Employment Center, Podolsk (TSZN): description, contacts, working hours and reviews

Employment Center, Podolsk (TSZN): description, contacts, working hours and reviews

In the life of almost every person there areThe situation when you have to look for work. This can be the search for the first job or after leaving a previous job for various reasons. Nevertheless, regardless of the situation, the question of finding a new place of work remains relevant.

employment center Podolsk

Temporarily unemployed

Many people who have lost for various reasons workor for the first time its seekers, begin to search through the Internet or special newspapers with different vacancies and offers. However, the process of employment does not always go quickly. Some do not have the experience and knowledge for the desired position, and some do not like the conditions offered by employers. The state offers its assistance in job placement. For citizens, temporarily unemployed, there are special centers that provide services for the selection of suitable vacancies.

Labor Exchange in Podolsk

Podolsk job center of employment

Employment Center in Podolsk - statean institution that helps citizens in finding work. Residents of the city can register as unemployed to receive services to find vacancies and receive cash benefits. If there is no desire to register at the exchange, then the employees of the institution can offer actual jobs without registration, but without payment of benefits.

In order not to sit in line just like that, it's bettervisit the exchange in advance and take a list of documents required for registration and registration. Before that, you can call and specify the opening hours of the Employment Center in Podolsk. It is unfortunately not possible to make an appointment in advance, the registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis.

The employment center is located at: Podolsk, Februaryskaya Street, 2A.

Hours reception: from 09:00 to 18:00. Break: from 12: 00-13: 00.

How to register

Employment Center in Podolsk

To register, you need to collect a certain package of documents. It includes:

  • Passport or other document proving identity;
  • employment history;
  • education document;
  • SNILS;
  • INN;
  • for parents of minor children a certificate from a general educational institution;
  • certificate of income from the previous place of work.

With the last document, as a rule, ariseproblems, since the certificate of income must be written out on the form of the Employment Center. In Podolsk, registration takes place in the same way as in other cities of Russia, so the requirements for documents are the same. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the labor exchange is better to visit in advance, obtain on the spot the necessary list of documents and a form for filling in information about the income from the previous place of work.

To receive one more payment from the employer inthe amount of the average monthly salary lost to work in connection with the reduction of the inhabitants of Podolsk to the employment center is desirable to apply within 14 days after the dismissal.

Order of registration

employment center Podolsk

To obtain the status of the unemployed,apply to the labor exchange with the listed documents and fill out the application. The employment center of the city of Podolsk will register the person applying for the application on the day of submission of all documents. After that, the inspector will offer several options for suitable vacancies. To assign the status of an unemployed citizen will need to come to a secondary reception 11 days after registration, at the date appointed by the employee.

After registration, the citizen will be declared unemployed. To confirm this status, he will need to visit the Podolsk Employment Center according to the dates appointed by the inspector.

What offer

employment center of Podolsk

After receiving the status of an unemployed citizenwill be paid a payment of unemployment benefits in the amount of 850 rubles to 4,900 rubles. The amount of payment depends on the salary from the last place of work, the length of service and the reasons for the dismissal. More detailed information on the amount of payments will tell the inspector of the employment center when registering.

Also, a citizen recognized as unemployed canto pass courses on improvement of professional skill or to receive a new profession. Unfortunately, most of the classes are not held in Podolsk. The employment center, after sending for courses, removes the citizen from the register, however he assigns a scholarship to the students in the amount of the unemployment benefit. After the termination of employment the exchange can offer vacancies on the received trade.

If there is no recruitment for the courses yet or the citizen does notwants to attend classes, he needs to be listed on the exchange and to confirm his status of unemployed at least 2 times a month. The inspector appoints dates and times of visit, and also gives out the list of suitable vacancies. All the workplaces offered by the employee of the Employment Center are located in Podolsk. The work of the exchange is aimed at assisting in job placement and temporary support of citizens for a certain period. If within a year the citizen has not found a suitable job, the labor exchange removes him from the register and ceases to pay the allowance.

Reviews of citizens who are registered, about the centeremployment Podolsk, the most diverse. Some citizens were lucky enough to find work almost immediately after the treatment, and someone after the courses. Nevertheless, there are responses from citizens who have not been able to find work with the help of the Employment Center. Therefore, the inspectors of the employment center recommend citizens to be active and look for vacancies.

Center for work with youth

For young professionals and those who want to work off temporarily, on vacation, there is a Youth Employment Center. In Podolsk, it is located at: Molodezhnaya Street, 9.

Here they offer vacancies for very young job seekers, as well as for those who have already graduated from an educational institution and are looking for work in their specialty.

Employees of the center help in finding jobs for young people, depending on their needs.

Here will pick up vacancies for very youngjob seekers, aged 14-16, who want to earn extra money on vacation. Young people from 16 years will be offered work with the possibility of combining with studies. For young professionals, they will find vacancies in the specialty, and for those who have health restrictions, they will pick up vacancies that will not cause harm and will help to earn extra money.

In addition to employment, the staff of the center conduct legal and legal advice, help to draw up a resume.

For registration it is necessary to come to the center with the following documents:

  • Passport.
  • SnilS.
  • INN.
  • Employment history.
  • For teenagers aged 14-16 years, you must come with one of the parents.

Here you will be offered not only work

Employment Center Podolsk Working Hours

The center also offers classes in variouscircles for both teenagers and very young children. They have completely different directions, from learning the alphabet to the kids to creating vocal youth groups. For young mothers there is a club that is directed to help them and support young parents.

Also in the center and its branch there are free demonstrations of Russian cinema and cartoons. The schedule of films can be found on the site.

Active and responsive youth are open to volunteerism.

Job search - new horizons

youth employment center Podolsk

Of course, loss of employment or first employment- always stress for any person. However, this is also a chance to find a more profitable place of work, to improve their skills or even to master a new profession. The Podolsk Employment Center helps unemployed citizens not only to find work, but also to undergo retraining or to upgrade their skills. But it is important to understand that after passing the training the citizen will be removed from the register on the labor exchange. To restore the status of the unemployed, you must re-submit the entire package of documents.

The monetary allowance paid to unemployed citizens is also aimed at temporary support for people who are unemployed.

Loss of work is a new stage in everyone's liferights. To look for work independently or to ask for help to employees of the labor exchange is a private matter for everyone. However, more and more people prefer to register as unemployed, using the opportunity to undergo training courses and get a new profession.

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