I wonder what Citramon helps with

I wonder what Citramon helps with?

Modern pharmacies are so filled with differentmedicines, that sometimes it is very, very difficult to understand all of them. In this article I want to tell you about what helps Citramon: in what situations it is better to apply, and when this drug is better to put on the most distant shelf.

from what helps tsitramon


First of all, you need to understand the composition of this medication. So, what active substances work here, helping people cope with certain problems?

  1. Aspirin - has antipyretic andanti-inflammatory effect, is an analgesic. Important is the fact that aspirin prevents the formation of blood clots and improves blood circulation in the places of their possible appearance.
  2. Caffeine - in the first place it enhances the actionaspirin as an analgesic. In addition, this substance prevents the adhesion of platelets, as well as activates the mental and physical processes that occur in the body.
  3. Paracetamol - performs an important function: it prevents the appearance of prostaglandins - substances that participate in the formation of pain and inflammation).

From this we can draw a small simple conclusion,that the given medicinal product is intended for struggle against pains, i.e. is an analgesic. As for the form of release, the drug "Citramon" is most often sold in tablets, but if necessary, you can find granules that need to be diluted in water, as well as capsules.

cytramone ultra difference from citramone


So, what does Citramon help from? First of all, this remedy is designed to combat headaches of varying degrees. It will also be important that this drug can also help with migraines - severe paroxysmal headaches that are associated with stagnation of blood in blood vessels, because it has the effect of improving its circulation. However, it should be said that in this case, this drug, most likely, will not be able to completely remove the pain, although it will significantly weaken it.


You can also use the medicine "Citramon" fromtoothache. After all, the pain in this case is often associated with an inflammatory process (the active substance will help aspirin). However, the use of this drug can be done only once, only as an analgesic. In this case, it does not have medical properties, and it is best to ask the dentist for help in order to get rid of the cause of pain.

"Women's days"

We understand further, from what helps Citramon. So, it is worth mentioning that this drug will also be needed for women who suffer from menstrual pain, which in medicine is called algodismenosis. This drug will either alleviate the pain completely, or significantly reduce it.

citramon from a hangover

Muscle pain

Consider the following answer to the question of whetherwhat helps Citramon. This drug can be used for muscle and joint pain. In such cases, it is an excellent wand-zashchalochka. However, it is worth saying that long take these tablets should not be, it is a one-time assistant.


Since the active substance is aspirin,then you can take the drug "Citramon" from the temperature. However, in this case, it is worth remembering that it is strictly forbidden to give these pills to children. In this case, babies can have Reye's syndrome, which will lead to severe damage to the liver and brain.


Some people are interested in whether it is possible to takesuch a drug as "Citramon", from a hangover. It is worth saying that it is better not to do this. After all, the active substance paracetamol is able to affect the damaged liver of alcoholics and drinkers, and aspirin increases the effect of acetylsalicylic acid on the gastrointestinal tract. However, it is necessary to clarify that the headache and bad condition with a hangover, this drug will help, but at what cost? This is a good time to think about.

citramone from temperature

A variety of "Ultra"

Virtually every medicine has its ownvariety. So, in the name you can find the words "Forte", "Express", "Ultra". What does this all mean? What is the difference between Citramon Ultra and Citramon? The composition will be the same, but some substances (paracetamol, for example) in the first case more. In this version, the drug is a more potent analgesic than just Citramon. That's the whole difference.

citramone from toothache


It is worth saying a few words about who is strictly forbidden to take this medication. So, these are the following categories of people:

  1. Children under 15 years old.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women.
  3. Patients with ulcers or gastritis.
  4. People with a disease like glaucoma.
  5. Sufferers of high blood pressure.
  6. People who have sleep disorders or who suffer from insomnia.
  7. Those who have allergic reactions to at least one of the components.
  8. Suffering hemophilia.
  9. Patients with vitamin K vitamin deficiency.

It is necessary to say about those people whothis drug should be taken with great care. So, what diseases should alert the person who wants to take such a drug as Citramon?

  1. Problems with the liver (it is worth saying that paracetamol itself is hepatotoxic when taking large doses of medication, this can lead to poisoning and severe liver damage).
  2. Gout (acetylsalicylic acid prevents the excretion of uric acid from the body, which can provoke an attack not only in patients, but even in patients predisposed to this disease).
  3. Alcoholism (both with the use of alcohol, and to eliminate a condition such as a hangover).

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