How did Yuri Gagarin die When did Gagarin die

How did Yuri Gagarin die? When did Gagarin die?

For years, information about how to dieGagarin Yuri Alekseevich, remained classified as "secret." And only 30 years after the tragedy that claimed his life, the veil of secrecy began to be opened, which was enveloped in the events of that March day of 1968.

The first to speak about this was the astronautAlexey Arkhipovich Leonov, and also the professor, the doctor of technical sciences, the scientist in the field of rocket building Sergey Mihajlovich Belotserkovsky. Interviews with them were published in the pages of the journal Science and Life in 1998. This moment marked the beginning of the publication of all new versions of the events that occurred. All who could, including not only Soviet, but also foreign media, have their own hypotheses as to why Gagarin died. And only in 2011, on the 50th anniversary of the first human flight into space, materials were published to investigate all the circumstances of this air did the Yuri Gagarin died

What is known?

About three weeks before March 27, 1968 -day, when Gagarin died, - the pilot-cosmonaut resumed training flights after a long break under the guidance of the instructor - Colonel Vladimir Seregin. That morning, the MiG-15 training aircraft left the Chkalovsky airfield for training again. After completing the 20-minute training complex, the instructor had to decide on admission of his student to independent management of the aircraft. Everything that happened next, further confused the circumstances of how Gagarin Yuri Alekseevich died - the pilot-cosmonaut, the first person to have been in space.

According to eyewitnesses, after the earlythe task of board 625 requested permission to land. However, a few minutes later the plane disappeared from the radar screens. Found it was 65 kilometers from the airfield after a few minutes. Examination of the wreckage of the aircraft and the bodies of the pilots did not bring any clarity to the circumstances of the tragedy. Until now, it remains a mystery what really happened, as Gagarin and Colonel Seregin died, who was on board with did Gagarin died

What could have happened?

It should be noted that none of theversions was not recognized as official for the reason that members of the government commission could not reach an agreement on what really happened on board the training MiG-15. All possible information about the flight, the characteristics of the crew members and the protocols of the command evidence were collected. Documents were classified. After they were made public, several versions of the incident were made public.

"Mig-15" was leaving the collision

The most common version of how he diedGagarin and the instructor in the cabin with him, is considered a meeting when returning to the aerodrome with a weather probe or other aircraft. In order to avoid a collision, the crew had to make a sharp maneuver to the side. The airplane entered a tailspin, with which neither Gagarin nor Seregin could cope.when Gagarin died

Colonel Seregin lost consciousness during the flight

The cause of the disaster could be what happened atinstructor during the flight heart attack, as a result of which the man blocked the control panel, leaning on it. Bailouts became impossible due to a special system that provides for the departure of the cab first by the instructor and then by his student. But if it was so, it's unclear why Gagarin did not receive any reports about the incident. There are suggestions that the colonel's heart stopped still in the air. In this connection, another question arises: "Could I even report what happened, Yuri Gagarin, when his instructor Seregin died?"

Both Gagarin and Seregin were unconscious at the time of the disaster

The plane was flying at a height of 4 kilometers, couldthere is a depressurization of the cabin. The lack of oxygen caused a sharp decline. As a result, the pressure jumped sharply, both pilots lost consciousness.

However, they both received special training, andsuch a height should not have been critical for trained pilots. Moreover, one at the time of the disaster was 34 years old, the other - 45. And Colonel Seregin could not have died at the same moment, when Gagarin died - hypoxia does not act on everyone at once. Consequently, simultaneous loss of consciousness was unlikely.from which Gagarin died

Air Hooliganism

Some experts are inclined to the versionhooliganism in the air, which was very common among the pilots of the Soviet Union in the 50-60's. The crew could disobey the order and not immediately return to the airfield, and proceed to a difficult aerobatics, dropping to the limit. However, this version of how Yury Gagarin died is not considered by most people. Being a very responsible and competent pilot, he was looking forward to the first independent flight after such a long break. There was no question of any foolhardiness, since it was important for Gagarin to finish the assignment and make a circle on the plane on his own, as the weather spoiled.

Negligence of leadership

The facts show that the crew of the training "MiG-15"had outdated information about weather conditions. Fresh data had to be provided to them during the flight, but they were never transferred. After completing the reduction, the aircraft made a coup with the exit from the dive and fell into a zone with high clouds. This did not cause the pilots to worry, because according to them, the lower edge of the clouds was at an altitude of 900 meters, although in reality this figure was only 400 meters. When they saw the ground, the height for reaching the horizontal position was too small. Perhaps these events provoked a tragedy.yuri gagarin when he died

What do modern studies say?

Today all the pop-up facts refutethe above versions of how and when Gagarin died. The version of the collision in the air is refuted by the absence on the fuselage of any traces and failures in the control system. The same evidence casts doubt on the fact of Seregin's loss of consciousness and his death in the air, leaving open the question of why Gagarin did not tell the earth about what happened if this version is true. It is unclear why experienced pilots did not catapult from the cockpit. According to some reports, Gagarin managed the aircraft to the last to avoid a collision with a nearby school. This version also has no evidence. According to other sources, the aircraft was hit by a turbulence caused by a supersonic aircraft in the same area.

Alternative versions, or Death, which was not

Along with the traditional, it would seem, even insome degree of reasonable versions of how Gagarin Yuri Alekseyevich died - a colonel, a military pilot of the 1st class, the most insane variants of the development of events spread and when Gagarin died

So, some argue that Gagarin and Sereginwere absolutely drunk. This caused the loss of control of the aircraft. According to some evidence, Gagarin could not cope with the glory that had come to him, began to abuse alcohol. However, the examination of the bodies of the pilots did not reveal traces of alcohol in the blood, nor did it raise the level of adrenaline. In other words, both were sober at the time of death, but most likely they did not even have time to understand what had happened.

The most incredible versions boil down to the fact thatGagarin was kidnapped by an alien intellect. Some argue that he met an alien object, became insane and died within the walls of the Soviet psychiatric clinic more than 20 years after the official date of his death. There were many adjoining common sense theories that the instructor, Colonel Seryogin, killed himself and Gagarin, because he envied his ward, who was younger than him, but already became a darling of the whole world and achieved dizzying successes, earning early and extraordinary military ranks . No less surprising were the versions that the training "MiG-15" came under the CIA's sight, and that Gagarin staged his death, made plastic and is still in good health, quietly living under a false what year did Gagarin die

Almost everyone knows what year Gagarin died,However, the very circumstances of his death are still a mystery. None of the published versions, when carefully studied, does not fit in with proven facts. The version of the negligence of the leadership of the Mission Control Center perfectly explains why all the materials on the case of Gagarin's death were almost immediately classified and put on the shelf. The investigation revealed a large number of disciplinary violations, which could entail not the most pleasant consequences for many dignitaries.

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