Review of the Great Wall H3

Review of the Great Wall H3

Chinese manufacturer Great Wall graduallyis gaining popularity in the Russian market. The company has won recognition thanks to its cheap SUVs. But if the first models differed in poor build quality, now its level is comparable to the "Europeans". Recently, the market came Great Wall Hover H3 New. The machine is characterized by modern design and a good level of equipment. What is Great Wall H3? Reviews and a review of the car - later in this article.


Externally, the car looks like a realoff-road conqueror: massive wheel arches, high ground clearance and a raised bumper. The machine with its entire appearance speaks about the readiness to overcome any road obstacles. A distinctive feature of the Great Wall Haval H3 is the massive chrome grille. It stretches from the fog line up to the edge of the hood.great wall h3 The headlights of the car are lenticular. However, xenon is not available in all trim levels. Lenses are also on the fog lamps. Mirrors are painted in body color and equipped with LED repeaters of turns. On the roof of the car there are railings, allowing you to carry everything that does not fit into the trunk. By the way, the front bumper is so licked that it does not have any barrier projections. The blow is immediately on the expensive grille. This, perhaps, is the main drawback, which marks the feedback of car owners on the "outside".

In general, the design of Great Wall H3 came out massive and solid. The car is suitable for both adults and young people.

Dimensions, clearance

The machine has standard crossover dimensions. The length of the body is 4.65 meters, width - 1.8, height - 1.74 meters. But the ground clearance of the Chinese Great Wall H3 is one of the biggest in its class - 24 centimeters on a standard rubber.


Inside, "Great Wall" looks more luxurious thanthe same "Cherie Tiggo". The machine has a serious panel design, with a multimedia center in the center. The handlebars are four-spoke, with a nice grip for the hands. The instrument panel has two main scales - the speedometer and the tachometer, as well as the arrows of the auxiliary sensors. Additionally, the Chinese provided for an on-board computer. It shows all the information about the performance characteristics (flow, average speed, mileage) up to the current altitude above sea level. Depending on the configuration, the finish can be fabric or leather. But even in the "base" the car looks very impressive. The interior photo reader can see below.great wall h3 reviews Seats have good lumbar and lateralsupport. Also in the front provided cupholders and a general armrest. The back of the rear seat can be reclined forward. However, the flat sex will not work - this is the main drawback of the trunk.


In the Russian market there are two gasolinepower units. So, the basic is the atmospheric 4-cylinder engine, developed in conjunction with the company "Mitsubisi." At a volume of 1998 cubic centimeters, it produces 116 horsepower of power. The torque at three thousand revolutions is 175 Nm. The owners' comments point out that the engine is mostly "grassroots" - traction is already available from idle ones. This motor is equipped with a manual gearbox for 5 steps. Expenditure on the city - 11 liters, on the highway - 8,5.great wall haval h3 In more expensive versions, turbochargedmotor 4G63S4T. This power unit with a volume of 2 liters develops 177 horsepower power. The twisting moment - 250 Nanometers. This motor is equipped with a manual gearbox for six stages. As the manufacturer himself notes, the box has extended gears, which is good for the performance characteristics. The fuel consumption of this engine is up to 13.5 liters in the city and up to 10 on the highway. Despite the fact that it is a turbocharged engine, the Chinese manufacturer allows the use of 92 gasoline.

Prices and completing

On the Russian market the crossover is available in several trim levels:

  • Luxury.
  • «Super Lux».
  • "Super Luxury Turbo" (with a 177-horsepower engine).

And the first is basic. Calling the initial complete set of "luxury", the Chinese did not exaggerate at all. The list of basic equipment includes:

  • Power steering.
  • Light alloy wheels 17 inches.
  • Frontal airbags.
  • Electric windows for all doors.
  • Fog lights.
  • Central locking.
  • Climate control.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Mirrors with electric drive.
  • Rear parking sensors.
  • Sensors of light and rain.
  • Systems ABS and exchange stabilization.
  • Disk ventilated brakes on both axes.

The cost of this equipment is 800 thousandrubles. Given such a list of equipment, we can say that the Great Wall H3 is a serious competitor for the "Renault Daster" and even more so Ulyanovsk UAZ.great wall hover h3 new The cost of completing the "Super Lux" - 840 thousandrubles. To the list of options is added a multimedia center, a multiroom, a rear view camera, leather upholstery, a driver's seat with electric drive and height adjustment (in the previous configuration it was not available). For the turbocharged engine and 6MKPP it is necessary to give 930 thousand rubles.

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