Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation

"Subject": meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation

Let's talk about such scientific definition assubject. The meaning of the word is what interests us today. The reader learns that sometimes a subject is also not the most pleasant characteristic of a person, but about everything in order.


meaning word subject

The hero of the conversation is not easy. Therefore, count on the fact that everything will be easy, not worth it. So, as always in such cases, we open an explanatory dictionary and read in it the fixed lexical meaning of the word "subject":

  1. In philosophy: a knowing and acting person who opposes the world as an object of knowledge.
  2. Man as the bearer of some properties. For example, the subject of law is a physical or legal person - the bearer of rights and obligations. As it is not difficult to understand, this is a special term.
  3. In general, about a person (usually negativecharacterized by). For example: "Yes, I met with this subject, he did not cause any positive emotions. The eyes are cunning, he says in a whisper and a thin smile on his face. Foo, an abomination. " Conversational.
  4. In logic: the subject of judgment.
  5. In grammar: a semantic category with the value of the producer of the action or the state carrier.

Yes, most of the meanings of the word "subject"is clear only to narrow specialists. Nevertheless, the noun enjoys a fairly wide demand, even among nonprofessionals. Why? Good question. Probably because the adjectives "subjective" and "objective" in everyday language are contrasted as "false" and "true", "biased" and "impartial". If the reader does not trust us, then he can verify the validity of the statement by opening an explanatory dictionary in the right place.


Since the word is complex, the placers of analoguesnot necessary. We will not hide, most of the changes refer to the third meaning of the word "subject". There's nothing to be done about it, the more you are rich, the more glad. So, the list:

  • face;
  • human;
  • being;
  • an activist;
  • personality;
  • typchik;
  • sub;
  • gaurik;
  • hmyr;
  • The actor (the calque from English, so sometimes called the subject in sociology - "the person acting").

If you do not take into account the synonyms thatenter into the usual colloquial speech, then, to be honest, the replacement words are also quite complex. That there is one "actor"! And yet, in fact, phenomena can be fully understood if desired.

Why do we need all these difficulties?

lexical meaning of the word subject

So a person can ask about himself, a distantfrom science. Yes, indeed, there is a definite vocabulary that we use in our everyday speech, and it is very different, say, from the scientific one. In the latter, everything seems dark and incomprehensible. And most of it seems completely unnecessary. One might also think that all these learned men want to somehow disconnect from everyone else, and therefore they invent their own language, like some youth subcultures. And yes, the last guess is true in the sense that scientists are not ordinary people. But the main thing here is not the thirst for otherness, but the fact that the commonly used language is completely unsuitable for scientific riddles. For two reasons: first, because most problems can not be "touched", for example, in the natural sciences, and secondly, those structures that arise as a result of scientific discoveries need new names. But it's not only this, there are also Latin, English, French borrowings that affect the scientific Russian language. But this is a completely different story, and our task is accomplished.

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  • Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation Subject: meaning of the word, synonyms and interpretation