Exterior model - what you need for the podium

Exterior model - what you need for the podium

Model's appearance ... This is what many girls dream about. The face of glossy magazines, the conquerors of the world's catwalks ... However, before that, there is more than one casting of girls. And this is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Those who want to link their lives with the modeling business, you need to meet certain parameters. Let's consider in more detail

Model appearance - what should it look like?

Where to begin? Of course, the model's appearance is first and foremost a high growth, a lean constitution of the body. In addition, the image must be holistic, universal. That is, the model's appearance should be accompanied by a certain charisma, a highlight.

Height and weight are especially important for the girl on the podium. For shooting a model in different magazines, catalogs and advertising campaigns, the external parameters of the person are much more important.

In principle, the most important criteria in this regard for almost all girls - well-groomed beautiful hair, an impeccable smile, natural eyebrows. The future model should follow his figure from an early age. Excess fat deposits are by no means necessary. The skin also requires considerable care. Even the most insignificant flaws will be visible under bright spotlights. Naturally, professional image-makers, make-up artists, and stylists work on shows with models. They are able to transform the appearance of the girl. Therefore, the models of the model appearance and have some similarity. The face should not distract the viewer from the clothes themselves. However, it is necessary, and to look at it in a holistic way.appearance model


Exterior model has clear requirements regarding the selection of girls. It is for them that their prospects in this area are determined. The standard of beauty has changed regularly, since the fifties. To date, there are specific standards for model appearance.

For example, a person must be symmetrical without any flaws. The lips of the ideal model, as a rule, are full. Eyes - large, expressive. Cheeks are high. The nose is neat, straight. Of course, even the most beautiful models of facial features can not be perfectly perfect. However, the closer to the standard - the more likely to succeed.casting of girls

Growth, volumes, proportions

The next stage, which meets any casting of girls, is "in numbers". The growth of the mannequin should be 174-181 centimeter. Although in Asian countries the requirements are much simpler. The model is enough 170-172 centimeter growth. There are, however, exceptions. For example, Kate Moss - incredibly famous for the growth of 168 centimeters. For the model is also suitable growth of 168-175 centimeters.

The harmony of the girl is also important. The standard is considered to be 90 / 60 / 90. That is, the chest, waist and thighs. The key parameter is the last one. For European podiums, the thigh size should not exceed 90 centimeters. In Asia it is permissible 94 centimeter.

If the extra pounds do not affect the necessary parameters, then they do not play a special role. However, if the body shows a thickened fat layer, it is necessary to take some measures. In addition, it is very important that all parts of the body are proportional to each other, harmoniously combining with each other.model appearance of a girl


Starting a career model is best in 14-17 years. However, if your parameters coincide with all of the above, you can try yourself in this matter and in 20-22 year. The career of the model ends most often in 25-28 years. However, this is not considered a rule. This is just statistical data. The most important thing is how the model looks. In order to extend your career, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is, take care of yourself, eat right, play sports. Although many factors also depend on heredity.types of model appearance

Is it really that easy?

And finally. Do not forget that the model appearance of a girl is not all that is necessary for this profession. Well think about how difficult it is to go this way. To achieve the set goals is not so easy. You have to go through a lot of things before you get the status of the famous model that you really want.

In a word, this business is a huge work. It would seem, at first glance, this work is very simple and fun. In fact, these are daily exhausting tasks. There are a lot of novice models, and the competition is very high. Therefore, in order to become famous, in order for your name to be recognizable, it is necessary to regularly take part in various castings, to agree even to small fees for contracts, in general, practically on all the work offered to you. And if even a day will have to travel around dozens of studios located in different parts of the city, getting up at 5 in the morning and returning at 2 one o'clock in the morning, your fatigue or bad mood should not be shown in any case.

So, weigh all the pros and cons before you decide to become a model. Think about what you will need to always look perfect, regardless of any circumstances. If you are ready for this, and your appearance meets all the above criteria - welcome to the modeling business!

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  • Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium Exterior model - what you need for the podium