How to become cold

How to become cold?

In us from birth it is laid down to show our emotions andfeelings, but under the influence of certain circumstances, some people want to abandon this and become insensitive. Below you will learn how to become a cold person.

How to become insensitive and cold?

A cold person very rarely shows emotions,so you need to always monitor them. You should always have the same facial expression. Do not also develop your eloquence, your speech should be dry. Try to communicate with people less often, use a certain set of phrases in the conversation. Speak less, listen more: thus you will spend less energy of life, and for others will seem like a harsh man.

Go back to past suffering

When a person decides to become cold andunfeeling, most likely, someone touched him to the depths of his soul. Of course, he immediately developed apathy. To prolong this condition, you need to constantly return to the pain that you experienced. As a result, in time you will less and less show your feelings and emotions. Later you will get used to this state, and it will become quite normal for you.

Plunge into suffering

You noticed that people working in hospitals,morgues are able to distance themselves from pain and suffering, they just get used to them. You can get a job and plunge into the suffering of people. Over time, you will get used to the pain and will not notice it. You will not even notice how to change. You will no longer be touched by tears, entreaties, lamentations of others, you will not care.

Do not pay attention to anything

To become a cold man, it's easy enoughDo not pay attention to events and people. You should not care what happens to your loved ones, friends. Of course, at first it will be difficult, but you can always concentrate on yourself. In this case, you can even raise an egoist in yourself. This will be the best solution, then the whole world will revolve only around you. Look at people haughtily, do what is profitable for you, go on your heads, no matter what.

Deny people help

Do not help people, even if your help to themis necessary. After all, you are unprofitable, and besides, you will benefit people so that you will experience positive emotions. But you do not need them, because it awakens feelings, affection. You do not need it, since you are a cold man, you should not be that peculiar.

Do you need coldness?

Before becoming a cold person, goodthink about it. Perhaps you were wounded, brought a lot of pain, but becoming insensitive, you decide the joy only of yourself. Try to let go of the situation and forgive someone who has offended you. Look at the world with love, bless all that is good that you have, and smile. After all, you have you, and together you will surely cope with all adversity and will be happy. It takes only time, the wounds will be prolonged, and joy and happiness will come to life.

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