How to become a jerk

How to become a jerk?

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How to become a jerk?

Quite popular is the directionbodybuilding. This, of course, pleases representatives of all social strata, because now you can be proud of the fact that you know how to become a pumping in a month. But it is one thing to know, the other is to translate their knowledge into practice and translate them into the status of skills. Let's move from words to deeds!

To learn how to quickly become a heave, gounder the link: exercises and training. Here you will find many techniques for pumping all possible muscle groups with accompanying videos and photos, exercise algorithms and just a lot of useful tips.

It's not easy to become a jerk, but it's possible.

How to become a roll for the week? Become a full-fledged roll for the week you will not succeed, as the formation of a beautiful inflated figure will take at least a few months of reinforced and regular strength training. Therefore, the maximum that you can achieve in such a period of time is only to slightly puff up and pull up your body, which is already good in itself. If you continue your studies, then in a year you will be able to brag of the relief muscles! And now some tips for those who want to become a jerk and ready to spend a lot of time on this.

  1. It is possible to become a full-fledged pumping from a certainage. At a minimum, it should be a high school student. Schoolchildren younger than this age who want to become a rocking machine, simply can not do this until they grow up. The fact is that they still lack an adequate amount of male hormone testosterone, so you do not need to dream of becoming very pumped up at this age, you should grow up a bit. In the meantime, you can get as low as possible, thereby you will look better than your peers, and when you grow up, you can quickly gain muscle mass. So, what do you need to do for this? You can use squats both on both legs, and on one, swinging the press, pulling up on the bar, push-ups, exercises with weight-weights dumbbells. The main thing is not too exhausting, but regular training, for example, 2-3 times a week. Give yourself the same time for training and practice them, trying not to miss a single one.
  2. And if age allows, then how to become a pumping,what do you need to do for this? The link to the exercises for different muscle groups is located at the beginning of the article, go through it and choose what suits you. Training should be qualitative, always regular, and forceful. Muscles should get tired, even sick! However, it is important not to bring yourself to the end. You must feel that your muscles are working, only then they will grow and turn you into pitching. The main thing in training for you is not quantity, but quality. Make 50 push-ups "through the sleeves" will not give such a result as 30 push-ups, but according to all the rules - in the right pose, in the middle tempo, with a straight back, etc. Therefore, always pay attention to the correctness of the performance of the strength exercise, in no way Do not allow yourself to "mess"! When practicing in the gym, it is better to do exercises not on all simulators in turn one by one, "cutting" 2-3 circles around the hall, and making several approaches to one simulator, then gradually switching to another, etc. Yes, do exercise on the simulator for one approach is ineffective. We approached the simulator, did the exercise several times, while the forces allow, then we moved away, rested a minute or two and re-done the exercise on the simulator (second approach), then again a short rest and a third approach to the same simulator. Then go to the new simulator and again do the exercise in several approaches. So, you need strength training. Important regularity and frequency of classes, the correctness of the exercises.
  3. The big mistake of many people is uneventraining. These people do not train all the muscle groups, but only certain, so it turns out, for example, that the back is powerfully pumped up, and the hands stick out like "macaroni", or legs in the hips are powerful, and the legs are very thin. People simply disfigure themselves. So that this does not happen, the more that you want to learn how to become a rolling for sure with a beautiful figure, remember that you need to pump up the whole body, not just its individual parts! Periodically, strictly evaluate your figure in the mirror. If you notice that any muscles are much ahead of others in growth and this spoils your appearance, then adjust the workouts and add exercises to inflating the underdeveloped muscles, and the load on the more developed muscles can be slightly reduced.
  4. The correct diet and diet are more thanhalf the success in the question of how to become a heave. Do not neglect this, especially food! To truly become a pumping, it is worth to give up smoking and alcohol, they kill health, and you need it for training. Also you are important forces, so you need to fully rest, especially hard to sleep at least 8 hours a day. As for nutrition, this is the second important component along with training. First, do not overeat before training, also during training, do not abuse water, it relaxes muscles, it will be more difficult for you to do. Maximum - throats to moisten the throat. After a workout, drink as much as you want. For muscle growth, protein food is essential. The three best moments for taking protein food are for the muscles to grow: a few hours before training, immediately after training, just before sleep. Protein is a source of energy, an important building block for muscles, and it is also responsible for reducing them. During training, there is a deficit of protein, its timely replenishment just affects the growth of muscles. Thus, using proteins before training, you contribute to the fact that during training, when there is a deficit of proteins, the body can quickly replace them, the same applies to the use of proteins immediately after training. As for the use of proteins before bed, it is also easily explained: during sleep the body rests and restores, so the proteins here are also important. However, at night it's better not to eat up. You can drink some protein or eat egg white. Protein food is a protein with creatine, meat, egg white, oatmeal and rice porridge, fish, etc. However, an overabundance of protein is also harmful to the body, so watch it. A protein diet is not recommended for people with organ failure (kidney failure, GI failure, etc.). Ideally, it is better to go to the doctor and ask if the protein diet is suitable for you. Also, of course, sportsmen are useful for greens, vegetables and fruits.

These are the basic rules and recommendations for those whowants to learn how to become a heave. Proper nutrition, enhanced training, day regimen, patience and will - that's all there is to it. And now a little humor :)

How to become a pumping without training

How to become a jerk, without performing any terrible exercises? We agree on the presence of a sense of humor not only from the author, but also from you, dear reader!

Follow the basic rules.

Here they are:

  • At least twelve times a day, you need to approach the mirror and examine your muscles. It is advisable to pose while doing this, imagining yourself already a successful pitching.
  • Hearing the words "sugar" or "salt", it is necessaryMake such a face, as if this one sound has already caused you hell damage. The same with "chocolate", "cake" or "cake", except that with the latter you can still display aggression towards their pronouncing. For there is nothing to sow debauch in the masses!
  • At the first opportunity speak about bodybuilding,As a means of getting rid of all problems and life failures. We know something with you, that's the way it is, but your colleagues at work ... They should also be condemned, because the relief of their bodies makes you tear in your eyes. Oh, Arnold!
  • Oh, Arnold! We are talking about Schwarzenegger. You simply have to decorate it with posters and photos in full growth all your room and even on desktop wallpaper to put it exactly! May the elf from World of Warcraft forgive us ...
  • Do not forget to carry a bottle of water. Even if you do not want to drink - drink, holding it with both hands and throwing back your head. It looks very impressive. I think, how to look at wristwatches, it is not necessary to explain ?!
  • To wear from now on, you can only sport pants andshirt without sleeves. In the summer, the same T-shirt can be changed to wrestling or a T-shirt, but with a very deep neckline on the chest, bragging muscles in front of these office vegetables is our first priority.

If to speak hardly more seriously, in general terms, I can wish you only ...

Diligence and patience. Becoming a heave is not an easy task, it's hard work. And not only physical in the form of debilitating exercises. Here you will have to face the main enemy of mankind - laziness, inability to follow the regime, the temptation to "slough" of duties. As long as you do not defeat yourself, your character and your thoughts, you will not defeat your body and certainly not become a pumping one.

Do not listen to the opinion of society that pitching is an um,forgive me, fools, that pumped up guys have problems with potency and so on. Typically, such sayings are allowed only by weak people, and even more so, look at their physical form ... If you believe their belief, then many of them on the contrary, should be Newtons, new Da Vinci and Archimedes. It's a shame that modern Archimedes work in huge hypermarkets for a small fee. And even strange, is not it? Maybe they are not so clever, these advisors?

Look at the successful bodybuilders, and allquestions will disappear by themselves. They are healthy, cheerful, cheerful and beautiful guys. They never complain about life, do not complain of failure and do not wait for the sea weather. They are able to change the weather themselves when they need it, they are the masters of their life. Doubts remained? I would not believe it.

In a healthy body healthy mind.

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