Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns

Knitting machines "Severyanka": description and possible patterns

The appearance of jersey opened a new direction inFashion, which affected both body clothes and outerwear. Few of the lovers of this soft, elastic fabric know that the earliest finds of knitwear date back to the 3rd - 1st centuries BC. Today in the wardrobe of each person there are things sewn from knit fabric. In order not to depend on shops and clothing designers, you can buy knitting machines "Severyanka" and create your own products to your taste.knitting patterns

Choice of yarn

The best options for working on a knitting machine are cotton, woolen, half-woolen or synthetic threads.

What is convenient is the ability to produceKnitting on the knitting machine "Severyanka" with both new and old threads. It is enough to dissolve the boring product, to process the yarn and create a new fashionable masterpiece.knitting machines for northerners

When choosing a yarn, it is important to pay attention to suchindicators, such as strength, uniformity in thickness and the number of torsions at a certain length. You can improve the yarn indices yourself, for which the most common use is steaming, in which the coils are kept in hot water.

Yarn preparation

To reduce the friction of the yarn when knitting,to initialize, for this purpose it is enough a bobbin on which the yarn is wound up, it is well lubricated with paraffin, or when winding, let the thread pass through two pieces of this substance, holding them in hands. This method is suitable for cotton, wool and wool blend yarn.

If you use yarn from a loose product, then it should be thoroughly washed in soapy water with a little addition of ammonia, and then rinse thoroughly in warm water and dry.

To knitting machines "Severyanka" worked qualitatively, you can spin the yarn, for which the balls are put in a colander and put on a water bath for 30 - 60 minutes, then carefully dried.

The device of a knitting machine

The main elements for a hand knitting machineare needles, decks and platinum, which all together form needle-platinum products. In the presence of these elements knitting machine "Severyanka" (user reviews confirm) allows their rearrangement without affecting the quality of the resulting knitted fabric.

This machine has reed needles, in whicha special tongue when turning on the axis closes the hook when removing another loop from it. The available bowl helps to tighten the tongue with the hook during the loop.knitting machine northerners reviews

Platinum is stamped parts, the beards of which are the support for the needle when creating a new loop.

The carriage refers to an astringent element in whichincludes wedges fixed in the lock system. When the carriage moves along the bed, the wedges move the needles and create one loop row at a time.

After the new loops are formed, the needlesrise to the tongue, which provides the final stage of work, in which the loop slides along the needle and falls behind the tongue. After that, the needles return to their original working state.

Needles knitting machine

The hand knitting machine "Severyanka" has beds with five blocks. The needle bar is divided into 168 grooves, inside of which there are grooves made of steel, needles are moved along them.Nordka knitting machine manual

Two special rails attached to theneedle bed, are not only the place of sliding of the carriage, but also an element for fixing it to the stand. The stand is made of sheet steel and has a rod with springs of platinum. Knitting machines "Severyanka" are supplied along the platinum with a special shield with discs with rubber gasket. Disks are used at the beginning of the process when fixing the threads.

The needle mill together with the rails is fastened with screws and nuts to the stand, while the displacement of the blocks and rails with respect to it remains. This allows the needles to pass freely.

Repair knitting machines "Severyanka", for example, replacement of the needle, is carried out independently by instruction. More serious failures should be corrected by specialists in repair shops for household appliances.

Needle replacement

"Severyanka" is a knitting machine, the instruction to which offers simple actions for replacing a broken needle:

  • First of all, loosen the screws of the upper rail near the needle;
  • Raise the loose rail and remove the broken needle;
  • insert a new needle, twist the screws and check how the carriage slides on the rail;
  • After checking the sliding quality of the carriage, tighten the screws tightly.

When doing this work, you need to make sure that all needles are out of order.

Setting up a knitting machine

Knitting machines "Severyanka" have high accuracy of tasks, if all the rules of use and maintenance are observed.

When buying a new hand knitting machine itsWipe thoroughly with a soft rag from the protective grease. Then using a thin soft brush you need to lubricate all the main elements of the machine with engine oil. This should be done both with new technology and with used equipment. It is important that the plastic parts do not get kerosene, oil or gasoline.

After the preparatory work the knitting machine"Severyanka" (customer reviews mark this) is easily attached to the edge of the table using clips on the stand. On the needle bed, it is necessary to place the needles in an inoperative position, and only then install the knitting machines severyanka

The carriage is inserted into the rails and checkedease of sliding. After that, check that the brushes do not come into contact with the platinum, and the loop counter was at the required angle. All detailed instructions are in the instructions for the machine.

Before you start knitting, you need to installthe required number of needles in the working position. To facilitate counting, on the Severyanka car each 10th platinum is painted black. All unclaimed needles must rest against the lower rail.

By moving the carriage from right to left, the needles are put in the working position, after which the adjustment of the density of the loops is established. The length of the loops depends solely on the thickness of the thread.

Knitting Patterns

There is a trial view of knitting, with the help of open loops the density and length of the loops, and the main one.

To get an open edge, you need a carriageTo establish on the left, to fix a tip of a string behind the left washer of a panel made of rubber. Right hand on the ready-to-work tongue of needles stretched thread, and the carriage is translated to the right. Then the same must be done with the left hand, and move the carriage to the left. It is important that the thread is always wound up behind the spout of platinum, which is behind the last working needle.

The main thing is to knit an article usingclosed loops. To do this, the tip of the thread should also be fastened to the left washer of the shield, but do not stretch it, and wrap around the heads of working needles around the right to the left, after which the carriage is moved to the left. At the same time, the loops pass under the tongues of the needles.knitting knitting

Then with your left hand you need to wind the thread for the firstworking platinum, and also draw a thread on the open tongues, after which the carriage is moved to the right. The thread is always laid along the movement of the carriage so that there are no tears. The carriage must always be brought to an end, otherwise the needles and grooves may break.

Knitting patterns with patterns

To receive not only a smooth knittedcloth, and patterns on the knitting machine "Severyanka", you should add to the operation of the technique of the operation manually. In this case, you can create an infinite number of patterns for every taste.

With the help of manual operations it is possible to createincomplete knitwear, in which the weave does not form several stitches. This is done by simply turning off the needles from the working state, which allows you to create any openwork drawings.

With the addition of manual operations, it is possible to create knitted fabrics with uneven and inclined loops.hand knitting machine

Knitting Machine Features

On the knitting machine "Severyanka" you can produce both a knitted fabric with its further application, and finished products: socks, gloves, mittens, skirts, sweaters and much more.

The basic models are given in the instructions, but you can adapt the machine's capabilities for modern and trendy models of any complexity.

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  • Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns Knitting machines Severyanka: description and possible patterns