Registration in search engines

Optimization of sites. Registration in search engines

You have repeatedly come across the fact that by creatingsite and filling it with interesting and meaningful content, you need to untwist the promoted resource? As one of the options there is a free registration in the search engines.

Because to index search engine sitescan periodically, to find your resource will require, perhaps a long time. Registration of sites in search engines will speed up the index of your pages. What is required for this? Consider in the context of the search Yandex-server.

Step-by-Step Actions on Entering a Resource into the Yandex Database

To start, you need to tell this search enginesystem about their intentions. To do this, click on the "Report a new site" link and enter the captcha (a sequence of digits) into a special input form. It remains to click on "add". When the digital code is entered correctly, the Yandex system will report the successful addition of the resource to the database. Now the potential indexing of the site will be accelerated.

To add or view an existing oneyou need to create an account on the service. In general, registration in the search engines provides free viewing of complex statistics on your site: what was recorded in the index, how many pages were there, how many links and visitors to the resource (counters), how often you visited the search robot and other important information.

Search traffic

Registration in the search engines Google and Yandex,as a rule, very effective. It gives the largest influx of search traffic, and therefore visitors. In addition, these services have convenient tools for tracking visits and indexing settings.

Internal content optimization. Why is it so important?

We can not ignore internal optimization issues. For search engines, they are no less important than finding and indexing the pages of the site. That's why you need to optimize the resource wisely.

The procedure for issuing a resource for key queries is a little different than registration in search engines. Here the structure of the displayed content is important and its relevance to the query.

For example, if the user enters a query"Renting rooms in Moscow is inexpensive," the resources most relevant to the topic of the entered phrase will be displayed on the top positions of the search server. Yandex, and the search bot from Google, work on this principle. Despite the fact that the methods of forming thematic resources on the main search page are not advertised, all the same sites with quality promotion are more likely to reach the top list by keywords.

What is the optimization of pages?

Creating pages optimized for requests implies the following:

1. Clearing of "garbage" in the code of the page to improve readability and faster loading in the browser.

2. Optimization of images and banners with animation.

3. Marking of sub-headings of the form h1-h6 where it is needed on the page. Correct frequency distribution of the strong tag.

4. Creation of explanatory content with wedging of key requests in a direct and modified form of the alt attribute for pictures and anchors.

5. The distribution of the frequency and density of key phrases that will occur in the main content of the page.

6. Internal links to other content of the resource and working with descriptive tags (description and keywords).

7. Optimization of the navigation menu (top, side, etc.), the general structure of site navigation.

8. Formation of indexing indexing rules for search engines through a robots.txt file, generation of an xml-map - a kind of guide for search robots.

I.The proper creation of the page header displayed in the top bar of the browser is title. In this tag should be inscribed words or sentences, briefly, but characteristically the essence of your site. It is also recommended that you write down some key values ​​that the portal is moving on.

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