Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher

Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher?

What should be the kindergarten teacher in modern realities? This profession is special in its importance and essence.

professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher

Features of the profession

The specificity of labor lies in the fact that in qualityThe main object is a child who is a unique creature of nature. The educator should be engaged in the spiritual, mental, physical development of the baby. It is for this reason that the work of a kindergarten teacher is one of the most important and important in the modern world.

Specificity of pedagogical activity

The whole work of the educator is aimed at formingthe main types of activities that contribute to the development of a harmoniously developed personality of a preschool child. To successfully implement all the tasks set for the teacher, he must have a genuine professional skill. Not all holders of a diploma of a pedagogical educational institution will be able to become good employees of the Dow. Work as an educator in kindergarten implies the implementation of musical, playful, labor, research, project activities with pupils.

personal characteristics

Program of work of the educator

There are certain requirements for the levelpreparation, as well as to the direct activities of a pedagogical worker in a pre-school institution. In addition to secondary professional or higher profile education, there should be a special work program for the educator. It indicates the main goals of work with pupils: educational, developmental, educational. Here the tasks set by the educator for a certain period, ways of achieving them are prescribed. Under the new standards of pre-school education, the teacher prescribes all the basic universal skills and skills that his pupils must master after the completion of the course. Depending on the profile chosen by the preschool institution, the programs of teachers can be narrowly focused. Among the most common areas in the DOW is the patriotic, ecological, physical culture direction.

work as a kindergarten teacher

Functions for the realization of educational activities of the educator

To implement the tasks set for theeducator of the modern system of Russian education, he needs certain functions. Communicative - stimulating function assumes the teacher's ability to establish contact with children, maintain friendly relations with children. The professional qualities of the kindergarten educator imply a sincere attitude to the kids, care, warmth, love and respect. This function assumes full-fledged communication not only with wards, but also with parents, other employees, colleagues.

The diagnostic function is interrelated with the studycharacteristics of each child and the establishment of their level of education and development. The professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher include knowledge of the characteristics of children's age psychology. If the teacher does not have information about the level of the child's moral, mental, physical development, he has no place in the kindergarten. A true professional will study all the personal characteristics of each child in his group, get acquainted with his parents, analyze the living conditions, the atmosphere in the family, in order to be aware of everything that happens with his kids.

Orientational-prognostic functionassumes such professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher as the planning of educational and development work. In addition, the professional interests of the DOW employee should include the desire to creatively approach their activities.

Structurally - design function characterizes the professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher, concerning the organization of training sessions and developing games, projects with kids.

professional interests

Organizational function is considered the most complex,it is she who allows the teacher to show his personal characteristics. Only a man, carried away by his profession, can lead children, "spark" in them a spark of knowledge. The teacher selects, structures information while communicating with the children, organizes a variety of activities for them, analyzes the desire of the kids to receive new knowledge and skills.

The research function assumes the teacher's ability to engage in self-education, develop his professional interests, to be a real example for the child.

kindergarten teacher

What should the teacher be able to do

There are certain personal qualities thatmust have a kindergarten teacher. Education of this profile can be obtained at a pedagogical college or university. First of all, it is necessary to note the dominant qualities. If the teacher does not like children, does not want to work with them, there is not even a question of his pedagogical competence.

professional skills


This quality is especially important for representatives ofof this profession. It is the educator who should provide timely support and help to the child, help him in overcoming the problems associated with communicating with other children. Under the guidance of a sensitive mentor, there is a transformation of the baby from the "ugly duckling" into a beautiful "swan". During the visit to the kindergarten, the child's personal growth should go, the desire to gain new knowledge and skills grow.


The educator must be tolerant of his children. Do not allow situations when the teacher raises his voice on children during the lesson.

curriculum work program

Pedagogical tact and justice

This quality implies adherence tomentor of universal norms of interaction and communication with preschoolers. In addition, a professional educator takes into account the individual qualities of each child, his psychological characteristics. According to the new GEF, each trainee of the kindergarten has its own educational trajectory, according to which he is advancing under the guidance of his mentor. Justice is an obligatory quality of the modern teacher of the DM. He is obliged to behave impartially towards each child. What other personal qualities should a good educator have? He should be an optimist, do not get lost in extreme situations, have charm and personal charm, have a sense of humor, have worldly wisdom. From the point of view of social activity, such a teacher should always be ready to help colleagues in solving social and social problems, which primarily concern the educational sphere.

Duties of the kindergarten teacher

The Ministry of Education has developed the requirements that a modern teacher of a pre-school institution should meet.

  • He is obliged to plan, organize, carry out activities and children and their upbringing in the DU.
  • The educator is engaged in daily work, which is aimed at providing conditions for social and psychological rehabilitation of preschool children.
  • In his work he is obliged to use modern pedagogical technologies, to master methods, methods, and means of teaching.
  • Based on the recommendations of the child psychologist, the results of personal research, works with children individually, in groups, engaged in correctional and developmental activities.
  • Together with a medical worker, he develops and implements a set of measures aimed at the prevention and strengthening of the physical health of preschool children.

Together with medical workers, it ensures the preservation of children's health, conducts activities that promote their psycho-physical development, is responsible for their life and health.

The educator is obliged to know and observe the laws of the Russian Federation, the decisions and decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation concerning preschool education, to have the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


A word like "educator" comes from"To feed", that is, to nurse. The modern dictionary treats this profession as a person who engages in the upbringing of someone, assumes all responsibility for the development and conditions of the existence of the personality of another person. For the emergence of this pedagogical profession there were objective reasons. For the full development of society, it was important that the experience accumulated by older generations be passed on to the children. This profession first appeared in Ancient Greece. At that time the slave was responsible for the child's development. It was he who first watched the baby, after the child grew up, accompanied him to school. The duties of the slave included the control of the development of the child, his behavior and committed acts. Gradually, the slave was replaced by home educators (governesses), and then kindergarten teachers. Modern teachers of the DM are creative and bright personalities. They differ in emotional stamina, endurance, patience, poise, observation. Representatives of this profession have excellent communicative and verbal abilities. The educator is an excellent organizer, who has a clear speech, able to attract the attention of the interlocutor. All members of this important and responsible profession have a sense of personal responsibility. They are active, initiative, kind to their students and colleagues. There are also certain medical restrictions that do not allow a person to work as a tutor. Candidate for the position of a teacher passes a medical examination. Children are not allowed people with mental disorders, serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular system, suffering from severe stuttering. You can not work in kindergarten and people who have skin-venereal and infectious diseases are virus carriers.

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  • Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher Professional qualities of the kindergarten teacher. What should be the kindergarten teacher