Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery

Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery

Israel can rightfully boast of popularityamong tourists. Many travelers choose this country for their holidays. Some come here to immerse themselves in the ancient history of the country, others - to improve their health on the shores of the Dead Sea, while others gladly rest on the beaches of the Red and Mediterranean Sea.

A bit of history

A special attention in this country deserveslocated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Nahariya. Israel as a young state has its own new history. The relatively young city of Nahariya was founded in 1935 by a group of enthusiasts led by Dr. Suskin.nagarii israel

Acquiring from Arab landowners a largea plot of land, they dreamed of organizing an original farm. And such an active activity meant the development of local infrastructure. But the dream did not come true, because high-quality products of Jewish farmers were replaced by cheap Arabian vegetables.

Then the settlers, not despairing, with the sameactivity began to develop here resort rest. The first customers who came to the new boarding houses were the British, who were fascinated by the mild climate and warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.


Mediterranean Nahariya (Israel) is at easeSprawled on the plain in the northern part of the country. From the northern border of Israel with Lebanon to Nahariya 9 km. And from Haifa, the distance to the city is 34 km.

From the airport Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) can be reached by bus. The journey takes about 2 hours, and the ticket costs 50 shekels.


Today Nahariya (Israel) is prettyA popular destination among foreign travelers. The developed tourist infrastructure and comfortable beaches - all these factors attract tourists to Nahariya. Israel is known for its numerous resorts, but this city also occupies one of the highest stages in demand among tourists.nagarii city israel

Travelers with great interest are sentin an excursion on the suburb of Nahariya. Having risen on the mountain Rosh-ha-Nikra, you can admire the magnificent picture of the sea coast. As the locals joke: "From this point you can see the whole of Israel."

Today, on the Rosh-ha-Nikra mountain, a nature reserve witha tourist attraction - karst cave grottoes. It should be noted that the presence of these caves significantly affects the tourist flow to Nahariya. Israel is rich in different sights, but the local grotto caves are very popular with travelers.

The main sights of the city are alsothe castle of the Crusaders Montfort. It is in ruined condition, but its central chivalry hall is well preserved. Fortress Montfort refers to national monuments. Entrance to its territory is free.

In the city itself you can visit suchsights: the remains of the Haan Fortress (2200 BC), the Byzantine Temple (64 BC) and the Phoenician Fortress. Vacationers with interest visit the local museum of archeology and modern art. The entrance to the museum is free.

Climate and weather

Many tourists are attracted by Nahariya (Israel) by the fact that the mild climate of the Mediterranean prevails here. In winter it is rainy here, but relatively warm, and the summer is hot and sunny.Nahariya Israel reviews

Summer weather in Nahariya (Israel) spoils the touristshot and sunny days. The swimming season lasts from the beginning of May to the end of September. The air temperature in the summer season stably keeps above the mark of +25 degrees. But the heat, due to a refreshing sea breeze, is much easier to bear. Precipitation falls from December to the end of February.

Reviews of tourists

Rest in this place is not only an inspectionattractions. Its amazing beaches are famous for the city of Nahariya (Israel). Reviews of travelers about them are very different, but most of all they are about Ahziv in nagarii israel

This beach is famous for its warm lagoons, inwhich can be a great place to relax with young children. Near the beach built a club with a swimming pool. There are all the conditions for surfing and diving.

Many women leave their admired reviewsabout shopping in this city. Shopping trips here are becoming a pleasure. Local shops are distinguished by a wide variety of goods. Especially leather goods and cosmetics with minerals of the Dead Sea are valued here.

It should be noted that people come to NahariyaHoneymooners spend their honeymoon with many married couples who leave their rave reviews about this place. Newlyweds can book an unforgettable photo session here, conduct a wedding process and order a festive hall to celebrate their family holiday with friends.

Local hotels

Coming here, tourists have a wide choice of accommodation. A wide range of rooms offer local hotels. Nahariya (Israel) is known for its hotels.

The top three hotels in Nahariya are headed by:

  1. Shtarkman Erna Boutique Hotel;
  2. Sea Life Hotel;
  3. Madison Hotel Nahariya.

Shtarkman Erna Boutique Hotel, according to tourists' reviews, is located close to the sea, the hotel staff offers various excursions. For cars there is own parking.Nahariya Israel reviews

Sea Life Hotel is 50 meters from the sea. The rooms are spacious and bright. Good and varied breakfasts. To the city center a few minutes by car.

Madison Hotel Nahariya is suitable for families and business travelers. The hotel has good food. All rooms have internet.

Practically all the year round is buried in greenery and flowersthe city of Nahariya. Israel is generally known for its arid climate, so for many visitors it is surprising to find here a green oasis. Having rested here once, many tourists then strive to come here again.

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  • Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery Nahariya (Israel): an oasis in the greenery