Interior with light floor

Interior with light floor

The color of the floor determines the style, atmosphere of the interior. Light floors look especially bright, add a special charm to the room, character. How to choose the color of the flooring? A light flooring is a safer choice for interior design than a dark one. With this solution it is difficult to make a mistake.

Light flooring looks very impressive, suitable for any style, harmoniously combined with almost any design. How can a light floor in the interior look like, photos of interesting implementations, how to choose furniture and interior items to it, what doors to choose: dark or light? This article is devoted to this issue.

Advantages of a light floor

This flooring has many advantages:

  • brightens, optically increases the small, dark interior;
  • adds lightness;
  • expands the space visually, adds space;
  • in combination with white, pastel colors of the walls gives a feeling of greater space in the room.

Making the interior, choosing a light laminate, what wallpaper, skirting doors to choose - these questions concern homeowners.

Choice of baseboards, doors

Before the arrangement of housing is to learn a few principles of design, how to combine, organize different colors, shades. We present harmonious color combinations - how to choose the doors, baseboards, color of the walls to the flooring, so that the arrangement looks impressive.

The same finishing material on the floor in the kitchen and living room is becoming an increasingly popular solution - especially if the kitchen is open.

Light wooden floor always looks festive, options for execution:

  • traditional - beech, oak, pine;
  • exotic - bamboo, exotic woods.

Light wooden light brown floor reflects the light, makes the room seem more spacious, more often found in elegant and ordinary apartments.

Which plinth to choose?

Light skirting today is an optional attribute of light flooring. Skirting boards can be visually underlined, becoming a strong color border separating the floor from the wall. Consider popular solutions.

  • Dark skirtingwill help to break the visual impression of walls merging with the floor. An interesting solution also - these are stucco ceiling moldings,used as plinths, having decorative profiles, embossed decorations, giving the interior a luxurious, decorative character. If the interior is pretentious, you can paint the stucco in strong colors that give character to the room.
  • High white plinth- an excellent solution is separated from the wall by a white floor covering, provided that the wall is dark or painted in strong intense colors.
  • Black plinthIt looks impressive, provided that the style of the interior justifies this decision. For example, it is used in an apartment in an oriental style if we use black high plinth. Plinths are smooth, imitating concrete.

Light or dark doors?

Appearance besides functionality - one of the main criteria for the choice of doors. Door models, type of finish, shades, door handles should create a harmonious whole. Carefully selected tones, shades, shapes, contrasting accompaniment for furniture and flooring will give the interior a unique character. The door must fit the trim and the entire interior.

Interior doors must be selected individually to the nature of the design of each room.Each room has its own style, buying doors, you should be guided by the design of the room. There is a certain freedom in choosing the color combination of flooring and doors - they should not be of a similar tone. To avoid monotony, you can bet on:

  • similar tones
  • different shades of the same color
  • homogeneity and harmony.

The color of the door must be carefully chosen in harmony or contrast to the floor covering, giving the interior a unique character. Both methods are good.

Light floor + light doors

The first sentence, based on the harmony of colors, is designed for traditionalists, proven and elegant. The harmonious combination makes it easy to choose other interior items - furniture, various types of jewelry.

These solutions are suitable for interiors in styles:

  • minimalist
  • Scandinavian.

The color of the door can repeat the color of the wooden flooring, looking quite harmonious. The door does not have to be made from the same type of wood. The wood can be natural color, tinted. The tree looks a little different every time, the same wood can have a different color, texture.

Light floor + dark doors

The second sentence is based on the principle of contrast.The design looks manly, insightful. Option contrasts - a difficult task. The application of the principle of contrast requires careful selection of furniture and decor. It is necessary to maintain a certain restraint, not to collect extravagant colors in a non-harmonious whole - it may look boring or, on the contrary, annoying.

When choosing a door with a dark texture or bright contrast to the pastel-colored floor, you should enter into the interior another element in the same tone, for example, a plinth.

Choice of furniture

Modern furniture in pastel colors, accessories of pure shapes and colors look perfect on a delicate light parquet. White, pastel background beautifully emphasizes, shows other colors. In such a room should be avoided:

  • abundance of motives
  • ornaments,
  • ornate furniture.

Intense patterns will overshadow the flooring, it optically "dissolve". If you want to put dark furniture on a light basis, then you should decide on light, thin-shaped furniture.

Interior style

Whiteboard - a trendy accent in a modern setting. Bleached wood perfectly integrates with brick, white furniture. Bleached wood floor fits styles:

  • Scandinavian;
  • industrial loft;
  • minimalist;
  • Provence;
  • shabby chic.

White flooring creates a cozy, idyllic atmosphere, perfectly integrating with wooden furniture in a rustic style.

Small spaces require special arrangement. In the small room shown below, the number of equipment and accessories for bathrooms is limited to a minimum. The beauty of the design is predetermined by an interesting background consisting of white tiles on the wall and floor with a clear interesting grain.

Black and white tiled mosaic perfectly fit into a classic interior in styles:

  • English,
  • french
  • retro,
  • eclecticism.

White-gray flooring - a universal background for the arrangement of premises. In the living room such a floor looks great with light gray furniture. In a living room furnished in this way, you can always transform the design by adding a few decorations in a strong color.

White glossy sparkling tiles - an ideal base for organizing a living room in the style of glamor, suitable for creating an exclusive interior, elegant atmosphere.

Bleached oak boards are a timeless choice, suitable for any interior style - classic, modern. On a white background, you can put dark, white, bright furniture.

Beige laminate - a spectacular addition to the modern interior in many styles. Furniture and accessories in various colors are beautifully presented on a beige background.

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  • Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

    Interior with light floor

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