Signs: why cheeks and ears burn

Signs: why cheeks and ears burn

Since ancient times people are trying to find explanations for ordinarythings and events, giving mystical significance to even innocuous little things. Well, is it possible to consider as a true sign of misfortune accidentally running across a cat's path? A rational person will only laugh at the superstition of others, call it a relic. But were our ancestors wrong in attending to certain events? Not without reason, and nowadays there are many people who firmly believe in signs. Even more surprising is that these signs really come true.

Contrary to their mysticism, signs usuallyappeared on the basis of real observations. Our ancestors just saw obvious coincidences, which over time were associated with certain events. So, low flying over the ground swifts and swallows invariably turned out to be harbingers of an early rain. The explanation for this is the most logical. Before a downpour, insects descend closer to the ground, where it is safer to hide, and birds follow their food. Therefore, we can judge that the basis of beliefs of our ancestors were quite real facts.

In addition, in ancient times it was signsgave people the necessary information about a changing world. Then there was not the notorious Hydrometeorological Center to learn from him the weather for the next few days. I could only trust my observations. Signs, which, strangely enough, are still often more accurate than any meteorological forecasts. Signs could promise our ancestors joy and sorrow, cares and long journeys, anxieties and pleasures. Explanations for many of them now can not be found, but some people have survived in the people's memory.

Signs: what cheeks burn to

It's no secret that almost every personthere is a small list of signs, in which he faithfully believes. Nevertheless, there are beliefs so famous that they will be called by every child. For example, to what cheeks burn, everyone will answer you. For our ancestors it was a kind of fortune-telling. A person is very important in this matter. To the extent that his part suddenly blazed, they gave different explanations, from joyful to sad.

It was believed that the ears burn whensomeone is strongly abused by someone. But what cheeks burn to, on the contrary, was explained quite differently. This meant that some people say something good about you, maybe even praise. It's nice, is not it? Another explanation for what burns your cheeks - someone is very close and dear to you.

From the point of view of science

Since the event in question is purelyphysiological phenomenon, you can find him a scientific explanation. Scientists of one Australian university conducted their own investigation, and they had their own opinion on the topic of what burns ears and cheeks. During these experiments, it was found that an increase in the temperature of the cheeks and ears is nothing more than evidence of greatly increased brain activity.

Scientists believe that the site of the person who"Caught fire", you can make assumptions, which part of the human brain is activated at the moment. It is explained simply. When the mental activity of our brain increases, the flow of blood that feeds it also increases. And this blood comes through the carotid artery, which is connected with the face and especially with the ears. Therefore, they begin to burn.

From an unscientific point of view

There is one more interesting explanation on the topicthe one to which cheeks and ears burn. It combines in itself both signs and scientific facts. If you follow this opinion, then the common saying is the basis of your right. When a person remembers us with bad words, he emits a lot of negative energy. This negative goes straight to the recipient, and the brain catches it. Then the protective system is turned on, the consciousness is trying hard to fight this bad energy.

As a result, brain activity is increasing andthe blood circulation of the organism is accelerated. Ears or cheeks react first, sometimes all together. And we can not always know who is blaming us. It can be as a well-known person, and the first counterman who accidentally stepped on his foot in transport. That's why it's so important to apologize. He wants that person or not, but he will automatically accept this apology and will not be able to give you a negative in the future.

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  • Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn Signs: why cheeks and ears burn