National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts

National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts

What is interesting about Turkish national cuisine? What features does it have? These and other questions will be answered by reading our article.

The national cuisine of Turkey is distinguished by simplerecipes, variety and high quality ingredients that are used in cooking. All these characteristics provide excellent taste sensations. The centuries-old dominance of the Ottoman Empire on Turkish lands has left the modern country with gastronomic traditions. They trace the culinary characteristics of the Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East.

A little bit about the national dishes of Turkey

In the dishes of this country there are a lot of ingredients such as: pepper, tomatoes, roast lamb, yoghurt sauces and eggplant.

Dishes of this state will please fansit's good to eat. Since the portions here are rather big. If we talk about cold and hot snacks, they are usually small. These products are perfectly combined on the same table with salads. Such dishes are suitable for those who like light food.

Regional national cuisine of Turkey. Features

It is interesting that the Turkish cuisine is slightly modified depending on the region.

For example, the technology of cooking inIzmir, Istanbul and Bursa inherited some elements of the kitchen of the Ottoman courtyard. Preference is given to rice in these regions, seafood is often used. Although the spices in the dishes here are added in small amounts.

In the Black Sea region, which was influenced by the Slavic and Balkan cuisines, fish are used everywhere. Also there are a lot of cooking dishes from corn.

Kebabs are famous for the cuisine of the south-eastern region of the country. Also here serve a variety of flour desserts and snacks "meze".

In the western part of the country there are many olive groves. Therefore, there is abundantly used olive oil for refueling.

For fresh vegetables, fish and greens is rich in cuisine of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marble Seas.

Crowned dishes in central Anatolia are "keshkek" with barley and chicken, stewed meat.

national dishes of turkey

Interestingly, the difference in the name of identicaldishes can talk about the regions of origin and as a result, different techniques of cooking. For example, the main differences between "Astana Kebab" and "Urfa Kebab" is the thickness of the skewer on which meat was prepared, and the amount of red pepper. The last named dish is less spicy. But with a thicker kebab is obtained.

Kahvalti - Turkish Breakfast

"Kahvalti" from Turkish translates as "before coffee." Breakfast in this country is usually varied and plentiful. As a rule, the morning menu consists of such products as:

  • cucumbers;
  • different sorts of cheeses;
  • butter;
  • tomatoes;
  • sour-milk "kaimak";
  • olives;
  • brynza;
  • honey;
  • jam.

In addition, there are bacon, bagels or biscuits and rolls on the table.

The traditional dish for breakfast is "menemen". The dish includes olive oil, eggs, green peppers and onions. For breakfast, they drink Turkish tea here.

Turkish Lunch

The main dish at the dinner table is meat (lamb or beef).

Often the citizens of Turkey prepare Dener Kebab. What is this dish? It's a big sandwich. It consists of finely chopped fried beef (or lamb), which is wrapped in a flat cake.

Sometimes vegetables and rice are served with meat as agarnish. Also in this country there is a Turkish pizza, which is called "Lahmajun". This dish is prepared only by men. They make pizza from thinly rolled up dough. Bake on a stove with minced meat, onions and tomatoes. Turkish pizza is different from the usual.

It is washed down by all "ayran". It is a drink that is obtained by mixing water, salt (pinch) and yogurt.

Classic dinner in Turkey

The evening meal begins with snacks. Then dinner continues the main meal. The meal ends with the savor of aromatic coffee with spices.

Turkish national cuisine

What foods are used as snacks? Of course, dolma. It is stuffed with pilaf leaves of grapes. Another snack, which happens at dinner, is the Sarma. This dish is a cabbage leaf, which is stuffed with pilaf.

Usually different cold vegetables are prepared from cold vegetables. The most popular are:

  • "Haydari" is yoghurt with sugar, mint and cheese;
  • "Karidesh gyuvech" - shrimps baked with spices, tomatoes and garlic;
  • "Firinda mantar" - baked champignons with cheese (two kinds) in sauce.

Cold snacks, as a rule, are prepared from a mixture of vegetables.

The main dish is meat. This can be as a shish kebab, kebab, and ribs, chops. For example, a popular dish is beğendi tas kebabı. These are pieces of meat (either chicken or lamb is taken), which are fried, served with a garnish of eggplant puree.

recipes of national dishes of turkey

Another popular dish is şiş köfte kebabı. These are meat balls from a lamb. They are served on skewers. Also known in Turkey is such a thing, as testi kebabı. This dish is a stewed in a pot of finely chopped pieces of beef in a sauce.

Turkish coffee ends the evening meal. It is served in small cups. Coffee is made from finely ground roasted grains.

Meat dishes

In some regions of the country meat is consumed only during the period of Karban Bayram and at wedding ceremonies. But pilaf with meat is an integral part of the everyday menu of the Turks.

Previously, citizens of the country triedto use veal. Now everything has changed. The Turks enjoy eating it. Also, citizens of this country use lamb and mutton for cooking. At the heart of many national dishes of Turkey is chopped meat and vegetables. For example, the popular dishes here are kıymalı ıspanak (shpatan with minced meat) and kıymalı fasulye (beans with minced meat).

Also during the preparation of dishes used such varieties of fish as: sardines and anchovies. In addition, local citizens eat eggs and chicken.


Kebabs are a common name for meat dishes, whichcooked on a spit. What are the national dishes of Turkey? For example, Doner Kebab. During cooking, the meat is fried on a spit. Then it is cut into thin pieces. They fit into a half-cut cake. Then add the sauce and vegetable garnish.

Also popular meat dishes are:

  1. Birch - bagels with minced meat, greens and cheese.
  2. Adana kebab - fried minced meat on the spit (peppery).
  3. Iskender-kebab - lamb, marinated in tomato sauce, with melted butter, slices of cake.

Chorba soups

National dishes of Turkey are soups. They are served for breakfast. These dishes are lentil. They are called mercimek.

Popular Turkish soups:

  1. Tomato. It is called Domates.
  2. Soup from cabbage.
  3. Tarhana - soup from flour, dried vegetables and yeast.
  4. Chicken soup with almonds.
  5. Tutma (lentil soup with noodles).

Sweets and pastries

Spicy sweets of Turkey are known all over the world. Popular treats are baklava and rovani (pie with syrup).

Turkish cuisine recipes

Also known are such sweets as "pekmez" (thickened syrup from grapes), "lokmah" (fried sweet balls with syrup ") and" tatlysy "(boiled pumpkin with syrup).

Doner Kebab

Let's start to consider the recipes of the national dishes of Turkey from the food, which is called doner-kebab.

Turkish cuisine Turkish dishes reviews

For cooking, you will need:

  • two tablespoons of yogurt;
  • four legs;
  • a tablespoon of olive oil;
  • pepper;
  • two onions;
  • salt;
  • two teaspoons of vinegar;
  • two cucumbers;
  • half a cup of kefir;
  • flat cake;
  • a bunch of dill or coriander.

Preparation of a national dish of Turkey: a step-by-step recipe

  1. Cut the meat into small pieces.
  2. After salt them and pepper.
  3. Then pour in yogurt, olive oil. Leave the marinade for two or three hours.
  4. At this time, chop the onion, sprinkle it with vinegar.
  5. After melenko cut the cucumber. Then mix it with onion.
  6. Then fry until ready to meat.
  7. Then mix kefir with chopped greens. Then add salt.
  8. Then cut the pita in half. In each half lay the chicken. After add there onions, cucumbers. Then pour everything with kefir sauce.


Now you know what the Turkishcuisine, we consider her recipes in the article. Now the technology of cooking such a dish, as a kefte, will be described. This is Turkish meatballs. They can be either without sauce or with it.

For cooking you will need:

  • clove of garlic;
  • one egg;
  • salt;
  • one onion;
  • sesame;
  • half a kilogram of stuffing;
  • spice;
  • half a cup of walnuts.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking at home

  1. Fry the nuts in a frying pan. After one half, grind them in a flour combine. The remaining nuts are chopped.
  2. Mince the mix, sprinkle the nut flour, add chopped onions, garlic, spices. Leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  3. From the stuffing form the balls, roll in sesame. Put in a greased oil. Transfer to the oven for 40 minutes.


Jezeriye is one of the species of lukuma. The treat is made from carrot juice. Nuts are also added to the dessert.

For preparation it is required:

  • a glass of hazelnuts, coconut chips;
  • 500 grams of carrots (grated finely);
  • a peel of one lemon;
  • one and a half cups of sugar (brown);
  • 0.5 cups of starch (corn);
  • a tablespoon of water.

The cooking process

  1. Grate the grated carrots. Add a tablespoon of water.
  2. Stew on low heat under the lid until soft carrots.
  3. After add the sugar. Stew until the vegetable has extracted the juice and the sugar has melted.
  4. Put the starch. In the process, stir.
  5. Then add the zest, nuts. Stir. Remove from heat.
  6. Dampen the baking sheet with water.
  7. Lay a mass of three cm thick. Smooth out. Send it to the refrigerator for the night.
  8. After cut into pieces. Then roll in coconut shavings.


Baklava - this sweetness of the East, which smells of honey and nuts. It is believed that this delicacy is a dessert of sultans.

national cuisine turkey special features

For preparation it will be required:

  • three hundred grams of butter;
  • two teaspoons of cinnamon;
  • three tablespoons of sugar;
  • two packages of puff pastry (bezdozhzhevogo);
  • four glasses of almonds.

To prepare the syrup you will need:

  • three glasses of water;
  • cinnamon;
  • four glasses of sugar;
  • ½ cup of honey.

Step-by-step recipe for Turkish dessert

  1. Chop the almonds finely, mix with cinnamon, sugar.
  2. Melt the butter.
  3. Roll out the dough.
  4. Cut it into shape.
  5. Lubricate the first sheet with oil, lay the second on it. Oil it with oil too. Add sugar, nuts to the next layers.
  6. Top with oil. Send it to the oven for 20 minutes.
  7. Then mix all the ingredients for the syrup. Bring to a thickening on low heat.
  8. With the resulting syrup, pour the product. Leave it overnight. After the slice.

Turkish coffee

For cooking, you will need:

  • glass of water;
  • sugar;
  • two teaspoons of coffee (fine grind);
  • a pinch of salt.

national cuisine turkey

Preparation of aromatic Turkish coffee

  1. Pour coffee, salt and sugar into the jets. Stir, pour with water.
  2. Put on a weak fire.
  3. As soon as the foam rises, remove the jack from the plate. Wait 2 minutes, put on fire. Wait until the foam rises. After you leave. Repeat this procedure a few more times. After you serve coffee.


Now you know what the Turkishdishes. Reviews about the Turkish cuisine in people are different. Some people liked new dishes. Others perceived the national dishes of Turkey as something strange. Although in any case, every person in the entire list of dishes will find a suitable dish.

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  • National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts National dishes of Turkey: overview, features, history and interesting facts