Interior living room in gray tones, photo

Interior living room in gray tones, photo

Once gray was considered sad and gloomy, today it is associated with elegance and class. Unpleasant, rainy and dreary days are called gray. So why is this unpopular color so popular in our homes?

It turns out that gray in the interior can play completely different roles, including, it allows you to add style and class to a room, and even animates it.

Making the living room in these colors is not an easy task, and several important principles should be followed to achieve success.

Currently, this color remains one of the most fashionable in interior design. How a modern living room in gray tones can be decorated, photos of interesting ideas, how to decorate walls, what furniture and accessories to choose - these and other issues will be discussed in the article.

Classic and minimalism

Gray is highly respected by decorators and designers in both modern and classic interiors. There are many sources of its popularity, as it gives us many advantages:

  • brings harmony;
  • blends well with many other colors;
  • is a universal background;
  • very elegant.

The key to the desired effect lies in choosing the right furniture and accessories. Modern design is an area of ​​simple geometric shapes, fashionable and classic iconic furniture in retro style.

Modern interior designers are considered a popular trend by neatness, calmness and harmony. Gray in the living room is the perfect backdrop for exciting furniture and accessories. But everything must be chosen with great care and economically, so as not to disrupt the spatial order.

Gray in the minimalist form is, above all, smooth walls without additional decor, simple furniture, modern lighting with a hint of industrial and practical accessories. Here various shades of gray are woven. Dark walls are well suited for light gray sofas, and vice versa. Small rugs with geometric patterns are also recommended, they will make the design a little more dynamic, and the room visually large.

The gray lounge is a great place to design an eclectic style. Modern lighting in industrial design can be entered into the room in a classic style.A gray quilted sofa or retro-style furniture with slanting legs will add a touch of elegance.

Classic accessories and jewelery will effectively dilute the coolness and minimalism of gray. Thick curtains, woolen blankets, pillows made of gray knitted fabric or soft stools will look good here. In the role of jewelry exposure black and white photographs are perfect. Gray, white and black are a great way to create an elegant, comfortable, modern living room.

Gray walls

Shades of gray are in the range from white to black, sometimes only slightly differing from each other. This allows you to choose a shade darker or light, which perfectly reflects our expectations and tastes. Grays are neutral and achromatic - which means that they are created without the addition of other colored pigments. The so-called warm and cold shades of gray, which are formed with the participation of other color accents, are quite popular. This approach allows you to create trendy shades such as khaki (a mixture of gray, brown and yellow) or bluish (with the addition of blue).

Interior with dark walls

Dark shades will make the interior visually smaller and darker, so it is better to use them only in large and spacious rooms. Dark walls require more attention from the designer, such an interior is very difficult to organize, so that everyone feels comfortable in it.

Living room design in gray with dark walls, photo

In small and dark rooms, gray paint is most often used as an accent on one or two walls.

Light gray tones

If there is a desire to cover all walls with this color, then it is worth choosing light shades which will not begin to strongly oppress and reduce the interior. In a small room, in order to achieve the effect of optical zoom, you should paint the ceiling in a lighter color a few tones lighter than the walls.

Living room in light gray tones, photo

If we decided to apply gray accents on one wall, then you can choose wallpaper with spectacular patterns instead of paint. Wallpapers can imitate tree trunks or wood paneling, a brick, stone or concrete wall, and can also contain a spectacular geometric pattern, often being the brightest accent in the interior.

Larger rooms will be much better off using darker colors. In a well-lit room, cool shades of gray will be well represented, bringing peace and quiet to the interior.

What colors can be combined gray?

Gray goes well with many colors. But with some it can be used in proven and safe combinations. With what?

  1. The proven combination is definitely a combination with white - this neutral color will always look good.
  2. He will create a good, safe set in a duet with beige or cream, ivory, magnolia, although some of these combinations may seem dull and colorless.
  3. As a neutral color, it will look great in the company of strong colors, such as:
    • crimson;
    • pink;
    • turquoise;
    • yellow (especially mustard);
    • citric;
    • red.

The use of bright colors will enliven the room, add character to it, make it more interesting. However, choosing such combinations is easy to make a mistake, so it is better to choose proven options or to resort to the help of a specialist. You should not enter into the interior more than two bright colors and apply them to a large number of additives.

Design in gray and white

To dispel the sad hues well combine the gray with light tones. The combination with white will look perfect. However, it should be borne in mind that this combination will be somewhat cold and in a room with windows to the north may seem gloomy. White additives will add a bit of freshness to this interior, make it easier and give the necessary feeling of spaciousness.

Gray and white living room, photo

This solution is perfect for small rooms, where an abundance of dark tones creates a depressing impression. White furniture, textiles, white floor will make such a room brighter and more friendly. An excellent solution can be a fashionable white brick wall, which will become a bright light accent in such an interior.

Interior with bright accents

Interior designers also offer a combination of gray hues with other, more vibrant ones. Furniture and accessories in colors will look good as bright accents:

  • yellow;
  • brown;
  • green;
  • red.

Grayness in the living room will not be boring if we revive them with additives or furniture in natural shades - brown or green.

But such bold experiments, however, require knowledge and skills so that their results will delight you.

Living in shades of gray-violet or with pink additives will also look elegant. It should be remembered that such compositions will look especially good in the interior in the versions of classic and glamor.

Living room in gray and turquoise, with green accents.Green juicy shades will be the best choice for a gray living room in a modern style. Green color will add energy to the interior and dynamism of the decor. A quieter result can be achieved with a selection of olive or turquoise additives.

Living room in red and gray tones. Red supplements enliven the room and make the interior more dynamic. Especially effectively presents itself red furniture, with a soft plush upholstery.

Yellow and orange supplements are a very popular solution! This choice is unconventional, but very effective. Yellow and orange additions will make the gray interior more modern.

In harmony with beige shades

Subdued colors such as beige give the interior softness and warmth, make it more comfortable and harmonize sharp accents. The beige color in the gray living room can create a soft and pliable background or can be present in the interior elements, for example, in the details of light wood or the upholstery of the sofa and chairs.

Especially good will look in this interior items, furniture and accessories made of light natural wood, which creates a unique comfort and friendly atmosphere.

The tree contrasts a little with the coldness of gray and creates a complementary duet. However, such an arrangement would require several expressive accents. In the trendy interior, it can be stylish black or dark brown supplements, and lovers of bolder solutions can add bright accents, such as red, blue, orange or turquoise pillows on a gray sofa. The neutral base of our composition allows you to enter some very bright and bold additives, for example, a bright yellow chair.

Light shades of beige, approaching the cream will make the room more visually and airy, while not giving it a cold touch, as is the case with white.

Cool design in gray-blue tones.

Gray matches perfectly with blue and blue. This combination brings a feeling of freshness and lightness to the interior. Gentle blue slightly muffles dark gray, and blue, on the contrary, will look good with light gray.Blue tones will help to relax and relax. However, this combination is rather cold and it is better to use it for sunny rooms in which the sun's rays fall most of the day.

The third tone will be ideally light and dark brown, which can be present on the floor, wooden furniture and accessories, it will make the interior warmer and more comfortable. In this living room, the additions of black, beige and white will also look impressive.

Gray furniture - what to choose?

Gray should not be limited to the color of paint or wallpaper on the walls. The furniture in these shades is extremely fashionable today, which is not only elegant, but also very effective. As a rule, these are sets of upholstered furniture:

  • sofa;
  • armchair;
  • and even a stylish table that can completely change the interior.

The range of shades of this color is considered extremely versatile, they are particularly well combined with white and black. No less interesting compositions with brown and natural wood colors - this combination visually warms the interior. Therefore, not necessarily the entire set of upholstered furniture should be kept in one shade.

Outside the seating area, gray looks great on the shelves of cabinets and chest of drawers. Bookshelves and cabinets in this color will look elegant, and will not visually clutter up the interior.

If the living room also houses a dining room, a gray table or chairs (one thing is better, not both) will make the interior stylish and give it character.

Fabrics and accessories

We often forget that power is hidden in additions; these are invisible design elements that often determine the character that an interior takes.

If it is decided to use light-colored walls and furniture, it is better to choose textiles and accessories in much stronger colors. Dark curtains of heavy material will be presented extremely stylish.

Gray shades on lamps and chandeliers, especially on chrome, metal elements will add elegance to the interior. The stand-out throw pillows and blanket on the back of the sofa will encourage us to relax and spend time with family or friends in the living room.

An equally important element of the interior are wall decorations. Simple frames for photos and paintings in various styles and several shades of gray, alternating with white, black and even golden frames will enliven the interior. Gray candles of different sizes and heights will look very stylish.

The shades of gray are slowly squeezing out the beige and pastel, popular until recently, from the interior. The interior of the gray living room is very elegant, it meets the expectations of even the most demanding design lovers.

Interior living room in gray tones, photo images, pictures

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  • Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo

    Interior living room in gray tones, photo