Wall tiles - durable coating

Wall tiles - durable coating

Sooner or later, repairs come to every house. And one of the most important issues that faces household members is the choice of wall cover. In the market of building materials they are offered a huge variety: wallpapers of various kinds, paint, wall panels, decorative plaster, wall tiles. The latter, by the way, is the best solution for premises that often come into contact with moisture - for the bathroom and kitchen.wall tiles

The popular facing material can be of several types:

- Porcelain tiles are differentspecial strength and high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. It can have an unusual design - imitate granite, marble or any other natural materials.

- Porcelain tiles are also resistant to temperature changes, chemical influences. And the strength of this coating is quite high.

- Mirror tiles are a good solution forbathrooms small size, as it visually increases the space. But it is not recommended to spread it on a wall with constant interaction with water, as the material can become cloudy.

Wall tiles for the bathroom are usually chosen in light colors, because the water is associated with light colors.wall tiles for bathroomSky blue, white, soft pink and evenlight gray - all these colors are perfect for this room. But you can move away from the standards and create a bright and unique interior of your bathroom with the help of the wall covering.

Why is wall tiles soAn attractive facing material when decorating bathrooms and showers? There are several aspects. First, it is resistant to constant interaction with moisture and temperature changes in the room. Secondly, this material is very durable and durable. And one more important advantage that wall tiles possesses is that the material used in its manufacture is biologically inert. That is, this kind of cladding can not become a breeding ground for various fungi and mold.wall tiles for kitchen

Wall tiles for kitchen should also havea number of certain characteristics due to the specificity of this room. The main condition for a kitchen wall covering from tiles is its heat resistance. This means that the wall tiles should not change their characteristics under the influence of high or low temperatures, for example, when hot steam comes on it. In addition, the facing material for the kitchen should be strong, but not too thick and heavy.

As for the color solution, the walltiles for the kitchen in the first place should fit perfectly into the interior of the room. Therefore, it can be completely different shades - from classic crystal white to trendy neon colors.

Wall tiles are such a thing with whichit is better not to take risky experiments. The process of its laying is long and laborious. Therefore, if you do not have the professional skills of a builder, it is best to seek the help of specialists.

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