Recipe: ear with pink salmon

Recipe: ear with pink salmon

In Russia in the old days practical any soupwas called the ear. It could be cooked on fish, poultry or meat broth. However, gradually the names of dishes changed. Now the ear is a classic fish soup. At the same time, every experienced hostess has her own recipe. The soup with millet is considered the most popular soup, for the preparation of which you can use not only river fish, but also sea fish. The dish is not only delicious, but also rich.ear recipe with millet

Ear: recipe

Classic with the ear of wheat prepared practicallyfrom any fish. This recipe uses pink salmon. From this fish you get a delicious and not very fat soup. Here is the recipe itself. The ear with wheat is prepared from the following products:

  1. 400 g of fresh pink salmon.
  2. 6 tubers of potatoes.
  3. Average carrots.
  4. Bulb onions.
  5. 2 liters of water.
  6. ½ cup of millet.
  7. ½ sweet pepper.
  8. 1 bay leaf.
  9. Salt - to taste.
  10. Oil on vegetable basis.

Basic Steps

So, the classic recipe.The ear with the wheat is prepared quite quickly. To begin with, we should prepare the fish. The carcass must be cleaned, rinsed, and then put in a pan of cold water. Capacity should be put on fire. The content of the pan is recommended to bring to a boil, and then, gently removing the foam and reducing the heat, cook for 40 minutes.

A pack of pink salmon is cooked, you can peel potatoes,and then cut it into cubes. From the ready broth it is necessary to take out pieces of fish, and then to separate the flesh from the bones. Boiled fillet should be cut into pieces. Fish and potatoes must be put in broth and cook until half-ready for potatoes. During this time it is possible to prepare millet. Groats should be rinsed and cleaned of debris. Millet should be poured into broth and cook for another 10 minutes. Potatoes should become soft. ear recipe classic with foie gras

The final stage

The ear from pink salmon with millet is almost ready.Onions and carrots are worth cleaning, rinsing and grinding. It is recommended to remove all seeds from the pepper and cut it. All vegetables should be put in a frying pan heated up in a frying pan and gently fried. They should become soft. The resulting mixture must be put in your ear. It is also worth adding laurel leaves and salt. Boil soup need another minute 3. This is the ear turns out.


Classical with wheat ear is prepared not only from fresh fish, but also with canned pink salmon. This soup is very delicious and aromatic. To prepare such an ear you will need:

  1. Pink salmon (canned food) - 1 can.
  2. Water - no more than 2 liters.
  3. Potato tubers - 3 pcs.
  4. Millet - a few large spoons.
  5. Average carrots.
  6. Onions - 1 pc.
  7. Salt, laurel leaf, pepper.

This is a fairly common recipe.The ear with millet gets tastier, if you add pink salmon in your own juice. If necessary, you can use canned food in oil. However, in this case the soup will be more rich.ear from pink salmon with millet

Stages of preparation

So, how to boil an ear with wheat and cannedpink salmon? To begin with, it is worth pouring water into a saucepan and boiling it. While the liquid is heated, you can prepare vegetables. Potatoes, onions and carrots need to be cleaned and chopped. When the water in the saucepan boils, you need to reduce the heat. Millet should be washed thoroughly, removing all debris. In the container should be poured in prepared cereals and cook for no more than 10 minutes.

After the specified time in the pot you need to lay outcrushed vegetables. Carrots are recommended to grate, and cut the onion and potatoes into cubes. Also in the soup must be added spices and salt. At this stage, water can be poured into the canned liquid. After this, you need to boil your ear to the full readiness of the vegetables.

In conclusion, it is necessary to put pink salmon in the soup. Fish are recommended to be cleared of bones and divided into pieces. The fish should then cook for about 5 minutes. That's all delicious, flavorful and hearty soup is to boil an ear with foie gras

How to make soup spicy

Ear with pink salmon should be liked by everyonelovers of fish soups. To give the dish a more piquant taste, you can add a small slice of fresh lemon into it. In addition, the ear can be sprinkled with fresh chopped greens.

If you want to make fish soup with moredelicate and delicate taste, then you can add to it a piece of butter, made from natural cream. Serve the ear with pink salmon and millet in plates. Tasty and budget soup will appeal to both children and adults. The main thing is to follow the consistency in the process of its preparation.

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