Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews)

Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews)

Polyclinic № 8 in Moscow - the statea medical institution in which modern diagnostic methods are conducted, qualified assistance is provided. Specialists of this institution have a great work experience, on average about 20 years. Today we find out where this polyclinic is located, which departments function there. And also we will determine what people think about this state medical organization.polyclinic 8 Moscow Olympic Village

Description. Phone. Working hours

City polyclinic № 8 (Olympic Village,Michurinsky Prospect) - an institution that is located in a 7-storey building. The building is located in a residential area, where there are all possibilities for the entrance of transport. In this clinic are serviced by Muscovites aged 15 and over living in the district administration of "Tropareko-Nikulino".

Polyclinic No. 8 (Olympic Village) phone forreferences has the following: 8 (495) 735-66-38. Work time of the institution: on weekdays - from 7:30 to 20:00, on Saturday - from 9:00 to 18:00. On Sundays and public holidays there is a duty brigade working from 9:00 to 16:00.


In total, there are 3 departments at a health facility, like polyclinic No. 8. The Olympic Village is the location of the main, main building. The remaining branches are located at other addresses:

  1. Branch number 1: Prospect Vernadsky, 30.
  2. Branch number 2: st. 26 Baku Commissars, 10, building. 5.
  3. Branch number 3: st. Bolshaya Ochakovskaya, 38.


There are 12 of them in the polyclinic. The departments of urban medical institution No. 8 are as follows:

1. Women's consultation.

2. Therapeutic department.

3. Traumatological.

4. Oncological.

5. Gastroenterological.

6. Surgical.

7. Consultative and diagnostic.

8. The day hospital.

9. Cabinet of ultrasound.

10. Clinical and diagnostic laboratory.

11. Branch of radiation diagnostics.

12. Rehabilitation and medical rehabilitation.

Women's consultation

Annually thousands of womenreceive a disappointing diagnosis from a gynecologist - malignant tumor of the uterus, appendages, mammary glands. And sometimes women go to the hospital very late, in the last stages. To save their lives and prevent the emergence of various gynecological problems, all women should undergo scheduled examination at the gynecologist every 6 months. Doctors specializing in problems of female genitalia, there is also in such institution, as polyclinic № 8 (Olympic Village). The women's consultation of the institution has well-equipped classrooms. Here, any representative of the weaker sex can receive diagnostic, preventive and curative services for free if there is a MHI policy.Olympic village polyclinic number 8

Also in the women's consultation there is a Centerfamily planning. Here experts treat male and female infertility, advise patients on contraception, genetic diseases, family planning.

In the women's consultation is provided asgynecological, and obstetric care. Also mini-abortions are performed here, various manipulations are carried out (for example, installation or removal of a spiral, taking smears on studies, etc.). Diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, biopsy, Doppler, and cryocoagulation are performed here. A gynecological surgery is carried out using the apparatus "Surgitron."

Evaluation of women's counseling

Polyclinic № 8 (Olympic Village, 16, building. 1), namely, her female department, the responses of the patients are different. Some girls note that doctors here work rough, harsh, without rules of propriety, allowing themselves to even scream at the sick. On the other hand, there are positive assessments of people. In approving responses, women write, on the contrary, that in the women's consultation doctors work from God, that they carefully conduct an examination, prescribe effective treatment. Such various responses are explained simply. Previously, in the women's consultation, only doctors worked, who eventually retired, and other specialists came to their place. Today, doctors are working here who are trying to quickly solve gynecological problems.polyclinic 8 Olympic village phone

The cost of services in a women's consultation

If a person does not have a MHI policy, then he needsprepare money to be screened and treated in a place like polyclinic No. 8. Olympic Village, 16, Building 1 - the address by which this medical institution can be easily found. The cost of services in the women's counseling institution is shown in the table below.

Service name price, rub.
Primary reception of obstetrician-gynecologist 1000
Reception of the doctor of the office of miscarriage and infertility 1500
Repeated reception of obstetrician-gynecologist 800
Preventative inspection 150
Primary examination and consultation of a pregnant woman 1000
Repeated reception of the pregnant woman 800
Colposcopy 1300
Cervical biopsy 800
Introduction / removal of the intrauterine device 1500/1000
Electrostimulation of the cervix 1000
Cryodestruction of a benign tumor 2000

Emergency room

If you do not know where to turn urgently toMoscow for help with fractures, sprains, bites of animals, then remember that you will happily receive polyclinic № 8 (Olympic Village). The trauma center of this institution works daily, around the clock. Primary medical care is provided by highly qualified trauma doctors-orthopedists. Therefore, if a person is bitten by a dog, a tick has become entrapped in the skin, or a fracture of the bone has occurred, then one can safely go to the emergency clinic of the 8th polyclinic.

polyclinic 8 Olympic Village reviews

Oncology department

Here are held:

- Diagnosis and drug treatment of patients with malignant tumors.

- Observation of patients with different degrees of cancer.

- Examination of patients with suspicions of a malignant tumor. With the confirmation of the diagnosis of "cancer", a referral is sent to Moscow oncology dispensaries.

- Consultations on symptomatic treatment and anesthesia.

Also here, patients can undergo mammograms, radiography, cystoscopy, clinical and laboratory studies, and get advice from oncologists.city ​​polyclinic 8 Olympic Village

Therapeutic department

Here such help is given to patients:

- Primary and repeated receptions, patient counseling.

- An extract of prescriptions for treatment.

- Issue directions for conducting diagnostic studies.

- Registration of certificates, sick lists.

- Dispensary reception.

Therapists use polyclinics in their workmodern methods of diagnosis and treatment. They accept patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs, blood circulation, urinary system, musculoskeletal system.

Surgery department

Carrying out of operations, researches of different levelcomplexity - this is also the responsibility of specialists of such an institution, as polyclinic No. 8 (Olympic Village). The entry to the doctor-surgeon is carried out in the same way, as well as to other doctors. Specialists conduct such events:

- Puncture - puncture tissue with a therapeutic or diagnostic purpose.

- Autopsy of the panaritium - acute purulentinflammatory process in the tissues of the fingers. In the acute stage of the disease, the surgeon carries out the operation and further establishes drainage and prescribes a course of washes.

- Dissection of boils. In the clinic, this method of therapy is also carried out. Does his doctor under local anesthesia.

There are other problems with which surgeons of this institution cope.polyclinic 8 Olympic Village

An appointment with a doctor without waiting lists, expectations

If people who believe that statemedical institutions - this is lawlessness, eternal lines. Then they certainly were not in the institution, located at: Moscow, Michurinsky Avenue, the Olympic Village. Polyclinic number 8, which is just there and is, is the place where you can make an appointment without even standing in line at the registry. And you can even sit at home, by means of the Internet you can choose for yourself the appropriate date and time of going to the doctor. Ways to write to specialists in this clinic:

  1. Via the electronic terminal. It is installed in the foyer of the institution. For this, a person needs to choose a specialist, the desired date and time of admission.
  2. Through the online registry. It is located on the site of the polyclinic. Entering your login and password, a person can make an appointment with a doctor or cancel a reservation without visiting this medical organization.
  3. Through a single recording center.

Positive opinions of people about the medical institution

Polyclinic No. 8 (Moscow, Olympic Village, 16)receives various patient testimonials. The official website of the organization presents only positive assessments of people. Patients write that doctors in this organization are all qualified, with experience. Nurses are friendly, attentive to patients. Adequate women also work in the polyclinic registry, who quickly consult, promptly look for a card, answer kindly to people's questions.polyclinic 8 Olympic village emergency station

Negative estimates

Polyclinic No. 8 (Olympic Village) reviewsdoes not always get positive. On the contrary, the number of negative assessments is several times greater. People remain unhappy with the following moments in the work of this institution:

- When writing electronically to a doctor, there are often disruptions in the program. As a result, the computer either can not record a person at all, or it can be determined by an absolutely different doctor.

- The cards in the registry are often lost. There were even such cases when a policlinic worker said that the outpatient card was gone, but the next day she was found.

- Some doctors simply neglect the rules of the institution and leave work earlier than the due time.

- Many people are indignant that they have to sit and wait for their reception. That is, patients do not come in time. Then the logical question arises: why indicate the time of admission in the ticket?

- People are also unhappy with the fact that often doctors do not even deign to apologize to patients for delaying or accepting queues for medical workers.

- Some men and women write on forums aboutthat they went to this clinic with severe pains. And the doctor, instead of accepting the person, said that he needed to receive a mandatory ticket. And if it is not, then you can safely go home and come next time.


Polyclinic № 8 in Moscow - a medical institution, inwhich is assisted daily by tens of thousands of people. Here patients can approach with any problems: gynecological, urological, etc., because there is a full staff. This clinic has its own website, which contains a lot of useful information. Also there you can read reviews about this institution, what is most interesting - only positive. Negative assessments on the site are not posted, but in large numbers they are on various forums devoted to health.

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  • Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews) Polyclinic No. 8, Olympic Village (reviews)