The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners

The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners

In some areas, the occupation of beekeeping is gaining momentum. Many experienced beekeepers specialize in different directions for breeding bees.

An apiary is an interesting activity that requiresclear knowledge. Before you start, you need to think everything over in detail. This article provides general information on the biological characteristics of bees and the management of this kind of farm.

What is an apiary?

It is worth noting that the apiary is prettya profitable business that requires certain costs. Initially, the beekeeper called the forest belt, assigned to the frame. It usually housed beehives for bees. Not every region has forests. Therefore later people began to form pasechnye manor houses on their plots of land or on nearby fields. In addition to beehives, beekeepers build auxiliary rooms. These include beekeeping workshops, winterhouses, sotohranilischa.

Bee grounds are nomadic and stationary. Given their capabilities, the beginner beekeeper chooses, in what form the apiary to him to stop. The design of the hives will also depend on this choice.

Stationary apiary.If possible, beehive houses are located on their own site or in hard-to-reach areas. The main condition is the abundance of honey plants.

Nomadic apiary.Special design of hives implies the removal of houses to distant places. Bees have the ability to "migrate" to where they can realize themselves as useful insects.

apiary is

Types of beekeeping

Beekeeping is an agricultural branch,aimed at the breeding and use of bees. A bee-keeping training is not limited to the contents of the apiary. Beekeeping has the following ramifications:

  1. Beekeeping for honey production.
  2. Cultivation of natural pollinators.
  3. Specialization of breeding bee colonies and queens.

Each of these areas requires certain knowledge and skills. In most cases, beekeepers want to get honey from an apiary through the nomadic movement of hives.

honey from an apiary

How to start breeding and keeping bees

For those who wish to have their own business and not yetdetermined with the occupation, the best option may be an apiary. Beekeeping for beginners is not an easy task. Many things in some occupation are sometimes mastered by people through trial and error. This approach is not suitable here. It is unlikely that someone will want to lose money, time and energy, and get nothing in return. Therefore, thorough preparation is needed. It is important to immediately calculate all costs, then carefully read the peculiarities of the bee family.

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Biological features of bees

Bees can be compared to people living in apartment buildings. In the bee house there are honeycombs - "separate apartments", for isolated families of honey bees. The family consists of the following individuals:

  • Uterus.Has a developed reproductive system and isthe main source of reproduction. It is called fetal only after the process of mating with drone or instrumental insemination. Otherwise, the uterus is considered barren. A bee with a lost reproductive function carries a label - an ottered one. She is not able to lay off fertilized eggs.

The spare uterus is reserved for spring mating, after which it is transferred to a new hive, where it will become the "mistress".

The breeding womb is a thoroughbred bee with a highly productive ability. These individuals are more stable and transmit their characteristic features to the offspring.

The uterus has the ability to adjust the behavior of its "members of the household." It releases a substance that affects other bees.

  • Bee.An underdeveloped female. It is not considered inactive, as it supports the active life of the entire bee family.
  • Processing.A bee that has developed egg tubes, but at the same time lays unfertilized eggs.
  • Drone.A masculine individual with reproductive abilities.

Types of brood

Larvae, eggs and pupae in honeycomb cells are called brood. They postpone both bees and drones.

An open brood can be seen in cells with open cells.

The printed brood is in honeycombs under sealed wax lids.

Obviously, the apiary is a care and scrupulous care for insects, which should be well known and loved.

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Behavior of bees

Perhaps the most difficult thing in the apiary and bees is theirbehavior. One of the unpredictable moments in the behavior of bees is swarming. During the breeding season, bees can leave their families and settle with the uterus elsewhere. The task of the beekeeper is to prevent a "riot".

The reason for the rapid departure is the replenishmenta large number of young individuals. Another reason is that there is an old uterus in the hive. It does not emit enough pheromones, as a consequence, there are processing. A close and overheated nest provokes swarming.

Catching bees is too tiring. There are methods for solving this problem. Some experienced beekeepers return the bees artificially. On the old place put an empty clue with a bait for bees.

This is just one example of how important it is to know aboutbehavior of bees. When the question arises about the apiary and where to begin, first of all it is necessary to master the secrets of the life of the future wards of insects.

There is a great variety of literature andvideos on this topic. It would be nice to get acquainted with experienced beekeepers and for a while watch how they keep their apiary. Bees are very generous in return if they find comfortable conditions for their life.

apiary and bees

Some tips of experienced beekeepers

  1. Fans of bees are closely watching the increase in productivity. Regularly selected individuals are selected to ensure that bee colonies remain strong.
  2. In time, the hives are disinfected and the nesting honeycombs are updated.
  3. Try not to allow starvation in order to avoid losing families.
  4. Observe the optimum temperature regime and maintain proper humidity in the nest.
  5. When the brood is killed, the uterus is immediately replaced.
  6. Careful beekeepers prepare in advance for the new season.

location of the apiary

Placement of the apiary

After acquaintance with some peculiarities of conducting beekeeping, the beginner should decide where it is best to choose a place for the apiary and where to begin the arrangement of the hives.

For beginners beekeepers it is not so difficult to find territory, because it is recommended to start small:

  • The main thing is that it is not close to the roadway.
  • Beer dwellings should be protected from drafts and direct sun rays.
  • Allotted land is planted with bushes or low trees.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to where there are hives in the neighborhood. Do not cross with other people's bees.
  • On a flat surface, place the staves in a staggered manner and place the hive on them.

Everyone had to see how bright it lookedapiary because of the variety of hives. In different colors they are not accidentally colored. Bees have the ability to memorize and distinguish their own beehive. Before they are placed, it is necessary that they dry well after painting.

The correct location of the apiary will depend on the health of the bees and the amount of honey collected.

bee apiary for beginners

Useful properties of honey

Honey from an apiary is a fragrant product obtainedas a result of the activity of the bee family. Bees extract nectar from flowers or isolate insects that live on plants. Then they bring the collected material into honeycombs, mix it there with their own derived substances and leave it until the moment of maturation.

Honey contains glucose and fructose, which is easyis absorbed by the human body. The product is enriched with a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Honey is recommended for the treatment of stomach diseases and to strengthen the immune system. For the treatment of certain diseases, this product is selected according to various classifications. Honey from an apiary, mined with his own hand, will be much more useful than bought on the market.

apiary is


Beekeeping can bring a twist to lifehuman and feed a useful product. Apiary is a tempting and fascinating business, but only for those who like to work and are not indifferent to the life of insects. For those who are thinking of doing this business, it is necessary to study the information on breeding and keeping bees more deeply.

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  • The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners The apiary is ... Beekeeping for Beginners