Online Store Apple Sale: reviews

Online Store Apple Sale: reviews

The popularity of Apple's hardware isthe last few years. Smartphones iPhone, iPad tablets, iPod players, as well as laptops, smart TVs, watches and other devices - all this company sells millions of copies. Despite the relatively high cost, the machinery continues to enjoy unprecedented demand, including in our country. Due to this, various electronics stores from this manufacturer operate, called, for example, Apple Sale. Testimonials indicate that the quality of products and services at such points of sale are different. What you need to worry about, and what to look for when buying an expensive gadget, we'll look at this article on the example of one of these shops.

Apple Sale reviews

"Apple" shops

Let's start with what we are so attracted by shops,where the technique of Apple is represented. First, there, in contrast to the supermarkets of electronics, specializing in other devices, a wider choice of "apple" gadgets can be presented. This is often bribed by various Apple Sale. Customer feedback is a confirmation - people are interested in, besides the device itself, also a cover to it or some special accessory.

Secondly, such shops are bribed at the cost. Yes, most stores with the name Apple Sale (reviews of those who buy something there, this is confirmed) are constantly holding interesting discount promotions and sales, allowing you to get more for the same money. Thirdly, in specialized "apple" stores you can consult in more detail on the issues that interest you. That's why people buy products in such stores. reviews


As a rule, networks of points of sale of technology workdirectly with the service centers. Also sometimes in some stores there are their own masters who are ready to inspect the device and repair the problem on it if necessary. Due to this, buying in stores with the name Apple Sale (reviews do not give lies), you can count on a guarantee.

In addition, by selling you a device, the company,who owns the store, must provide all the documentation - this will also serve as a kind of confirmation of the legality of the origin of the phone, its legality in the territory of our country.

reviews about the store Apples-Sale


Another important point is certification. There is a "black" and "white" technology Apple, which differs based on the legality of falling into the Russian Federation. If, say, a smartphone was officially imported by a partner company of the manufacturer, then it has a corresponding certificate confirming that the phone can work in Russia. Otherwise, devices can be imported from other countries illegally. Due to this, of course, the device will cost less.

This is an important point that shows whether you are dealing with a office reselling illegal products, or indeed being the official reseller of Apple.

As part of today's article, we will introduce you toone shop that dealt with the trade in apples. It is called The feedback left by the customers will help us understand how the store operated, what it was. reviews about the store


The name of the shop, as you can see for yourself,is quite typical. Our attention was attracted precisely by (customer reviews indicate that not only ours) due to very low prices for the entire range. Indeed, in the store it was possible to purchase iPhone phones by an order of magnitude lower than those of competitors who conduct promotions and give bonuses. Due to this, of course, the shop has a lot of customers, and its popularity has increased quite rapidly.

Customer Reviews

First time reviews about the store Apples-Sale can bewas to find extremely positive. No wonder: people thanked the resource management for such cheap products, for economy, and literally could not enjoy the opportunity to shop here. reviews

However, soon began to appear anotherinformation frightening customers. Here we talked about the fact that people bought telephones, which soon went out of order. There were also customer reviews from about the store, which talked about the fact that the device, which was being sold as new, was actually sold in another country a couple of years ago. Or, for example, using information encrypted with the IMEI number, people learned that their gadget was stolen somewhere in Japan several years ago, after which it was never found.

If we analyze several (up to 10-15)characteristics that left the buyers about the above store, it becomes clear that here they actually sold used equipment, illegally imported into the territory of our country. Also, judging by the quality of the service, the founders of the store probably had a batch of such equipment, which simply needed to be realized, then to be closed - managers did not make any returns to disgruntled customers, and often simply rudely refused to communicate with the buyer, referring to the fact that he had to familiarize himself with the state of the device earlier.

Scheme of work

The principle thatthe shop functioned. Reviews help to uncover fraud. In fact, the founders of the store simply sold second-hand phone models at a price slightly lower than the new ones, due to which they received such an influx of customers. And in order not to be disclosed initially, scammers performed cosmetic repair of devices, restoring them to give the factory look.

Due to this, the phones were often faulty onhardware level, but notice this the buyer could only a few hours after he gave the money. Of course, in the future, store managers tried to interrupt with him any contact - did not answer calls, rude, referred to non-existent legislation. reviews about the store

Naturally, to work out the company for a long time does notmanaged. Perhaps, it closed even earlier than managed to sell its reserves in order to avoid responsibility for fraudulent activities. Whatever it was, but soon the site stopped working, and the store's office was simply closed. Of course, people lost a lot of nerves and money due to the fact that they contacted such sellers.

How not to get trapped?

Of course, such a situation can happen witheach of us. Scammers certainly carefully prepared to exit their store, restoring devices and forging their documents. Therefore, at first glance, it would be difficult to determine their honesty.

Here the buyer could be guidedthe principle of "free cheese only in a mousetrap", because it turned out to be the site Reviews about the store show that the prices there were too low - customers should have been alerted, and not to force to buy two cheap iPhones at a time.

In order not to fall for such scams, beattentive. In Russia there is an official Apple Store - a "white" shop presented by the developer company. You can buy there without any fear, and with the accessories everything is fine.

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