Perfume Gucci. Be charming

Perfume "Gucci". Be charming

If you like refined delicate flavors, thenyou should definitely buy Gucci brand products at least once. For more than 100 years, this firm has been associated with the word "chic". But in the beginning of the 20th century there was only a shop where they sewed things from the skin.

perfume gucciBackground History

Once a tailor named Gucci opened everythingtheir savings store for the production of leather items (harness and suitcases). And then I decided to found an entire company for the production of clothes and shoes. Once he worked at expensive hotels in Paris and London. He was fascinated by the exquisite things of the rich. Therefore, with special trepidation Gucci selected masters for his production. The company's business was rapidly gaining momentum. New shops were opened in the huge Italian cities - Milan, Rome. In a quarter of a century Gucci became a real brand.

The company was so self-sufficient that evenduring the military operations did not stop the production of luxury goods, though not of leather, but of cotton cloth. After the death of the founder, all his affairs were run by his three sons. The company grew, its name was "doomed" to success.

Perfume lineGucci Perfume for women

The natural phenomenon was the release in 1970. one of the Gucci sons of the line of spirits. The long-awaited perfume "Gucci" instantly became popular. But then disagreements began between the brothers, who led the company to ruin. The Gucci company is a family creature, over which father and sons worked for so many years, creating a new, unique production - was sold.

Now the company was headed by one of the investors. The young designer Tom Ford, who came to work for her, not only corrected the spoiled reputation of the company, but also improved the quality of the products. In 1994, Tom Ford won world recognition. There was a new perfume "Gucci" called Envy. It included musk and greenery of grapes, which gave perfume a fragrance of passion and sensuality.

After a while, another perfume appeared"Gucci" - Rush, which became a real "bomb" in the eighties of last century. The basis of his technology was a fundamentally new technique, so that Ford and his spirits gained unprecedented success.

perfume gucci 2 reviewsThe same recognition received in 2004 perfumeGucci 2. Reviews of enthusiastic women spoke only of one thing: the spirits hit the very spot with an unusual oriental fragrance, which was a delicate interweaving of the smells of flowers, fruits, cedar and musk.

World Style Icon

The personification of the dreams of most people, the iconstyle - production of "Gucci". Perfume (female and male) of this brand is widely known both abroad and in Russia. You can buy it in the salons of high-quality perfumery.

Needless to say, when buying perfumeGucci, you can hardly invest in a modest amount? Perfume, which was created from high quality ingredients using modern technology, using the best equipment, can not be cheap. Choosing this unique flavor, you find yourself in a world of dreams, fantasies, feelings and luxury.

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