Fire Safety Rules

Fire Safety Rules

Virtually all fires (except for those rareof cases when there is a natural spontaneous combustion) arise as a result of the negligence of a person. In cities and villages, the peak of fires falls on the autumn-winter period, when the heating load increases. And the reasons, of course, lie in the violation of the rules for the operation of electrical appliances. Do not ignore the rules of fire safety - they are written by life itself. And deaths. Most people die in fires not from burns, but from poisoning by products of burning and smoke. Observance of elementary rules will allow you to avoid tragedies.

The basic rules of fire safety for the population:

- use only certified instruments;
- do not leave sources of ignition and electrical appliances unattended;
- do not place heating appliances near beds and easily flammable objects (no closer than 1 m);
- check the serviceability of the heaters and furnaces before the heating season begins;
- do not use defective furnaces and fireplaces;
- check for proper ventilation;
- Do not use boilers for heating and columns in the absence of traction;
- do not independently produce gasification of houses and apartments, repair (or replace) gas and electrical equipment;
- do not turn off the adjustment and safety automatics, do not glue the ventilation ducts;
- If a gas leak is detected, turn off the flow and leave the apartment, calling the gas service;
- If there is a fire, try extinguishingfire independently (if the fire does not spread and occupies a small area), using the most suitable and accessible means (fire extinguisher, water, sand); if in a short time the fire can not be extinguished, call the fire department and leave the house (apartment).

Fire safety regulations forenterprise - an integral part of the whole production. Responsible for fire safety (PB) director (or owner) of this production (or authorized by the director of the person). The duties of the manager or responsible for the BOP include: the development of integrated measures aimed at fire safety; development and approval of regulations and instructions; control over the implementation of these instructions; training and staff training; maintenance in working order of communication facilities, fire protection, fire fighting equipment, equipment and inventory; the creation of fire brigades; introduction of fire-fighting production automation; informing fire brigade about equipment malfunctions; carrying out of official investigations in case of fires.

At each site should be freely availableAn instruction showing the rules of fire safety with an evacuation plan. New employees are required to undergo instructing the PB with subsequent testing of knowledge. Persons who have not been trained should not be allowed to work.

Children are especially vulnerable to the fire. And most often they die. The rules of fire safety for children and their observance lie entirely on the shoulders of parents. Fundamental rules:

- Do not play with matches and with fire;
- do not include television and other electrical appliances without adults;
- In case of a fire, do not hide in the closet or under the bed, leave the apartment and call for help;
- if the fire blocked the exit, go out onto the balcony or ask for help from the window;
- If the clothes light up, fall to the floor and ride, - this will help put out the fire;
- the elevator can not be used during a fire;
- the adults must extinguish the fire, but the firemen can be summoned by dialing "01", "112", or "011" from the mobile.

Parents, do not neglect the safety rulesand explain them to the children. Teach your child to think: only adults can use fire. Keep away matches and lighters. Conduct conversations, talk about how dangerous fire is and how to behave, if trouble suddenly still comes. The child should know the rules of fire safety. Especially if they leave him at home alone.

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