What is extravaganza This is real magic

What is extravaganza? This is real magic!

"Enchanting!"- a notable word from the movie" Can not be! "Immediately comes to mind when the question arises:" What is an extravaganza? "The heroine of the film expressed with one word her feelings for a large bright kerchief with a fringe in which the bride wrapped herself. The handkerchief is ridiculous, but the eyes and the physiognomy of the heroine expressed complete admiration. It is clear that the word quickly stuck and was used later to express vivid emotions, and not always positive.

A juicy holiday

What is extravaganza? This is a magnificent celebration!what is extravaganza A bright holiday, so the fire is presentcertainly. The flaming torches are lit from two sides of a long path strewn with gravel. This path leads directly to the pond. The black surface of the pond glistens, reflecting in its waters the trembling torchlight. Slightly cool, or is it chills because darkness is gathering around? But from the darkness appears a boat decorated with ribbons and balls, then another, a third ... On each of them - a footman with a torch in his hand. A motley crowd of guests takes their places, and the procession slides over the mirror surface of the pond. From somewhere comes beautiful music of stringed instruments. Boats stop in the middle of the lake and for a moment freeze. A flash of light, and from the darkness a brightly lit fairy-tale castle appears, from which a light path stretches to the boats. Music is playing louder, fireworks are breaking out, and the guests are freezing with delight, and the boats silently keep their way to the castle of Prince Sheremetyev.

Such enchanting performances metastounded guests at Sheremetyev's estate in Kuskovo near Moscow. The prince had a theater, and when guests stepped onto the path leading to the castle, serf actors and actresses, scenes began to be played, although the most grandiose performance was in front of the main scene in the garden. That's what an extravaganza!

A few other emotions are rife with the mostscale and grandiose carnival in the world, which is traditionally held in the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. The action is visited by more than 6 million people, and for several nights in a row unrestrained merriment does not stop.

Spectacular spectacle

What is extravaganza? This is a memorable sight. For example, an extravaganza of fountains in Gorky Park in Moscow, starting exactly at 6 pm.wedding extravaganza For a moment, the centrala fountain, a melody sounds, low streams of water slowly return to their seats. But they dance, waltz to the music of Strauss, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, throwing around a splash of light and joy. On a sunny day, the rainbow links individual fountain compositions. The music sounds more and more vivid, the streams of fountains rise higher, as if woven into a single thread with music, the final chords sound and, having shot up the last time above the trees, the pillars of water are scattered into many droplets-pearls, each of which has a part of festive mood.

Wedding extravaganza

Wedding - a wonderful holiday, based onlie love and happiness. It is customary to celebrate such a holiday in Russia with a large number of guests and gifts, or maybe not always gifts, but a fight is compulsory.word extravaganza However, the perpetrators of thea significant event is remembered better than the ceremony itself, and more and more often young people are trying to avoid mass drunkenness along with huge financial sacrifices just for the sake of everyone to know that they have concluded a contract with the state. But parents piously honor traditions and openly resent children, if they say that the holiday will be calculated only for the closest relatives and loyal friends, that the bride and groom will come in jeans, and they will spend all the collected money for a trip to Europe or rest on Lake Baikal .

Enchanting is magic

The word extravaganza comes from the French "fairy"(feerie from fee) is a sorceress. Therefore it is logical to assume that the extravaganza is a magic or a magical, fabulous spectacle that evokes bright emotions of its participants and spectators.

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  • What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic What is extravaganza This is real magic