How and when to collect hawthorn

How and when to collect hawthorn

The healing properties of hawthorn are known to people withlong time ago. Even in modern medical preparations, raw materials derived from the inflorescences and fruits of this medicinal plant are used. Those who are interested in medicinal preparations, certainly will be useful to know when to collect hawthorn.when to collect hawthorn

Scientific research has shown that in fruitshawthorn, so-called "false apples", contain valuable organic acids, flavonoids, pectin, fructose, vitamins and minerals. But not all varieties are recognized as valuable and useful. The most accessible kind, which is recognized by the official medicine, is C. Sanginea (blood-red hawthorn, photo above). It is quite often found in nature in the wild. But the most commonly cultivated on the household plots subspecies C. Oxicantha, or prickly.

hawthorn photo

It should be noted that for the preparation of medicinalraw materials are used inflorescences and fruits. Therefore, the question of when to collect hawthorn is particularly acute in the period of flowering and ripening of berries. Flowering begins in the regions at different times, and lasts only 3-4 days. Therefore, it is important to catch the buds not yet fully opened, at the very beginning of flowering. To collect, you need to choose a warm day without precipitation. Only dry inflorescences are suitable for harvesting. Moisture destroys the collection of hawthorn, raw flowers instantly begin to decay. Too blooming buds are also unsuitable, because they can quickly crumble, and the collection will not have value.

To ensure that the raw materials are not zachevoy, it is collected in cardboardboxes, and then lay out a thin layer on a piece of paper and dry. To tampen flowers in dishes or to collect them in plastic bags it is impossible - gentle petals will stick together, will start to be burned and spoiled.

Despite the abundant flowering, the bush does not bear fruitalways abundant. The reason for this may be heavy rains, a lack of pollinators, temperature jumps during flowering. Those who are interested when collecting hawthorn, you should know that the berries are not ripening together, but gradually. At the same time, various species of this plant bear fruit in different months. Some of the earliest harvest in July-August, others ripen only in October.

hawthorn harvest

Virtually all varieties have strong berriesspecific odor. This should be taken into account when planting bushes in your summer cottage. To some, this aroma resembles a sour herring pickle. Therefore, when collecting hawthorn, it will tell exactly this unpleasant smell of fish, which is possessed not only by berries, but also by plant flowers. The harvested collection is kept in special dryers, ovens or well ventilated rooms with low humidity. The smaller the collected fruits, the easier they are to be processed.

For storing dried berries, a glasscontainers, cardboard boxes, rag bags. Shelf life for dry berries - 2 years. Having at hand such a valuable collection, you can prepare broths, following proven recipes. But it should always be remembered that these funds are strictly contraindicated for pregnant, breastfeeding women and infants.

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  • How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn How and when to collect hawthorn