The size of a baby cot is important

The size of a baby cot is important

In anticipation of addition, each family will have toencounter a lot of pleasant troubles, mainly associated with the acquisition of everything necessary for the baby. Clothes, toys, a bath, a stroller and, of course, a baby cot for a newborn, the choice of which should be taken very responsibly, because the child will spend a lot of time in it. There is indeed something to ponder: today, a huge number of models of Russian and foreign manufacturers are offered, and the price dispersion is quite substantial.

the size of a cot for newbornsDimensions of the berth

The size of a baby crib for newborns is the first thing that young parents pay attention to. And then it comes to the rest, no less important characteristics. So why is it so important?

Of course, today you can choose almost anythe size of a baby crib for newborns, but the dimensions of a sixty-one-hundred-twenty-centimeter bed are considered standard in Russia. But there are many models, mostly foreign-made, which have a length and width of 5 centimeters more. And the bed-transformers are even larger. They are more expensive, but they can be used not until the age of three or five years of the child, but to a teenage.

The size of a cot for newbornsis significant in the event that it is assumed that the baby will live in the same room with his parents, and its area can not be called huge. In conditions where the bedroom and the nursery - a single space, every inch on the account. Moreover, models with drawers and pendulums require additional space for their use.

Separately it is worth noting that mattress covers andbed linens for babies are adjusted to the size of a baby cot for newborns. So, the sheet on the elastic is much more convenient than usual, because it will not crumple, but its dimensions should match the size of the mattress.

baby cot for newbornWhat else to pay attention to

If we talk about materials, then cotsfor newborns, photos of which can be mostly seen in all electronic stores - wooden. And this option can be considered the most preferable. The price varies depending on the species of the tree. The most inexpensive models are made of pine. Its lack - softness, so that the traces of the first teeth necessarily remain on its edges. Well, models from beech will last a long time and will remain almost in perfect condition. Other options: metal and artificial materials.

The quality of assembly, too, should not cause doubt. Absence of burrs, sharp corners, unreliable elements - standard requirements.

baby cots for newborns photo

If the area allows room, where will beto install a crib, it makes sense to pay attention to models that have a storage bin under the bed. Superfluous useful space never puts.

Many parents liked cots equippedA pendulum that helps to whet the baby. Horizontal or vertical it will be - a matter of taste. Just keep in mind that it will take about ten additional centimeters of space to use it.

It is also important that the crib designprovided for fixing the berth in different positions. Newborns do not need high sides, and it is more convenient for mother to take a baby if he does not sleep on the "bottom" of the crib. But if the child has already learned to sit down or get up, holding on to the side, the sleeper will have to be lowered to protect the baby from falling out of the crib.

And a couple of words about the design. The aforementioned side must be removable. And, of course, it's good if its height can also be changed.

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  • The size of a baby cot is important The size of a baby cot is important The size of a baby cot is important The size of a baby cot is important The size of a baby cot is important