Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life

Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life

Evgenia Simonova, actress of theater and cinema, was bornin Leningrad in 1955, in the family of the scientist, Academician Pavel Vasilyevich Simonov, the rector of the Institute of Neurophysiology and Higher Nervous Activity. Mother, Vyazemskaya Olga Sergeevna, taught English. Zhenya grew up in an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding, her parents tried in every possible way to instill in her the love of beauty, from the age of four the girl attended vernissages, exhibitions of contemporary art, went with her mother and her elder brother to the theater and cinema. The future actress, as enchanted, followed the theatrical action on the stage, genuinely empathized with the heroes.

The elder brother is a well-known TV presenter, head of the literature department at MGIMO, Yury Pavlovich Vyazemsky.

Eugene Simonov

Artistic education

Zhenya studied at the music school in classpianist and was engaged in ballet. After graduating from the school program, she immediately went to the Higher School of Theater Arts named after Shchukin for the course of Yuri Katin-Yartsev. Seventeen-year-old Eugene Simonova was diligent and was in good standing with the teachers. During their studies, students at the Shchukin College usually receive invitations from filmmakers who shoot future young professionals in small episodic roles. I received a letter from Simonov. In 1973, she starred in the film of the actor and director Bykov Leonid "Some old people go to battle", in 1974 she played a role in the film "Departure delayed."

Carier start

The first place of employment for a novice actress,after she graduated from the Shchukin School, became the Academic Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. The beginning of his career was developing successfully. Evgenia Simonova - an actress talented, but without experience - I tried to make friends with Nemoliaeva Svetlana, in which she saw the senior mentor. Other actors and actresses also treated Eugene kindly, Igor Kostolevsky became a friend and adviser for the young actress.

Eugene Simonov's filmography

The first image on stage

The character of Zarechnoy Nina in the play "Seagull" was for Simonova debut role. The actress brilliantly coped with a difficult task, having played the well-off daughter of a rich landowner brightly and figuratively.

Then followed the performances with the participation of Simonova:

  • "Love Potion" directed by T. Akhramkova based on Shefner's work. The role of Lotta.
  • "Six favorite", A. Arbuzov's play, director E. Granitova-Lavrovskaya, character of Simonova - Anastasia Petrovna Alekhina.
  • "Anna's Confession," the role of Anna Karenina.
  • "The Life of Klim Samgin" based on the work of Maxim Gorky. The role of Lydia Varavki. Production of Andrei Goncharov.
  • "Rumor" of Salyan Athanasius, directed by A. Goncharov. The role of Batyunin.
  • "Look who came!", A play by Vladimir Arro. Character Alina. Statement by B. Morozov.
  • "Long live the queen, vivat!", A play by Robert Bolt, staged by A. Goncharov. The role of Mary Stuart.
  • "Valencian madmen," according to the play of Lope de Vega. The role of Eryphila.
  • "The joke of the patron", according to the story of Arkady Averchenko. Statement by Tatyana Akhramkova. Simonova played the role of Yablonki.
  • "Doll House", according to Ibsen, the role of Nora.
  • "The Victim of the Century", based on Ostrovsky's play, the character of Julia Pavlovna. Directing of Yuri Ioffe.
  • "A place for smoking", Viktor Slavkin's play, Katya's role. Statement by N. Volkov.
  • "Marriage" according to Gogol, a character Agafya Tikhonovna. Statement by S. Artsibashev.
  • "Efficiency of possession" - according to the scenario of Yakov Volchek, Tanya's role. Directed by Andrey Goncharov.
  • "Old-fashioned comedy", a play by Alexei Arbuzov. Character She, the production of V. Portnov.
  • "A Month in the Country" - based on the work of I. Turgenev, the role of Natalia Petrovna, the direction of A. Ogaryov.
  • "On suitcases," the Jewish saga of Hanoi Levin, the role of Genie Gelernter. The production of Alexander Koruchekov.

Eugene is a Simonov actress

Other theaters

Evgenia Simonova, in addition to her main work in thethe Mayakovsky Theater, takes part in the performances of Sovremennik, staging the theatrical playground Sfera, and also the Central House of Artists named after A.A. Yablochkina. Especially fruitful for her was the cooperation with Galina Volchek.

Evgeniya Simonova in the performances of the Sovremennik Theater:

  • "Five Evenings," by Alexander Volodin, directed by A. Ogaryov. The role of Tamara.
  • "Enemies: A Love Story", character Tom Broder. The play was staged according to I. Singer's play directed by Yevgeny Arye.

Participation of the actress in the staging of the theater "Sphere":

  • 1988, the role of Eurydice in the play "Eurydice", staged by E. Elanskaya.
  • 1983, "On what the world holds," composition for the scene from the poems M. Aliger, A. Tarkovsky, F. Wijon, B. Okudzhava.
  • 1981, "There in the distance ..." - production by V. Shukshin. Evgenia Simonova performed the role of Olga.
  • 1981, poetic compilation from the poems of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, David Samoilov, Igor Severyanin.

Eugenia Simonova photo

Actress Simonova in the productions of the Central House of Actor named after Yablochkina:

  • Year 2014, staged "Century Chamber Theater." Monologue of Nina Zarechnaya, the character of Chekhov's "The Seagull", directed by P. Tikhomirov.
  • Year 2013, "Says Leningrad!", Simonova in the role of Olga Bergolts, staged by P. Tikhomirov.
  • 2011, "Tairov Theater," character Alice Koonen, director P Tikhomirov.
  • 2010, "The evening was our ... Sitting, reading poetry ...", a performance on the poems of Igor Severyanin.
  • 2009, "We play Chekhov", a monologue of Nina Zarechnaya performed by Eugenia Simonova.
  • 2009, "Family Evening," Eugenia Simonova, whose photo in the frame on the table is presented as a family heirloom, conducts the program. Also participating are Maria Eshpai, Zoya Kaidanovskaya, Andrey Eshpai.
  • 2008, "The Parade of the Planets", Evgeniya Simonova reads the verses of the Silver Age. In the play little-known poetic works of past years are heard.

evgeniya simonova's photos

TV shows

A separate list shows the work of Simonova on TV, this is:

  • "Drama Masquerade", production of M.Yu. Lermontov's "Masquerade." Evgenia Simonova played Nina Arbenin.
  • The TV show "Lika", in which the actress played the main character.
  • "Profitable place," a television production based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, in which Simonova acted as Polenka.

Fidelity to native penates

Evgenia Simonova, whose photos are infoyer of the Mayakovsky Theater since 1976, is one of those actresses on which the repertoire is held. She can play any female role in any performance. Eugene Simonova - her photo was in the briefcase of almost every Soviet schoolgirl - is loved and revered by millions of spectators. Theater and moviegoers are eagerly awaiting the release of new films and performances with her participation.

Eugene Simon's personal life

Evgenia Simonova: filmography

Even while studying at the Shchukinsky Theaterschool future actress began to act in films. The first film, which determined the fate of her as a movie actress, was a masterpiece of Soviet cinema "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle", where she played the pilot Masha Popova.

Films with Simonova

In total for her artistic career, the actress participated in the shooting of sixty films and four television productions:

  • "Adult daughters" (2014), hostess of the theater.
  • "Captains" (2012), Olga Alexandrovna.
  • "Two tickets to Venice" (2011), Nina Sergeevna.
  • "Ellipses" (2006), Kira Georgievna.
  • "Russian ragtime" (1993), Masha.
  • "Live broadcast" (1989), Lucy.
  • "Wild Wind" (1985), Dorinka.
  • "Children of the Sun" (1985), Lisa.
  • "The teenager" (1983), Alfonsina.
  • "Transit" (1982), Alla Glebovna.
  • "Balamut" (1978), Valentina Romashova.
  • "School Waltz" (1978), Dina Solovyov.
  • "Ordinary Miracle" (1978), Princess.
  • "The Golden River" (1976), Taisia ​​Smelkova.
  • "Afonya" (1975), nurse Katya Snegireva.
  • "Departure delayed" (1974), Shemteva Elena Dmitrievna.

The list lists only some movies withparticipation of the actress. Evgeniya Simonova, whose filmography is constantly expanding at the expense of new films, continues to work fruitfully in the cinema, starring in both main and secondary roles.

actress eugenia simonova personal life

Personal life

People of art, despite their employment, alsothey want family happiness. The actress Evgenia Simonova, whose personal life was almost never discussed on the pages of the media, was married twice. The first husband, Alexander Kaidanovsky - a popular actor, director and screenwriter. Young people met on the set of the film "The Missing Expedition" in 1974. A year later they got married and lived together for five years. In 1980 a divorce followed. From this marriage there was a daughter, Zoya Kaidanovskaya, who is currently working, like her mother, in the Mayakovsky Theater.

The second actress's husband is the famous director AndreiEshpai. The couple live together today. Eshpai adopted Zoya, who, after the departure of Alexander Kaidanovsky, remained without a father. The spouses had another daughter, Maria Eshpai. A girl in her childhood received a music education and today she is a professional actress and pianist. Evgenia Simonova, whose personal life, in her opinion, was a success, often invites Maria to joint projects.

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  • Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life Evgenia Simonova: filmography and personal life