capable of taking care of others if she sees the need for it.

Like the fragile flowers of peas, Galina seems defenseless, but rarely anyone knows how to stand up for herself as she does. Just her look is too gentle.

Galina simply fascinates men with her inexplicable charm. But you will not find a more picky, selective woman.

Unfortunately, it often happens that Galina spends too much time searching for her ideal, but in the end she is mistaken. She then pays for her mistake for the rest of her life: she suffers, but is unable to quit an unloved person.


Flower Name: Dandelion.

White dandelion among yellow dandelions

When Daria appears in the company, then a sun ray bursts into the room. She is incredibly active, impetuous, sociable, talkative.

Daria is an incorrigible optimist, she just radiates energy and does not spare her for others.She will lead everyone around, infect with her enthusiasm, and manage to participate in several things at once. Daria goes through life with a smile, she is unpretentious and resilient, like a dandelion.

But, like a dandelion, Daria and windy. When it fades, white plumes spread in all directions. Darya's boiling energy is spreading in all directions.

She flirts recklessly with everyone, gets frivolous novels, but does not depend on anyone and avoids obligations. It is difficult to keep Daria - unless the feeling really touches her soul, and this rarely happens.


Flower name: primula.

Diana is a mysterious, incomprehensible woman. Not only that the name is "divine", so also the primrose gave her attractive appearance.

Diana is surprisingly easy to find a common language with people, as if she really unlocks human hearts with magic keys. Just as quickly, she adapts to various circumstances, always finds a way out of difficult situations and is ready to give good advice.

Male Diana attracts, above all, its naturalness.She does not flaunt her beauty, does not boast about her, but always keeps with dignity.

But to conquer her heart is not so simple: a special, golden key is needed - simplicity, generosity and an open soul.


Flower name: poppy.

Without a doubt, this flower is fully suitable for Eugenia - as reckless, flashing like gunpowder, and just as quickly burning off. She is very vulnerable, vulnerable, but at the same time stubborn and hard.

It is difficult to argue with her, because Eugene sees people through and out of the pocket, and just won't get into his pocket. She is talented, but succumbs to difficulties and often closes in on herself.

When poppies bloom, it seems that the earth is engulfed in flames. A similar impression makes men sometimes Eugene. And not so much beauty in it, as the internal heat.

Like Maca, Eugenia intoxicates, enchants with her speeches or, on the contrary, with her silence. She plays with men, not allowing to leave, but also not admitting to herself. Picking a poppy flower and not poisoning it with a dope is not given to everyone ...


Flower name: lotus.

There is no more beautiful and amazing miracle on earth - snow-white, fragile, and in the sunset light a pink-scarlet lotus.It is a symbol of purity, peace, a symbol of life itself. Perhaps that is why you rarely meet Catherine with an ordinary appearance.

This woman is truly beautiful and fresh as a lotus, and she preserves her charm until her old age. As a rule, the goals and thoughts of Catherine are equally noble.

She is proud, but she knows how to hide this trait of her character. She is selfish, but she is able to overcome her egoism, and not everyone will dare. Naturally, Catherine is often the universal favorite.

You can not even talk about the myriad fans of Catherine. She knows how to be tactful, but always firm and makes her own choice.

The torn lotus instantly fades. So Catherine can wallow in life and problems, forgetting about herself. The partner should take care of her and diversify her life together.


Flower name: buttercup.

The name Elena is not easy, although it is common. Like a buttercup, it is life-loving, it endures difficulties and can get out of any position.

Perhaps, Elena lacks real sincerity: she attracts people with her friendliness, is well versed in any company, but sometimes does not feel those friendly feelings that she so diligently demonstrates to a person.

As the buttercup fades, re-blossoms, picks up the buds, so Elena is able to take on several things at once. True, to cope with everything is not always strong enough, but Elena can easily shift the care on the shoulders of another person, not forgetting, however, to appropriate the laurels.

Elena is a lively, energetic woman, extremely cute and always tastefully dressed. Her elegant look attracts many fans.

As a rule, she chooses one man, to whom she devotes all of herself. Attention flattering her, but Helen hardly allows herself anything more than a light flirt.


Flower Name: Hyacinth.

Elizabeth is very similar to her flower - a woman is amazing, imposing and charming. It is pleasant to communicate with her, she is so delicate and benevolent.

Elizabeth is a purposeful person, but she will never climb on the rampage and will not break her way in life with her elbows. She knows how to reckon with the opinions and desires of others. You are unlikely to see Elizabeth in a state of irritation or anger, since this behavior, in her opinion, is simply unworthy of a woman.

If you begin to inhale the scent of hyacinth, it is already difficult to stop, and if you begin to communicate with Elizabeth, you will not come off. In it, every movement, every gesture is filled with charm and kindness.

She belongs to the category of women who completely unwittingly, unconsciously drive men crazy. Elizabeth is capable of an infinitely deep feeling, and if she falls in love, she will be true to her feelings.


Flower name: gladiolus.

Jeanne is endowed with a lively, restless, belligerent character. She always knows how to stand up for herself, and for others too, be sure to achieve her goals, even if she has to turn mountains on the way.

Zhanna is independent to the bone marrow, the help of outsiders is simply unbearable for her, she has to achieve everything in life on her own. Perseverance, hard work and willpower of this woman does not hold.

Gladiolus grows exactly up, it is slender and almost odorless. So Jeanne is straightforward, simple-minded, does not aspire to all kinds of delights.

Sometimes men are afraid of her, not daring to approach her. But timid losers and romantics and Jeanne is not necessary. Rather, she will be interested in a man who resembles herself: solid, strong, strong-willed, confident and able to defend her interests.


Flower Name: Chrysanthemum.

Zinaida is characterized by a certain inner thoughtfulness and secret sadness, but at the same time she is a spectacular woman, always tastefully dressed, proud, elevated.

This woman would never be offended.She is laughable, and you will never understand what is really in her heart.

Zinaida is attracted by the fact that it is very easy to communicate with her. In addition, she has the most charming smile of all. Her feelings are fresh and bright, she will not allow to darken them with jealousy or ridicule.

As the chrysanthemum to the last fallen petal is true to the colors of the summer, so Zinaida will be faithful to her chosen one to the last sigh.


Flower name: nymphea.

Zoya is a rather rare name, and a woman is rare.

She is really amazing, but her beauty is not bright, but some kind of twilight, thin, low-key. Despite the apparent fragility, Zoya knows his own price.

Zoya is able to “read” the soul of a person and never makes a mistake. Nymphae looks like a silver star fallen in a pond, and Zoya is all glowing with spiritual beauty.

Only a sensitive and kind person, who resembles this woman, can assess her. Zoya is the embodiment of sensuality, and in this respect her chosen one is incredibly lucky.

This is a woman who is always desirable: years will not touch her, motherhood and household worries will not spoil her.


Flower Name: Iris.

Direct, proud, stately iris Ideal Inna.She is a straightforward person, vain, in everything she wants to be the first, to prove everything to her superiority.

Inna is extremely intelligent and reasonable. In all matters, she is guided first of all by reason and harshly condemns herself for the slightest mistake. Under any circumstances, Inna is able to save face, she is full of dignity and is always true to herself.

Inna is an unusually charming woman, but does not attach much importance to her appearance. For her, the inner qualities of a person are important, and she demands that she be judged in the same way.

With compliments and gifts you can’t get through this woman, you’ll have to fight for her, prove your exclusivity to her.

Iris is a symbol of constancy and strength, and Inna is also loyal in her attachments.


Flower Name: Camellia.

Irina you can not compare with anyone. This woman always has a pronounced individuality, and, perhaps, it is difficult to even find two similar Irin.

The common feature of the name Irina is the rarest beauty, always different, but not dying away to extreme old age. In addition, Irina is a staunch, principled person. Any misfortune in the world will not break her, will not incline her proud head, will not force to submit.

Irina with courtesy is ready to listen to your opinion, but she will do it anyway in her own way. Like camellia, she has an inexhaustible supply of vitality.

Irina is able to conquer a man's heart with one stroke of her eyelashes, one fleeting half-smile. She is very flattered by man's attention, she loves beautiful courtship and will accept him so favorably, like a queen, without promising anything in return - yes, a man does not dare to demand anything.

If Irina decides to have a long relationship, then only after being convinced of the reliability of the partner, of his viability, masculinity and strength of character. It is very difficult to meet such a knight, so often Irina herself finds herself in the position of head of the family - she doesn’t have the energy and determination not to occupy!


Flower Name: Jasmine.

Christina is a vivacious and confident woman. She is constantly in the center of attention and, it must be admitted, she can attract attention to herself like no one else.

Unusually charming, lively, energetic: the energy diverges from Christina in waves in all directions. She is kind and knows how to value friendship, but it is better not to offend Christina: she hardly will forgive, but will revenge mercilessly.

To love this woman is sweet and difficult at the same time.Just as the jasmine bloom is short-lived, so can Christina's feelings be short-lived.

Her energy is able to ignite any imagination, but men often do not keep up with her rapid lifestyle. And monotony quickly annoys Christine. She wants to be pampered, to fulfill every whim, to be admired, and Christina deserves it.

However, it is unlikely that such a woman will be able to bestow on you a response with deep feelings, because she is used to receiving more in love than giving.


Flower name: immortelle.

Viable and extremely elegant immortelle like Xenia. This woman necessarily stands out among others precisely for her elegant appearance, the ability to dress with taste.

If you want to know what is fashionable at the moment, consult with Xenia: as a rule, she is always up to date. Ksenia is sociable, cheerful, curious, but never imposed, does not climb into the center of attention, and even more so - into the affairs of others.

She is hardy and stubborn, despite apparent weakness. It is impossible to say that Ksenia enjoys such a huge success with the representatives of the stronger sex: like her flower, she is rather imperceptible and modest.But if he takes possession of the attention of a partner, he will do everything so that he does not pay attention to anyone else.

This woman is an amazing hostess, she knows how to create comfort in the house and cooks great. As a rule, Oksana chooses one man to whom she is selflessly faithful and to whom she devotes all her time.


Flower Name: Dog Rose.

Larissa is not so easily approached: she is very mistrustful, will not reveal her soul and listens only to her own opinion. This woman prefers to pursue all of her goals on her own, reluctantly accepts other people's help, since she does not want to be obliged to someone in some way.

She will easily repulse the offender, and if she is experiencing, she is deep inside herself.

Love Larissa is not easy. Above all, she values ​​her independence.

Try to pick and bring home a branch of wild rose: the flowers immediately fade. Try to subordinate Larisa to your influence: she will immediately become haughty, cold and distant. She has such a defensive reaction to the encroachment on her inner world.

Larisa will choose the man herself. She loves passionately, not allowing the slightest falsehood on the part of her chosen one.Having wounded her once, you will not be able to regain the trust of Larisa.


Flower name: hydrangea.

It is difficult to grow hydrangea, but its flowers are extremely graceful. Similarly, Lydia is distinguished by grace, sophistication and tenderness of nature. And her character is the same and changeable, like that of a hydrangea: then she is cheerful and energetic, and then she is flighty, obstinate and tearful.

It’s better not to try to understand Lydia - she’s a person of mood, and she doesn’t know how and when her mood will change.

Lydia has no equal in the art of female coquetry. She is able to turn the head of any man, often gives in to frivolous hobbies and flirts with everyone in a row.

In addition, the appearance of this lady always catches the eye: Lydia loves and knows how to dress fashionably, She is cunning and does not see anything wrong in deceiving her partners.

Holding Lydia and truly conquering her heart is not an easy task. But the one who succeeds, will receive as a reward a sea of ​​tenderness and affection.


Flower name: Lyubka.

It is impossible to ignore a woman named Love. Even if not the external beauty of Love catches your eye, then its amazing charm, its inexplicable charm will surely affect.

Love is a bright, showy woman, strong and weak, defenseless and resistant at the same time.She perfectly finds a common language with people, always listens to other people's opinions and advice, however she does what she considers necessary and important for herself.

Love is selfish, but its selfishness is also charming, not enmityful.

Love is the embodiment of sensuality, passion, femininity and caress. The man she chooses will be incredibly lucky: he will acquire a faithful friend, a tender lover, a skilful mistress, and a caring mother.

Of course in love this woman is strict, but not only to her chosen one, but also to herself. She will not accept and will not forgive treason, lies and rudeness, but she herself will not decide on this.

Love is a name and a concept pure and sublime, requiring sensitivity and devotion.


Flower Name: Adonis.

As a rule, Lyudmila is a woman of rare beauty. This is a subtle nature, wonderfully versed in art, deeply sensing beauty. In addition, Ludmila has a well-developed intuition, which often helps her out in life.

She is a single-minded woman, but she does not go straight to her goals, but by a detour. Lyudmila knows how to conquer the right people to use them in their own interests.She rarely doubts, and there is no limit to the height of her aspirations.

It should be remembered that in addition to amazing beauty, adonis contains dangerous poison. And Lyudmila, charming with her charm, is capable of poisoning the life of a man.

She looks unapproachable, but in fact she is flattered by men's attention, and she looks to everyone. Easily winning hearts, Lyudmila will easily leave a person if he is no longer profitable or tiresome to her. She often enters into a marriage of convenience, is not particularly true, but sacredly values ​​external propriety.


Flower name: Daisy.

So much unpretentious charm in this flower that involuntarily becomes warm in the heart! The same thing happens when you meet Maya - as if sun shone down on you.

Sweet, kind-hearted, full of energy and optimism - this is a Maya woman. You will not see her sitting in one place: Maya is constantly on the move, constantly bothers, chirps, smiles, always in action, always surrounded by people.

Sometimes it is even difficult to imagine that tears can spill from the eyes of Maya. She, like anyone, knows how to hide her feelings and is not used to sharing her feelings.

Maya is very responsible and conscientious, for any business is taken seriously and will not leave him halfway, no matter how hard it may be.

Chamomile attracts the eye with its simplicity, and Maya conquers men's hearts with his openness. You can talk with her about everything in the world, she can be trusted with any secret.

Despite the cordiality and friendliness, Maya does not tolerate fleeting connections. She needs serious feelings, and the reliability of these feelings a man will have to convince her for a long time. But in return you will receive care and loyalty, kindness and support in any situation.


Flower Name: Daisy.

Margarita is a bright, strong, sincere woman. She always clearly knows what she wants, always self-confident and walks to her goal directly, without hesitating, not looking back and simply stepping over obstacles.

Margaret lives one day. She is so convinced of her own success that this success has nothing left but to jump into her hands. And it’s better not to stand in the way of Margarita: this woman can be ruthless.

Certainly, as variegated living daisies attract attention, so Margarita fascinates many men. But to win her heart is difficult.

Margarita is irreconcilable to weaknesses, and especially to the weaknesses of men. She despises coquetry and directly tells the partner how she treats him and what she expects of him.

Her strong nature sometimes scares men.But lucky brave: Margaret - a passionate woman, her love is deep and reliable.


Flower name: water lily.

A woman who bears the name of Marina, do not occupy beauty, intelligence and whims. Marina is unusually talented, and in various fields: from science to music and painting.

She has incredibly high ambitions, in life she wants to achieve the highest positions, to achieve universal acceptance, and better - admiration. Marina’s life forces abound for this, and she has enough minds. She is often envied, but this woman is not so easy to knock out.

It is hard to say that the owner of which name has more fans than Marina. Moreover, it attracts men from very young years to old age.

She is beautiful, she knows how to be charming, she perfectly plays various roles and appears as her partner wants to see her: a naive girl, an experienced lady, a refined woman — Marina’s imagination is limitless.

Marina is well aware of her superiority and often uses men for her own purposes. She is truly cunning; Perhaps this name can be safely attributed to the number of fatal.


Flower name: cornflower.

Mary enjoys the general attention and love precisely because of her simplicity, sincerity, goodwill. This is a very persistent, solid woman. She would never back down from difficulties, she would not turn away from problems.

Maria will always have a kind word for others, and she will never betray. She unconditionally believes people, and, unfortunately, they often use it. But Maria simply does not know how to get angry and offended for a long time.

In the love sphere, Maria is just as simple and sometimes even naive. If she falls in love, then selflessly, ardently, ready for the sake of a loved one for everything.

Treason and betrayal Maria is going through seriously, but not for long. She easily forgives her partner and is able to maintain friendly relations with him. A sincere, sweet and tender Mary becomes a faithful companion of life and an excellent mother for her children.


Flower Name: Calendula.

The name says it all: Hope is an unrecoverable optimist. And no matter how unpleasant surprises this woman presented life, she does not lose faith in people, kindness and hope for a happy future.

Unusually friendly, talented, charming Hope is not trying to specifically stand out.She is very modest and prefers to give way to more assertive people. Because of this, the talents of Hope are often unrealized.

But even remaining in the shadows, Hope becomes an indispensable worker and reliable friend.

It is difficult to pass by the always elegant and graceful Hope. She likes many men, she herself is not averse to flirting, but still prefers a serious, strong relationship.

For all his frivolous short hobbies, Hope mercilessly reproaches herself. She needs care and affection and loves when she is taken care of. This woman has an amazing long-suffering, but if one day she turns away from you, you are unlikely to return her position.


Flower name: aster.

Astra is a proud flower, and, perhaps, it was from him that Natalia got her main character trait - pride. It is enough to deeply offend this woman once - and you will lose her position forever. Despite external friendliness and polite attitude, her heart will forever remain closed to the offender, and hostility will live in her soul forever.

In addition, the character of Natalia is distinguished by dedication and diligence.To achieve the desired goal, it will turn the mountains and turn the river back.

Natalia is very talented and tries to find an application for her talents in life. She does not tolerate monotony and herself brings rainbow colors to the monotonous course of life. You are unlikely to ever miss Natalia.

Sometimes it is Natalia’s unbearable pride that serves as a hindrance in her relationship with the representatives of the stronger sex. In addition, she is too demanding of a partner: it is desirable that feats be performed for her.

At the same time, Natalya herself is also capable of deep feelings, but only her chosen one must correspond to her own ideal. Sometimes, carried away by the search for such an ideal, Natalia makes many mistakes.


Flower name: foxglove.

The foxglove still pulls the intoxicating scent to itself, but try to pick the foxglove - you will burn your fingers worse than about nettle! The same complex nature and Nelly.

This is a completely unpredictable woman, you never guess what to expect from her at one time or another. Nellie often acts impulsively, she is capricious, like a spoiled child, and is incredibly stubborn.

It is useless to prove anything to her, because Nellie hears only herself and is sure that she is right. To admit one's own mistakes is immensely difficult for her, and if Nellie realizes that she’s wrong, she will never say it publicly.

Like bright foxglove flowers, Nellie attracts the gaze of men. But she hurts herself: too distrustful, too agitated.

Nellie can easily publicly ridicule a man, point out his shortcomings, or start a quarrel with him. Her tongue is burning, like a flower!

Nellie will always have to prove his love, and the words mean nothing to her. Try to win her heart with wit, masculinity and patience.


Flower name: violet.

Nina is always the embodiment of tenderness and kindness. She is extremely intelligent and naturally gifted with all sorts of talents.

Nina does not like quarrels and conflicts, tries to smooth them out and always takes the first step to reconciliation. She is not too confident in herself, because mistakes and failures seriously and permanently knock her out of a rut. It is difficult for Nina to find composure; she takes everything too close to her heart.

At the same time, this is an amazingly sincere and sensitive person, capable of deep feelings and ready to rush to help at any moment, forgetting about himself.

Nina's feelings are always deep. But as the violet immediately dies without care, so Nina fades away in the absence of attention, understanding and affection.

This is a very romantic nature, you can conquer her heart with beautiful courting and warm words. She instantly catches a change in the mood of a loved one.


Flower name: snowdrop.

At first glance, Olga seems defenseless and fragile. She is sociable, responsive and kind, full of energy and ready to help.

However, under Olga's external weakness there is a strong character and iron will. Weakness is her usual mask with which it is easy to fascinate people. At a certain moment, Olga's nature can manifest itself from such a side that you are unaware of.

She is really sincere and friendly towards everyone, but knows her value perfectly. I am pleased to help you, but at one point you will easily demand that you repay.

It is impossible not to notice the first snowdrop in the snow and not to admire it. The same admiration, as a rule, Olga causes in men.

Being a strong woman, she tries to choose a weaker partner to control, care for and care for him.You can’t call her a faithful partner, because Olga is a passionate person.


Flower Name: Lady's Slipper.

Like a shoe, Polina blooms after twenty years. This is an incredibly lively, sociable, agile woman. She is extremely hardworking, persistently achieves the goals in life and prefers not to depend on anyone.

Polina has just golden hands: any case for which she undertakes is literally burning in these hands. Would you like Pauline to choose the profession of a sculptor or artist, she would not have been equal.

In her youth, Polina is most likely invisible. Her beauty is quiet, low-key, and only friendly relations are associated with her guys. But over the years, Polina turns into an absolutely charming woman, and then her fans will have no number.

With men, she keeps simple, but strictly, never will give empty hopes and flirt with everyone. Polina is looking for a reliable, principled person who will be able to provide her and take care of her. With all sorts of romantic sighs, this woman’s heart cannot be subdued.


Flower name: tulip.

Raisa and her flower are amazingly similar: in this woman both strength and weakness are hidden.Thin slender Raisa personifies femininity, her every movement is filled with grace. But the character of Raisa is harder than stone.

She is proud, tough, always clearly knows what he wants from life. Her every step is thought out, she has an answer to every question. Raisa does not waste her strength on trifles, all her energy is aimed at satisfying her considerable ambitions.

When you see a blooming tulip, your heart involuntarily freezes, slain by its beauty. Raisa breaks a lot of hearts. To achieve its location, you need to make remarkable efforts.

Raisa loves to demonstrate their superiority over the representatives of the stronger sex, she is intelligent, mocking and does not forgive even the slightest flaws.

He who binds his fate with this pride will forever be dependent on her spell. Yield to anything, Raisa is not capable.


Flower Name: Dahlia.

Rimma - a woman imposing, prominent, royally beautiful. She is surprisingly quick at adapting to different circumstances and people.

Incredibly selfish and harsh, Rimma will turn any word, any case in her favor, and she uses people mercilessly.At the same time, this woman is straightforward, chops off her shoulder and certainly will not spin intrigues behind anyone’s back.

She encounters difficulties in the same way and is philosophical about all problems: what can be, cannot be avoided.

Rimma is not a supporter of romance. In a relationship with a man, she prefers to immediately dot the i's. She is deprived of even a hint of coquetry, and her refusal is as hard and hard as an ax blow.

Rimma has a dignity and respects the opinions of men. She needs a strong and strong-willed person, then the relationship will be built on an equal footing. Otherwise, Rimma will quickly subordinate her partner to her and, disappointed, will be withdrawn and irritable.


Flower Name: Carnation.

The very name of Svetlana is filled with light, strength and vitality. Sometimes it seems that Svetlana does not care: her energy is inexhaustible, activity is tireless, the forces are endless. This woman is always at work, working with full dedication, achieving sometimes unprecedented success.

In the rapid movement of life, Svetlana finds new strength, drawing inspiration. She never looks back, does not depend on anyone, and makes all decisions alone.

The bright sunny beauty of cheerful Svetlana irresistibly attracts men.She is flirtatious, loves male attention and recognition, accepts compliments favorably.

But Svetlana has no time for short novels, and she has been postponing the construction of serious relations all the time. She is looking for a comfortable husband who would not interfere with her work and, preferably, would take on some of the household chores.

It is impossible to change Svetlana or subordinate her, making this sort of comfortable homely woman. Accept her for who she is, and Svetlana will repay you with all the love and devotion that she can do.


Flower name: lilac.

Lilac flower went to a beautiful name - Sophia. This is an amazing woman. Gentle, kind, subtle and feminine, she is, as a rule, the universal favorite.

Sophia simply cannot remain indifferent to someone else's misfortune or problem: she gladly helps people, moreover from the bottom of her heart, disinterestedly and imperceptibly if possible. Compassion and love for people - Sofia is in the blood.

She is careful in everything, diligent and purposeful. Sophia usually achieves a lot in life.

You can not find a woman more charming, refined and cute than Sofia. She is like a sun fairy, by any movement capable of seducing a man. She has no end to her fans.In any company where Sophia appeared, male attention instantly switches to her.

This is a soft and romantic woman. If Sophia falls in love, then with all her heart and forever. Her chosen one is lucky, because she will always be surrounded by tenderness and care.


Flower name: rhododendron.

Tamara is a powerful woman, strict, endowed in equal proportions with pride and willpower. Obstinacy allows her to reach her goals, and her pride does not pay attention to envious people and enemies, which, unfortunately, Tamara has a lot.

She is a leader by nature, but will never refuse to help and devotedly devoted to close people.

Many men Tamara seems impregnable beauty with a cold heart. In fact, any courtship breaks into contempt that Tamara can do to give fans too much. But she is not cold at all.

Tamara's soul is full of passion and tenderness, she has a stormy temperament and hot blood. Just Tamara is waiting for a decent man.

She will not forgive treason and can cruelly revenge. Tamara is jealous, and her love is so strong that enough for two.

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Flower name: clover.

Tatiana is a modest and delicate person. She is extremely curious, even curious, and has very diverse knowledge and talents.

This woman does not seek to stand out, preferring to sit quietly in a corner and wait for an opportunity. She is patient and very conscientious, but too closed. Tatyana has few friends, but it should be noted that she is very good without them, being content with her loneliness.

Like the modest clover hiding among the grasses, Tatyana does not cause universal admiration and admiration. However, she is very cute and sweet that many men notice.

It seems that it is difficult to win the heart of Tatiana. The fact is that she is waiting for the prince and, preferably, on a white horse. As the air, she needs beautiful grooming: flowers, gifts, restaurants compliments, constant attention of the partner.

Unfortunately, Tatiana dreams of the ideal for so long that in the end she often makes mistakes when she chooses the first cavalier, more or less like that ideal. As a result, she is disappointed and suffers severely.


Flower name: lily of the valley.

The owner of the name Eleanor is absolutely charming.She is sociable, cheerful, well-read, friendly towards others ... But it is never clear what Eleanor really thinks and feels.

This woman is subject to outbursts of irritability, and in anger she is terrible. Fortunately, Eleanor is also very quick and very regretful of her rude behavior.

Eleanor is very generous, always surrounded by friends, but she prefers everything in any circumstances her own gain.

Eleonora is an original woman in everything: in the manner of dressing, in make-up, hairstyle, her affections. Many men are drawn to her, fascinated by her charm and grace, but they cannot understand this woman.

Loving Eleanor is like dizzy inhaling the intoxicating scent of lily of the valley until you are completely poisoned. Proud Eleanor herself will choose whom to open her heart to. Her chosen one should have similar views on life and high spiritual values.


Flower name: sunflower.

Julia is the sunniest and hottest of all names. This woman is constantly striving for the sun itself: she is always in the center of attention, always aware of what is happening, always craves for the new and the unknown.

Her character is characterized by inconsistency and upside-down, Julia acts impulsively, avoids other people's advice and goes against everyone. This lady is stubborn to the impossibility and achieves her by all means. With Julia is never boring, although to be friends with her, of course, not easy.

Sometimes when looking at Julia it seems that from her scorching solar sparks of indomitable charm fly. Men, like moths, pulls this light. However, not for long and burn yourself: Julia is sharp on her tongue and capricious.

Sometimes she brings her chosen one to white-hot, unable to explain what she wants. If you are a lover of the most thrill - better than Julia partner you will not find. But for family life, it is completely unsuitable.


Flower Name: Peony.

A woman named Yana often has exorbitant ambitions. She is proud and vain, assertive and open, so sometimes she finds it difficult to get along with others.

In order to become the best at everything, Yana is ready to turn herself inside out: her diligence and hard work know no boundaries. She is often incontinent in communication and is not too talkative. However, this woman is good-natured, and if you are sincere with her, then she will gladly repay you with the same coin.

Yana is an attractive and interesting woman.Unfortunately, she is wont to consider herself to be the best, and flirts with other bridegrooms and husbands without a twinge of conscience.

Resist under the pressure of Yana's charm is unrealistic - especially since she herself often initiates a short novel. Yana is sexy and knows how to lure men in her traps.

She often changes men until she chooses one. But he must surpass Jan, be stronger than her, otherwise she will run away at the first opportunity.

What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true images, pictures

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  • What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true

    What is the name of a woman - and this will be her life. About me is true