Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo

"Kauryur" (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo

Produced by the domestic manufacturer of the machine"Kauryur" is a snowmobile, first produced without regard for foreign analogues. "Skroen" it is quite good, despite the obvious principle of "simplicity - a pledge of reliability."

Snowmobile Kaury: structural features

Engine of the Kauryur snowmobile - power unitGX-390 from Honda, which has established itself as one of the best motors used for power equipment. In addition to a sufficiently powerful engine, the snowmobile is also equipped with a disc brake with a hydraulic drive, a variator and suspension brackets with hydraulics, and the shock absorbers very much resemble similar Izhevsk ones. The rear gear is missing, but this, if one may say so, the defect is completely compensated by the small dimensions of the machine itself and small weight.каюр snowmobile

The obvious disadvantage is the absence of anyfuel level indicator, which significantly complicates the process of filling and monitoring the fullness of the tank. Also, the snowmobile does not have an hour meter and an odometer, despite the fact that all these devices have castings on the vehicle's body. The only way out is to carry a five-liter canister with fuel. You can place it in the seat, good place is enough there.


Snowmobile "Kauryur", whose owners' reviewsconfirm this fact, it is very convenient to manage. It is also worth noting that sitting on it is pleasant and comfortable: the legs are bent almost at right angles, so they do not become numb, at the same time you can stand up if necessary - you do not even need to bend.

snowmobile coach reviewsAt first glance it seems that the wheel of a snowmobileis small, but during the ride all the fears dissipate - it's quite convenient to operate the machine. Small in weight transport does not fail even on the friest snow due to the large supporting area of ​​caterpillars and skis.


"Kayur" is a snowmobile, which, unfortunately, is notis designed for riding alone with a passenger. Adult people in warm clothes on a short saddle will not sit down. Of course, you can drive, but you will have to do it in crowded places. This disadvantage refers not so much to the comfort of driving as to the handling of the vehicle as a whole. A compact and light machine requires active work by the body during the movement and even with one rider is inclined to overturn, let alone two people - this can not withstand even the Kaury snowmobiles. Reviews of hunters confirm this - calculated means, unfortunately, only for one driver.Snowmobile Cajur Owners Reviews

The second disadvantage is the engine power. "Kauryur" is a snowmobile, which is quite possible to accelerate up to 50 km / h on a trampled snow cover, however, on a loose virgin soil the machine is unlikely to go faster than 25-35 km / h. With the passenger the situation is quite sad: the speed does not exceed the usual pedestrian. The motor limiter cuts more than half the power of the power unit, significantly lowering the speed range.

Snowmobile "Kauryur": photos and dignities

However, despite two rathersignificant disadvantages, it is worth remembering that the "Kauryur" is a snowmobile, which is more like a scooter for winter travel than a full-fledged tourist transport. Similar associations it causes in many owners. Snowmobile "Kauryr", reviews of which confirm this, in many ways it is similar to a scooter - in terms of dynamics, weight, dimensions and ease of control.snowmobile technical characteristics

To steer practically nothing weighing the machinevery simple, the process itself does not require any effort from the pilot. Even on bare ice, the machine does not turn into an unmanageable one and is superbly listened to by the driver. After a couple of minutes the propensity of the machine to "ears" ceases to be such a minus and turns into real pleasure. The snowmobile can go only on one ski, having lifted the second upwards, and not only along a curve, but also on a straight line unlimited time. The only thing that should be paid attention to here is that the caterpillar can jump off because of poor tension. So before doing such tricks it is worth checking the wheelbase.

Passage and suspension capabilities

"Kauryur" is a snowmobile, more like a "toy"than a full-fledged tourist transport, accordingly, expect from it something unimaginable is not worth it. Despite this, you can get him to jump. If necessary, the snowmobile can well withstand the leap and the subsequent impact from the parapet with a height of one meter, but it is still not for this purpose. Even when landing from a height of a couple of tens of centimeters, the shock absorbers work until the breakdown, which, accordingly, does not benefit either the snowmobile or the vertebrae of the pilot.snowmobile cabaret photo

In unfamiliar areas on the "Kauryu" it is better not to dissect - its suspension, unfortunately, does not have practically no reserve of energy intensity.

Snowmobile "Kayur": technical characteristics and parameters

Economical and compact "Itlan-Kayur" - the firstdomestic snowmobile, created, as already mentioned above, without the use of foreign experience. In this development, manufacturers focused on operational features in the conditions of Russian roads and took as a basis the experience and feedback of hunters, fishermen and riders. The resulting machine is small in size and light in weight, which positively affects its maneuverability. A huge advantage of a snowmobile is the possibility of its transportation on an ordinary automobile trailer, which its foreign counterparts do not have.

Four-stroke engine, which is equipped withtransport, provides him with a sufficient level of patency, allowing you to travel not only on trampled paths, but also on a deep friable cover. The power unit is the Japanese Honda GX390, which meets Euro 2 standards and has a power of 13 horsepower with a torque of 3,600 rpm. The engine itself is considered "impregnable" - the warranty alone is given for 1500 hours, which is very, very good for such a car. And with the proper handling and use of high-quality engine oil, its working life can be made truly endless.snowmobiles cajur reviews of hunters

Caterpillars mounted on the "Kauryr", standard"Buranovskih" sizes, but they have separate brackets under the rail suspension. They are produced by ZAO "Composite". The products of this manufacturer were repeatedly tested on similar snowmobiles of the type "Buran" and "Taiga". Goods are affordable and delivered in a short time. The dry weight of the car is small - about 120 kg. Such a mass was achieved thanks to the use of a special welded-type frame produced using a laser sheet cutter and program benders.

This is a very good technical characteristics. Controllability and obedience of the snowmobile makes it an indispensable vehicle for hunters and fishermen.

Cost of the Kauryur snowmobile

This transport is related to the lower pricesegment. The cost of "Cajur" depends on the configuration and options and on average is 160-163 thousand rubles. A snowmobile can do and is somewhat cheaper if a KAYUR-420 engine is installed on it, and not a standard one from Honda. Of course, to full-scale units it is far, but if you need a small car for quick and comfortable movement, then "Kaury" is an ideal option in terms of price-quality ratio.


Summarizing all of the above, we can say thatsnowmobile "Kayur" - very good transport, offered by the domestic market. It is ideal for those who can not afford the purchase and maintenance of a full-fledged device.

snowmobile driverOf course, he also has his cons -Inadequate capacity, inability to carry luggage or a passenger. Despite this, "Kauryur" has small dimensions and weight, takes up little space in the garage, is unpretentious in maintenance and is equipped with a good power unit, distinguished by reliability and simplicity. Snowmobile is ideal for those who do not want to overpay for fame and brand, but at the same time wants to get a quality car.

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  • Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo Kauryur (snowmobile): owner feedback, technical specifications, photo