Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses

"Karsil" or "Essentiale Forte": what is better? Instructions, use, doses

To date, there are two leadinga drug for the treatment of the liver. This is "Karsil" or "Essentiale Forte." Which is better, we have to find out today. Through obsessive advertising, we are all very well aware of what kind of drugs. They protect the cells of our liver and are very often prescribed with varying degrees of damage to this organ. That is, this drug is a hepaprotector, and one of the most famous, but there are a lot of them. Today our goal is to disassemble the action of two of them, compare and conclude: "Karsil" or "Essentiale Forte" - which is better. Let's try to find the answer together.karsil or essentiale forte is better

When exactly gepaprotektory

People are inclined not to turn in timeto the doctor. Therefore, when due to a liver disease a person begins to experience heaviness and pain, general weakness and malaise, he writes off this for colds, temporary malfunctions in the body that will pass by themselves. Even when the symptoms become obvious, many do not tend to go to the reception, but start looking for information about the drugs. In particular, "Karsil" or "Essentiale Forte", which can better help. In fact, this approach is completely wrong, the person himself can not deliver the correct diagnosis or choose an appropriate medication for treatment, this requires the help of a specialist.carpel price

Misconceptions and myths

Today a lot of information and advertisingdrugs make them more known to the general public. Especially with the advent of the Internet, everyone can read information and find for themselves a "suitable" drug. This radically incorrect assumption also works with hepatoprotectors. In fact, their administration can be justified in the presence of toxic, alcoholic and viral hepatitis, as well as with the regular use of certain medicines. It can be antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives, painkillers and other drugs. However, people understand this somewhat differently, perceiving gepaprotectors as the best protection for the liver on holidays, which neutralizes the effects of fatty foods and alcohol. It remains only to choose, "Karsil" or "Essentiale Forte" - which is better.karsil instruction price feedback

Features of the hepatoprotective treatment

Contrary to this popular belief,these drugs at a time in order to support the body before or after a serious dose of alcoholic or plentiful feast does not make any sense. Such medications should be taken by courses and only by the doctor's prescription, while observing a low-calorie diet and completely eliminating alcohol. Only in this way can you achieve the desired result. Thus the doctor should make a choice: "Karsil" or "Essentiale forte". What is better and what is worse is hard to say, each of them has its own peculiarities. It's just that these drugs have different mechanisms of action.Essentiale Forte or Karsil

Active components for liver protection

All drugs that are available on the market canhave at its core one of the natural, natural components. These are bile acids, amino acids and extracts of medicinal plants. That is, they are all produced on a natural basis and are designed to restore the normal functioning of the liver. Modern drugs for the treatment of the liver can be divided into several groups according to the active active substance. In addition, there are complex preparations on sale that contain several active components. Therefore, most often the choice is between the two most famous drugs - Essential forte or Karsil. That's why today we do not consider all other drugs-hepatoprotectors, in which one can really get confused, but we only take into account these two.

The main characteristics of the drug "Karsil"

The oldest in the market and known since the Soviettimes there is a drug "Karsil". Its price is relatively low, which affects its popularity. At the same time, it is an extremely effective drug that not only restores damaged and damaged areas of the liver, but also stimulates active cell growth. At the heart of this drug is the active substance silymarin, that is, the extract of milk thistle spotted.

There are a number of diseases in whichimmediately appoint a drug "Karsil". Its price is relatively low, packing of 80 tablets will cost about 280 rubles. Therefore, if a long course is required, then this is the best option. Usually prescribe the drug if there is a history of hepatitis. The second direction in which the drug is successfully used is the treatment of chronic hepatitis, but of a non-viral nature. They use it for the treatment of alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver. In addition, there is such a thing as the regular use of a large number of drugs that have a serious effect on the liver. To remove intoxication and maintain the cells of the most important organ, "Karsil" is used. The instruction, the price, responses - all this information is important, however it is impossible to forget that it is desirable to use medicines only after receiving the appointment of a doctor.

However, vegetable and natural "Karsil" widelyis used for preventive purposes. In this case, it is recommended to take one tablet three to four times a day. But for treatment it is necessary to take 4 tablets at a time.pills Essentiale Forte

The main characteristics of the drug Essentiale Forte

Tablets "Essentiale Forte" - this is alsohepatoprotectors, although one must be aware that the spectrum of their actions is somewhat different. These tablets contain essential phospholipids, they are embedded in the lipid layer of membranes of damaged cells, thus restoring the cell. As a result, the liver can more effectively neutralize toxic substances. In addition, the composition of the drug includes vitamins of group B. So do not build illusions, "Essentiale Forte 100" does not restore liver cells, so if this organ is seriously affected, it is useless to use the tablet form, but even injections can only slightly relieve intoxication. The drug allows you to restore the cell walls of the liver, provided that there is something to restore. Adults usually receive 2 capsules, 2-3 times a day. The cost of the drug is quite high, from 700 rubles per package.essentiale forte 100

Which one is better

It remains to answer the most important question,which of these drugs is the most optimal cope with their tasks, that is, restores liver function. Both these drugs refer to hepatoprotectors, but the indications for use are different. As we already mentioned above, "Karsil" is useless in the treatment of hepatitis, which is of a viral nature. In this case, the medicine "Essentiale forte" will be optimal. Along with other means, it can help to achieve good results. However, "Essentiale Forte", in turn, is much more expensive. At the same time the course of treatment is at least six months, so the amount for treatment is significantly increased. In this case, "Karsil" is much cheaper, and the duration of its reception does not exceed three months.

Finally, the last thing I want to say is thissecurity. Vegetable "Karsil" is prohibited for use in children, pregnant and lactating women. In this case, "Essentiale Forte" can be taken by people belonging to these categories. That is, before making a choice, it is necessary to assess the severity of the disease, indications and contraindications, on the basis of which you can make your choice.

medicine essentiale forte

Let's sum up the results

Often a simple inhabitant is driven by one interest -purchase a good drug at an affordable price. Unfortunately, one can not say unequivocally about which drug is the best. Everything is very individual, so before you start treatment, you need to see a doctor. It is he who will be able to assess the state of your body and choose exactly the treatment that will be most effective and safe. This is much better than putting experiments on your health.

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  • Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses Karsil or Essentiale Forte: what is better Instructions, use, doses