Lavender color in clothes

Lavender color in clothes

The color of clothes can tell a lot about a person. All colors evoke certain feelings and specific associations. And what is associated with lavender color? What he really is?

lavenderLavender is a beautiful flower of a richlilac shade, in honor of which, in fact, lavender color and got its name. Its peculiarity is that it is both calm and not at the same time. It causes mixed feelings and is not suitable for everyone. This color is bold, capable of emphasizing the strong qualities of a person who gives it preference. Fashionable and bright, the color of lavender is actual today. Let's try to figure out what its peculiarity is, and with what to combine it.

Let's start with the contrast in fashion. Lavender color is best combined with bright contrast colors. For example, the combination of this shade of lilac with bright pink, yellow, light orange, light green or menthol, sky-blue or beige, dark-brown or blue-violet will clearly be a winning one. Such combinations are appropriate in the summer, when all its appearance I want to show the desire to match the sunny weather and the good mood in the air.

lavender color photoBy itself, a gentle-lilac color causesa few other emotions: it seems cold and detached. A girl in a lavender dress seems to be declaring to the world that she is feminine and fragile, but rather cold and stern. Some associate this color with arrogance and vanity.

If psychologists and their studies are to be believed,who love lavender color, are witty and talented, they are interested in art and love everything beautiful. Lovers of lavender can also turn out to be dreamers and dreamers who, in clothes of this color, are looking for something beautiful that they can not find in the real world. Opponents of lavender color are realists, they do not like to hang in the clouds, they are not familiar with the feeling of nostalgia and live only for today.

As for the relevance of lavender color inthis season, he just won the famous designers. In many fashion collections of clothes you can find this cool, soothing and romantic color - the color of lightness and sensuality, which simultaneously both carries away from reality and returns to it.

lavender dressRecently been popularWedding dresses and dresses for bridesmaids of a lavender color. This demand is due to the fact that it fits well with other pastel tones, white color of the bride's dress, accessories from different materials.

Stylists assure that every self-respectingfashionista must necessarily acquire a dress, painted in lavender color. Photos of girls in these dresses show how elegantly and feminine they look at the representatives of the weaker sex. Today such a dress is a real must have! The same can be said about suede shoes of such a gentle shade. It looks expensive and stylish. Often in this color you can see jeans or leather outerwear.

In a word, if you like lavender color, feel free to choose and wear such clothes: it is very relevant this season.

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