How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing

How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing - step by step description and ways

Quite often, many users experiencewith the fact that the video downloaded from the Internet looks somewhat uncomfortable for viewing only because it is rotated to a certain angle. Below it is suggested to consider the main ways that allow to solve the problem of how to turn the video by 90 or 180 degrees. In principle, to do this in any Windows-system is quite elementary, but you can offer several alternative options that allow you to rotate to different angles from standard values. This applies not only to stationary, but also to mobile systems, in which, however, the resolution of such a problem is substantially simplified (further on this will be discussed separately).

How do I rotate the video 90 degrees? Windows 7: Different Ways

The editing of the frame is inextricably linked withseveral types of programs. In the simplest case, you can rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 or any other system directly while playing a file by any known player.

rotate video 90 degrees windows 7

However, not all applications of this typecan preserve the rotated image so that it is subsequently reproduced in the desired mode. In such cases it is necessary to address at least to the simplest utilities of video editing with the subsequent preservation. In addition, the settings of some video cards or the setting of screen parameters in the system itself are also capable of solving this task. Let's consider all variants.

How do I rotate the video 90 degrees when viewed?

As you know, any Windows system hasthe default player (Media Player). In modern systems, the classic player is not available, and an updated development is used instead.

How to flip the video on a computer with Windows 7?As easy as pie. After opening the file and starting playback, you can use the most common context menu, called via the PCM in the image, where the desired rotation is selected. But do not discount the special settings of hot keys that allow you to refuse the call of various kinds of menus and settings. For example, you can rotate the displayed frame 180 degrees by using Ctrl + Alt and pressing the up arrow at the same time. 90 degrees to the right or left is done with the same initial combination, but the corresponding arrows are additionally used.

how to rotate video to 90 degrees windows 7 different ways

A similar option is to useAlt keys in combination with a numeric keypad (if any). But the use of this player, as well as the classical player described below, is not advisable, not even because it does not preserve the look of the image, but only because it is extremely limited in recognizable and reproducible formats.

Windows Media Classic Player

Classic player in recent versions of Windowsabsent. You can download it directly on the official Microsoft resource. If you want, you can download and a whole media complex, called Media Center. Actions that allow you to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 or any other modification of the system using these tools will not be particularly different.

How to rotate the video 90 degrees and save

In addition to the above combinations, you canUse special settings where you plan to set your own keyboard shortcuts to perform fast rotation, resize the image, and so on.

Screen Orientation

Not all users know that turning the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 and other systems can be quite simple by setting the appropriate screen settings.

how to turn the video 90 and 180 degrees

You can do this through the personalization menu orselect screen resolution settings (monitor), where you just need to set landscape or portrait orientation (or inverted schemes). The method is rather inconvenient, since the required video will be played as expected, but the files with the standard orientation will turn upside down. For such cases, it is better to use other methods.

Graphics Adapter Settings

Many video cards can also rotate the video 90 degrees. Windows 7 is used, or any other OS, does not play a special role here.

It is important to understand only the moment that the installationThe corresponding parameters mainly refer to the screen options in the operating system itself and are duplicated by the application for managing the graphics adapter (although with advanced control programs, extended parameters can be opened, which in standard OS options are not available). In general, this is not about integrated chips, but about NVIDIA and Radeon graphics cards. Embedded graphics cards do not even have these settings in the DirectX options.

VLC Player

As for the players, it's worthnote the VLC player. Not only can it reproduce almost all known audio and video formats, it's very easy to rotate the image in it.

how to quickly turn the video on your computer and phone

To implement such actions, it is necessary toOpen the adjustment of filters and effects in the tools menu, and then check the rotation point. To get a quick access to such an option, you can set your own key combination in the way it's done in the classic Windows player.

By the way, the question of how quicklyturn the video on your computer and phone using any type of player, varies a lot. If the turn signal sensor is enabled on the mobile device, simply place the device in the appropriate position, and the turn will occur automatically. But with computers or laptops such actions do not pass.

Rotate video and save in standard system programs

But let's look at how to rotate the video to 90degrees and save. Since standard players do not have such an opportunity, it's better to use video editing software before opening the file.

how to flip the video on your computer windows 7

As the most basic tool is suitablethe same Movie Maker or "Film Studio". After opening the file, you can use two buttons, indicated by the arrows to the right and left, successive clicking on which turns the image in the specified direction by an angle multiple of 90 degrees. Actually, after that, you just need to save the open object under a new name or use fast save (Ctrl + S). The drawback of such an application is only that it has limitations on perceived formats, and some files can not be opened simply. This is especially true for newly-announced formats like FLV. Unfortunately, "native" Windows programs can recognize only the most common uncompressed formats, and orientation is mainly done on standard files of Windows-systems. You can, of course, initially use some converter and convert the original video into a Windows-based format. But is it worth doing such actions, if there is a simpler solution to the problem?

Using third-party development

And the most effective are professional software packages for processing video material.

How to rotate the video 90 degrees when viewing

Today they can be found very much.If the user has at least primary skills in working with similar tools, you can advise a powerful program Sony Vegas Pro. Utilities of such a plan, unlike all other tools, allow you to choose an arbitrary angle of rotation, and not just go over a multiple of 90 degrees values. The advantage is also that you can simultaneously specify the application of various effects or use anti-aliasing, which can occur when you specify a rotation.

Even some audio editors like SoundForge can edit the imported video. The applied settings look very diverse. You can change not only the position of the picture relative to the screen, but also change the frame rate (fps). And this is not talking about the fact that the original sound varies in all parameters.


As a certain result, it remains to add thatany person should clearly understand the task. Depending on whether he wants to rotate the image while viewing, or save it after doing such actions, the methods used will be completely different. But what of the above is the most practical option? It seems that one-time operations when watching a video can be used only if there is no further preservation. Change the screen settings is also not recommended, because then even the operating system interface will look different. There is only the use of editors with the further opening of the saved files in the players. If you can not work with professional utilities, there is nothing to worry about using the simplest programs of the system itself. If you learn how to use them, then you can move on to more complex packages and fine-tuning.

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  • How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 when viewing