Need is ... State need. Own needs

Need is ... State need. Own needs

Need is the lack of necessary things for life. It is determined primarily by poverty. It happens that a person is a beggar, but due to some circumstances he does not need anything, for example, he is a monk or a hermit. The subject is in harmony with himself, and so he does not need anything.

Classical interpretations

The word "need" implies an urgent needin anything, and not necessarily in food or clothing. Need is a need, and it happens to be of several kinds. An acute lack of food and clothing refers to physical needs.need itUnmet requests in communication, friendship,Attachments can be called social. If a person does not have enough knowledge for self-expression, and he feels an urgent need to receive them, obviously, the need for this kind can be attributed to "individual". It should be noted that the need is in no case the requests, which in themselves imply the abundance of the necessary and the possibility of choice.

From Need to Queries

It can be assumed that need and need alsodiffer from each other. Need, especially acute, is a little colored phenomenon. A person is hungry or freezes, he needs food and warmth. That is, need is something clear and rigid. The needs are multicolored and unlimited. Depending on many factors, they take a specific form. own needsThus, one individual has conditioned andway of life, and the educational level of the needs that another person does not know about and lives without it perfectly. And it really needs, not requests or delights.

We can say that the requests are balancedneeds, supported by the possibility of their satisfaction. An individual needs, perhaps for work, a worthy expensive thing, and he can pay it. Along with the concepts of "need", "need", "requests" there is also the term "good". This is something that can satisfy all of the above. In turn, the benefits are tangible and intangible. Their infinite set.

Marshall Classification

 state needThere are several classifications in the literatureneeds and requirements. This is very much written, there are classics of the genre, for example, the English economist Alfred Marshall, who proposed his scale of needs. He divides them into primary and secondary, absolute and relative, higher and lower, positive and negative, those that can be postponed, and urgent. And also on general and special, ordinary and extraordinary, individual and collective, private and public. We can assume that the need, for example in food, according to this classification can be both primary and absolute, and private, and urgent, and, in this case, inferior.

The Maslow Pyramid

In a study of needs, needs and requestsAn important American psychologist Abraham Maslow took an active part. The "Maslow pyramid" is very popular, representing the hierarchy of human needs from the lowest to the highest. The author believes that as the needs for survival are met, the human needs for higher order gradually arise.

need is need

In the most simplified form, the pyramid in measurethe approach to the highest point can be divided into the following steps. Primary is the need to protect against hunger and cold. Next is the desire to protect and protect yourself. When a person is full and protected, the idea of ​​a social situation arises. Once in a certain society, the subject achieves respect and support of others. At the very top of the pyramid is the need for self-expression. Abraham Maslow said that there are infinitely many needs, but they have one common feature: the satisfaction of all of them is unthinkable due to the limited economic resources.

Own needs

As already noted, needs are different,for example, own and public. The concept of "own needs" is very capacious. Each person has such needs, each group of people, each cell of society, each organization and so on. And every object or subject has to know these needs and ways of their satisfaction is necessary for the extension of one's own existence, since an imbalance in these matters will lead to depletion of the resources envisaged to meet the needs. But there is also a technological concept of "own needs", there is such an item of expenditure. They are laid in the plans for the development and existence of any object. And this is done in order to provide the necessary means to meet the needs and requirements of the facility, ensuring its uninterrupted operation.

The needs of the state

The country also has its own needs. The state needs unite the needs of all branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial) at all levels - federal, regional and municipal. These needs and sources of their satisfaction (mainly taxpayers' funds) are pawned in budgets of each level. For these purposes, the means of off-budget funds also go.

Needs and requirements of the country or its subjectsare established in strict accordance with the law. State needs include the need for defense of the country. It should be noted that state need is a kind of loophole for dishonest officials who, due to imperfect laws, use it for their own enrichment. You can enter an extra expense item, you can increase the queries in existing paragraphs and paragraphs.

As noted above, each statethe level has its own needs and requirements. Municipal needs are akin to state or federal, but, as a rule, smaller. The needs of municipalities have their own specifics, which is not surprising in such a huge country. The goods, work, services necessary to carry out the activities of municipalities represent the needs of these territorial-administrative entities.

"Hunger drives the world"

It should be noted that the need, need,requests - all these concepts are the basis of marketing, whose goal is the promotion and sale of goods and services in the market. It is based on a scientific approach to everyday things.municipal need Marketing takes into account that need is needor a sense of an acute shortage of something or someone. The desire to quench need is itself the causative agent of activity, the concentration of forces in meeting the need. Need is very inventive and, depending on different situations, always manifests itself in different ways.

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