How to make a doll monster high

How to make a doll monster high?

A series of dolls monster hi - heroines of the same namecartoon, has become known relatively recently, but quickly gained worldwide popularity, winning fame even from the famous Barbie. Perhaps, such a demand for heroines monster high is explained by the unusual history that their creators came up with. According to their idea, the monster hi characters are representatives of evil spirits. Despite the sinister image, teen monster hai is not at all spiteful, but rather pretty, cute and fashionable. Original toys are on sale, but they are quite expensive. It is possible to save on the purchase of puppet monsters, making them yourself. On how to make a doll monster high in the home and will go further.

Monster doll hoy own hands: the order of production

Naturally, it's very difficult to make such a complex toy from scratch. However, you can turn into a character monster high-end doll Barbie or Bratz. So, for the manufacture of crafts a monster hai will need:

  • doll Barbie or Bratz;
  • colored hair tonic;
  • varnish for hair of different colors;
  • markers, bar-proofreader;
  • scraps of cloth, leather, lace;
  • sewing tools;

Using the tips below, you can make any doll character from the monster high not only from the old Barbie, but even from Ken (if you want to make a doll-boy).

  1. First you need to make a doll bright makeup instyle monster hi. You need to do this very carefully, because the face of the doll is small. For the same reason markers for make-up must have a thin rod. If you can not draw something from the first time, then the marker can easily be erased with any alcohol-containing liquid. In addition to makeup, felt-tip pens need to draw tattoos (they have each monster hi doll) on the hands of the back or chest.
  2. Now you need to repaint your doll hair,because barbie - a classic blonde, and the dolls are monstrous high curls of different shades. Hair can be repainted with a colored tonic for natural hair, and individual strands should be painted with colored varnish. The hairdo can be decorated with accessories: hats, rims with horns, bows and caps. Headgear can be sewn by yourself or borrowed from other dolls.
  3. Making clothes is the final stage of creationimage of a monster hoy doll. Sewing doll clothes is not difficult, even without having experience in such sewing, because for the basis you can take the elements of clothing of other dolls. Shoes can also be made from soft dermatitis or from pieces of genuine leather. If it seems too difficult - you can use the original shoes Barbie or Bartz, repainting it with varnish in the right color.

How to make a doll Draculaur

Specific application of the above tips asmake a doll monster high can be considered on the example of the doll Draculaura. According to the idea of ​​the creators, Draklaura is the daughter of Count Dracula himself, but she does not drink blood because she is a vegetarian. This is a very bright character. It can be done in the same way:

  1. White hair Barbie needs to repaint in the darkcolor, and then make a violet marking (just such a hair color in Draklaura) with colored lacquer or paints. After that, you should make a doll with two tails (this is the favorite hairstyle of this character).
  2. Lips Draculaura should be made up with felt-tip penscolors of bordeaux, and then with a white barcoder you need to draw two canines, similar to the real vampire fangs. To draw shadows and arrows on the eyes you need to take the purple, black and gray markers, frighteningly gloomy make-up - a distinctive feature of this character.
  3. The dress of Draculaura should be made in lilac and rose palette. In addition, you can sew black lace on the dresses of the doll - it will look chic, mysterious and truly ominous.
  4. Accessories for dolls (handbags, bracelets, etc.) can be sewn from pieces of leather, decorating them with the same black lace.

Creating a craftsman monster hi his own hands - thisa great way to show your creativity. The homemade doll will look no worse than the original, and, perhaps, even better, because it will be unique and unique in its kind.

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