What is Linux

What is Linux?

Many computer scientists, and not only, have repeatedly heard about the Linux operating system. About what Linux is, our article will tell.

Linux is an operating system that was created by Linus Torvalds specifically for personal computers in September 1991.

The Linux OS and its software are built on the principles of the GPL and Open Source licenses. That's how good Linux is.

In fact, Linux is the perfect producta society in which a person is open to new ideas. That's why more and more independent developers are connecting to the development of this operating system. The result of such a joint work is a modern, most stable and reliable, rapidly developing system that instantly absorbs the latest, newest technological achievements.


Appearance (interface) and techniques for working with thisThe OS is the same as in Windows. There are also themes for registration, and a long time ago there is an opportunity to use the 3D Desktop, which only recently appeared in Windows Vista.

This operating system is friendly with itsuser. Work in its environment is intuitive and incredibly convenient. It is very possible that it will be the best operating system with which you had to work.

Advantages and disadvantages

Programs written for this operating system have two very important distinctive qualities:

  • First, their perfect "free", in comparison with the programs from Windows.
  • Secondly, it is the "openness" of the very sourcecode. This means that anyone can modify and use this code the way they want. Today around this OS there is a large community of programmers, whose goal is continuous improvement of this operating system, development of versions and new versions of OS, writing of a wide variety of programs that work under it.

The position of this operating system is very strongin the server software market, because most of the existing servers on the Internet operate under the control of this operating system.

The only, and even doubtful, minus this OS is some difficulties when working with newbies.

Now you know what Linux is!

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