The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice

The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice

Today, in a fashion, a healthy lifestyle combined withproper nutrition. Anyone who follows his appearance and state of health knows what role acid-milk products play for the functioning of the body.

Unfortunately, shop kefirs and yoghurts, exceptuseful bacteria, in the composition often contain various dyes, preservatives and other harmful additives. When you buy a similar product, you do not always have the confidence that it is quality. And if you buy it for the first meal of your child, then there is no doubt that it should have useful properties.

best yogurt girl rating

Recently, more and more people preferto make dairy products on their own, especially since it is very simple if there is a yogurt woman at home. How to choose the best model among the variety of proposals?

Standard yogurt girl

Device for the preparation of fermented milk productsIs a small container with heat-resistant walls, a transparent lid and a set of glasses. Yogurtnitsa works from an electrical network. Its main task is to ensure a constant temperature during the entire cooking process.

Depending on the model, the instrument is equipped withvarious additional functions. The capacity of the cups varies. If there are several, each is designed for 120-150 ml. Glasses can be both plastic and glass. They also have covers.

Questions when choosing a yogurt girl

In order to make the right choice, you needanswer a few questions. How many people will use a yogurt? How to choose the best capacity for preparing dairy products for children? Can you always follow the cooking time? What, besides yogurt, you want to cook in a yogurt? How to monitor the expiration date of the product? How much do you expect when you buy equipment?

If you answer for yourself to all these questions,there will not be too many options to determine the best yogurt girls. The rating of devices in this case can be compiled independently, identifying the best option.

Number of people

At a time in any yogurt can be preparedfrom 0,7 to 1 liter of yoghurt. However, pay attention to the number of cups. An unpleasant situation can arise if you decide to prepare a dessert for 7 people, and the jar will be only 6. After cooking takes a fairly long period of time from 6 to 12 hours, so quickly fix the situation will not be so easy.

yoghurt woman how to choose the best


There are plastic containers for sour-milkproducts and glass. In both variants there are minuses and pluses. The undeniable advantage of plastic is that it is lighter than glass. This cup can not be broken, which is very important when feeding young children. Nevertheless, glass is a more environmentally friendly material. And many prefer it because such glasses can be boiled.

Cooking time

Sour-milk products have different timecooking. On how accurately and correctly this item is observed, its taste and benefit depends. For example, to prepare bifivit or symbilact, it will take 6 hours. And for the preparation of acidophilic milk - 12 hours.

In order not to follow the time of fermentation,most modern yogurt mittens are equipped with timers. After the set time has elapsed, it turns itself off and cools down. In many models there is a beep that notifies that the product is ready.

What else is prepared in yogurtnitsa

In addition to yogurt itself, you can cook very mucha lot of fermented milk products. For example, for children it is very useful acidophilic milk, bifivitis, immunovit. To maintain the immunity of an adult - symbilact, vitolact. Athletes - kefir and yogurt. Those who want to lose weight are phyto-yogurt and kefir.

yogurttse redmond

Everyone without exception is useful yogurtnitsa withfunction of cooking cottage cheese. Also there are devices that combine the functions of yogurt and ice cream. Their merits in the preparation of desserts can not be overestimated.

Shelf life

Yogurt, cooked at home,stored in the refrigerator for 5 days. It is believed that on the third day of storage, lactobacilli reach a maximum of their activity. If you do not want to score your head with numbers, buy a yogurt girl whose cups have special markers. With their help, you can fix the date of preparation of the product.

More expensive - then better or not?

Numerous reviews on the Internet helpto choose the best yogurtnitsy. The rating of their popularity suggests that more expensive does not mean better. First of all, it is necessary to determine how much additional functions are needed for you, with which more expensive models are equipped. For example, if you do not plan to prepare ice cream, then you do not need this function. Think about whether the timer is important to you. Not to mention all sorts of design and lighting options.

yogurt girl ves vym

Pay attention to the firm. Everyone knows that for a popular brand has to overpay, it does not mean that the quality of an untapped company will be lower. Choose not by name, but based on the characteristics that yogurtnitsa possesses. How to choose the best? It is enough to compare the parameters important for you, considered in this article.

Can I do without yogurtnitsy

In order to make yogurt at homeconditions, you need to take warm boiled milk (37-40 degrees), a leaven and a saucepan. Pour milk into the container, mix with the leaven, cover and wrap it in a blanket for 8 hours. After that, prepare homemade yogurt.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible inthe blanket keeps cooking at the same temperature all the time. As a result, you can not get exactly what you expect. For example, the serum will disconnect, or the product will peroxidise. Fortunately, today there are devices that allow you to forget about these issues. How to choose the best yogurtnitsy? Rating of popular models, based on their characteristics and user feedback, will not make a mistake when planning a purchase. This device will become indispensable for those who care about proper nutrition.

The best yogurt girls. Rating of popular models

The Muleinex and Tefal companies are recognized leaders in the production of household appliances. Yogurt brands of these brands meet European quality standards, but they are distinguished by a rather high price.

In the first place in popularity among Russiansthere is a yogurt girl "Redmond". This device has won the trust of buyers due to the "price-quality" ratio. The set includes eight glass jars of 180 grams (the number can vary depending on the model) with lids on which the date of filling of the fermented milk product is set. Yogurtnitsa "Redmond" is equipped with electronic control with a display, a countdown timer and automatic shutdown. The set includes instructions with recipes.

yoghurt with cottage cheese

If you need a model with one bowl, thenyogurt girl Ves VYM - what you need. This device has an intuitive control interface. The buzzer will notify you when the cooking has finished. Yogurtnitsa also will allow to prepare children's cottage cheese for the first complementary food.

And finally, the company "Dex" - from a series of "cheap andangrily". The composition of the yogurt house includes plastic cups. There are no timers and displays, but a variety of functions allows you to prepare all kinds of fermented milk products. Owners of the model of this firm argue that the product cooked in it is not inferior in quality to yoghurts obtained in more expensive devices.


In order to prepare a sour-milk product,you need to take super-pasteurized milk, starter and the yogurt girl herself. You can use homemade and pasteurized milk, but first you need to boil it and cool it down to 37-40 degrees. In addition to dry ferments ("Vivo", "Goodfood" and others), you can use ordinary yogurt or kefir from the store.

Mix super-pasteurized milk with leaven,pour into cups (separate container) and put without lids in the yogurt. Set the desired program or set a certain amount of time. After the expiration of the term, cool the yogurt and place it in the refrigerator for storage. One starter can be used for 1-3 liters of milk.

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  • The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice The best yogurt girls: rating, popular models, choice