Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions

Sergiev Posad. The city's attractions.

The Russian city of Sergiev Posad for a long timeis known as the pearl of the Golden Ring. Its founder is Sergius of Radonezh. Here he built the famous in all Russia Trinity Monastery, which is still a place of visits to pilgrims.

This administrative center is located near Moscow, which is why tourists begin a journey through ancient Russian monuments from the city of Sergiev Posad.


The most important historical monument of this city- Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra. It is a monastery for men, founded in the 14th century. Today the complex includes more than forty buildings and monuments. The oldest building of the monastery - the Trinity Cathedral - is a sample of early Moscow white-stone architecture. Here relics of St. Sergius rest. In this cathedral there was a baptism of eminent Moscow princes, here they received a blessing for the kingdom of Basil 3 and Ivan the Terrible, their children. Daniil Cherniy and Andrei Rublev were executed interior paintings, with which the laurel is adorned. Sergiev Posad is famous for being in the temple of the famous icon of A. Rublev "Trinity", located near the iconostasis.

On the instructions of Ivan the Terrible in honor of unitingAstrakhan and Kazan khanates with Russian lands on the territory of the monastery was built the Assumption Cathedral. It is open for visits only during the evening and morning service, at the remaining time the entrance for tourists is closed.

Troitsky and Uspensky cathedrals - this is not all,than the Holy Trinity Lavra of Sergiev Posad is famous. The sights of this monastery are truly unique. Not far from the temple is the tomb of the Godunov family. In it lie the remains of Tsar Boris together with his wife Maria and their children. Recently, Russian metropolitans began to be buried here.

In the 15th century, the Church of the Holy Spirit was built on the territory of the monastery by masters from Pskov.

The chambers of the patriarch are located in the metropolitanchambers. They were built at the same time as the Refectory Chamber, a place where monks ate on great festivals. There is also a room for daily meals.

In the Trinity Lavra of Sergiev Posad, you can meet the sights at every step. This is the Red Tower, and the Church of the Blessed Virgin, as well as the Smolensk church, chapel, sacristy, etc.

Another favorite place for tourists isChernigov Skete, known for its underground caves. Here is the icon of the Chernigov Mother of God. The main place in the architectural ensemble takes the Chernigov temple built in the 19th century. And on the shore of Konchura there are two churches - Vvedenskaya and Pyatnitskaya, as well as a chapel of the Pyatnitsky well in several tiers standing above the active spring.

Describing the sights of Sergiev Posad,you can not keep silent about the waterfall called "Gremyachy" with a height of 25 meters. The water of this source has long been considered curative. Nearby is a chapel in honor of Sergius of Radonezh and a font in which anyone can plunge.

What else is famous for Sergiev Posad? Sights of this city are museums. About 30 thousand exhibits have a toy museum. There are children's locomotives, French dominoes and checkers, Chinese toys made from porcelain, Japanese dolls, etc. In addition to getting acquainted with the numerous collections of the museum, tourists can independently decorate their nested dolls or play Bogorodskaya toy. This excursion will not leave indifferent neither children, nor adults.

In the historical and art museum is representedthe largest collection of ancient Russian art. Here you can learn a lot of curious from the history of the city and about the various crafts that were practiced on Russian soil in the old days.

Sergiev Posad has about 250 architectural monuments. There are 50 active chapels and churches that give the city and its surroundings a unique atmosphere of sublimity and spirituality.

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  • Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions Sergiev Posad. The citys attractions