How to grow a date

How to grow a date?

The date palm is one of the oldestcultivated plants. The first date gardens appeared in the oases of Mesopotamia and Assyria in the 4th millennium BC. And today the date palm is the main agricultural crop in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and South-West Asia. Its fruits, all of us well-known dates, serve as the main food for the local population and constitute a significant part in the export of these countries.

Types of date palms

There are 18 species of such palms, of which only threeThe species well feel themselves in enclosed spaces and can be used as ornamental houseplants. In their number includes a fingerprint, the same one, the fruits of which we so enjoy eating. And let it be somewhat less decorative than the other two species, but it can be grown on its own and do not spend a lot of money on the purchase of an adult plant in a specialized store. If you do not know how to plant a date from the stone, read this article to the end and then boldly get down to business. Special difficulties in germination of seeds and further care for a palm tree, as a rule, does not arise. She is rather unpretentious, but she loves bright light and abundant watering.

Before telling you how to growdate palm, I would like to first warn the budding flower growers that it grows very slowly. The first beautiful pinnate leaf you will see only after three or four years, so you should be patient and do not expect a quick result. In addition, do not rely on your own harvest dates - in the room palms do not bear fruit. If you are not embarrassed by the length of waiting, then it's time to jump to the words.

How to raise a date with a stone

  • Buy a bag of dried dates, eat them, and wash the bones well and dry for one or two days.
  • Before putting the date stones in the potsthey should be soaked for several days in a jar with warm water. During this time, the hard bone will swell and the sprout will be easier to penetrate through it. Some florists for the same purpose advise before soaking slightly to scratch the stones with a knife or rub them with sandpaper. Water in the pot must be changed regularly so that the seeds do not rot. After two or three days you can start landing.
  • Before planting a date mix the deciduoussawdust sand and peat in equal proportions. Then take a flower pot, lay on its bottom a layer of expanded clay and fill the pot with a prepared soil mixture. Immerse the bones in the soil vertically, to a depth of about three centimeters. Put the pot in a warm place and make sure that the soil in it does not dry out.
  • The first sprouts can only appear througha month and a half. Sometimes this process can drag on for two, three months, up to six months. You can only wait patiently for the shoots and do not forget to water the ground.
  • When the height of the shoots reaches tencentimeters, they should be neat, so as not to tear off the bone, seed in separate pots. It is best to buy in the store a ready-mixed soil intended for palm trees. If desired, you can prepare it yourself, mixing two parts of the turf ground with two parts of humus, one part of peat and one part of river sand. If possible, add a little charcoal to this mixture.

On this our story about how to grow a date,comes to the end. Now put a pot of palm on the sunny window, water it well, spend weekly fertilizing, spray the leaves and wipe them with a damp soft cloth.

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