Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system

Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system

AMD A4-5000 - a processor with four cores,is used mainly in budget devices. The device is not just a central processor, but a single-chip system (or SoC). In addition to the kernels used for computation (as in the usual CPU), it includes an integrated graphics accelerator HD 8330, I / O ports, a south bridge and a DDR3 memory controller.


AMD A4-5000 is available in two versions: Kabini is installed in laptops, Temash - in tablets. At the heart of both lies the architecture of Jaguar, which replaced its predecessor Bobcat. As AMD experts say, the device has become more productive by 15% per clock.

amd a4 5000

In addition to this improvement, the computational coreNow they use the latest versions of the instruction sets SSE, AES and AVX. Due to the fact that the processor is produced on a 28-nm process technology, it is possible to reduce power consumption, but at the same time increase the frequencies.


Still, the cores work at 1.5 GHz. The speed of applications, in which there is no multi-threaded optimization, is rather low and approaches the SoC of the last generation as much as possible. To catch up with your nearest competitor from Intel is not possible. But everything changes when all the nuclei are working on the process at once. In this case AMD A4-5000 overtakes even Core i3.

Summing up, it must be said that this one-chipthe system has enough power to provide comfortable operation of multimedia and office programs. But with heavy tasks and games this device can not cope yet.

Graphic arts

As it was said earlier, in SoC AMD A4-5000 is built-ingraphics accelerator HD 8330. It includes 128 stream processors, the frequency of the GPU is 500 MHz. The average performance of the video core is at the level of HD 7470M and Intel HD 4000, so an acceptable FPS from games released later than 2013 will not be achieved.


amd a4 5000 specifications

One-chip device can not be considered,using classic tests. In AMD A4-5000, the characteristics are not too high, but this processor is aimed at the mobile market, and its power consumption is only 25 W. Accordingly, during the load you need not only to count FPS, but also pay attention to energy saving.


By running F1 2012, you can see that the SoC companyAMD is significantly behind its competitors in terms of performance, but it consumes significantly less power at maximum load. The difference with i3 is about 14 watts.

Web surfing

Viewing pages on the Internet is a less demanding task, both in terms of the load on the video subsystem and the CPU. The difference decreases noticeably.

How does the AMD A4-5000 processor overtakethe performance of Intel's more powerful products, and the latter are approaching the power consumption of the solution from AMD. However, although not much, but A4 shows itself more economical in this test.

amd a4 5000 reviews


All modern platforms are equipped with hardwaredecoder H.264. Therefore, web surfing requires more power consumption than watching a video. The processor does not participate in such tasks. In this test, there are no leaders or outsiders, the economy of A4 is similar to competitors.

AMD A4-5000. User Reviews

As you know, synthetic tests are not alwaysreflect the whole point. To understand how well the device works, you should work with it for a while. Having studied the opinions of users, you can understand that the processor is great for those who need the maximum battery life of the device and at the same time - it does not require the greatest performance.

Those who want to enjoy the novelties of the gaming market are nottoo flatteringly describe the AMD A4-5000, reviews of them are almost always negative. However, it should be noted that this processor is not in the line of gaming. The manufacturer explicitly states that the primary tasks that are solved with its help are the reduction of energy consumption.

processor amd a4 5000


It is difficult to say whether the represented generationsingle-chip systems from AMD have great chances of success. Of course, in recent years, more and more tablets and laptops, assembled on the basis of A4. Here are just the devices of this lowest price range, albeit with the Windows 8 operating system on board.

Given that today the market for mobile devicesfilled with devices on Android and iOS, it is unlikely that a large number of users will pay attention to the A4. But it should be noted that if AMD specialists can squeeze out of their brainchild the maximum performance comparable to the products of competitors, while still benefiting from others in terms of power consumption and price, the popularity of devices with the A4 processor will increase dramatically.

It's strange that in the CoS AMD A4-5000, the characteristicswhich should allow to achieve greater performance, the system of unified access to RAM (HUMA or heterogeneous unified memory access) is not used. With it, the total system memory is used by the CPU and GPU without unnecessary data copying cycles. This solution eliminates significant delays in the processes performed on a single-chip device.

HUMA could bring AMD products to the leading positions. And yet, judging by the news of the high-tech world, this technology will not be used in Karbini and Temash.

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  • Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system Overview of AMD A4-5000 single-chip system