Light hair perm

Light hair perm

Today, the fashion and beauty industry is developingsurprisingly fast pace. If you want to change your appearance, you just need to go to a beauty salon where professionals "conjure" something that you yourself will hardly recognize yourself. For example, the typical idea of ​​all girls with straight hair is to curl them. If you do not want to use a curling bar every day, but you want to have curls, there is a way out! Light perm - long-lasting means of hair styling, the effect of which lasts more than 3 months. Carving can be done both along the entire length from the roots, and at the tips. The main reason why girls are curled is that after her hair becomes not only curly, but also softer and more voluminous.

The idea of ​​carving was proposed by the company"Schwarzkopf", which developed the first means for this installation. The very word "chemistry" provokes a negative reaction among people who once tried it, but progress does not stand still, and now a slight chemical wave has absolutely nothing to do with what we know from Soviet times. If before the wave was performed by substances that cause allergies, spoiling the hair and scalp, now, thanks to the latest developments, the structure of the hair remains practically unchanged. Thanks to this, we can get such curls, which are conceived, without fear of turning the hair into a "haystack".

Light hair perm is not harmfulis an. In the process of curling, the hair is subjected to styling, which is performed by various means. The hair is wound on the curlers for some time (from 8 to 25 minutes) and is under the mask, then fixed with a lock. After a few months, when the hair begins to grow, the curl disappears, and your "shock" straightens.

Carving can be performed on a variety of length and structure hair. The volume and number of curls also depends on your wishes (from natural waves to small curls).

Certainly, easy perm breaks yourhair, but no more than spoiling their daily drying and straightening ironing. Do not forget about the means for caring for hair, masks and balms. Within 2 weeks after carving, do not stain, give hair a recovery time. Best of all, if you perform the dyeing and other procedures, you will be under the care of a master who, in the event of which, will be able to recommend proven and effective care products.

Gentle chemical perm already impliesstyling, that is, after washing your head, you can easily restore your natural, already familiar face without tools. If you decide to straighten your head, you can do it with ironing.

If you can not boast of bulk, thickmane and are the owner of thin fatty hair without volume, carving was created especially for you. After successful carrying out of the given procedure you will receive a live and natural hairdress, which women will envy and admire men.

Caution is only for those who aresusceptible to chemicals, has abrasions on the head, cuts, pimples, and the like. Also, do not hang in a cold room, with low blood pressure, malaise or illness. All this can negatively affect your body. You can not do carving during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not spoil and dry, discolored hair, because to restore them is much more difficult than natural. Do not do the curl immediately after staining with basma, this can lead to unpredictable results.

The cost of carving in Russian beauty salons varies depending on the length and structure of the client's hair, but on average it costs from 700 to 3000 rubles.

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