Dodge Caliber. Reviews

Dodge Caliber. Reviews

Once upon a time, in the Wild West, Mr. Colthas created a simple and effective firearm that has leveled the forces of the conflicting parties, regardless of what data the person has awarded nature. A little later, the brothers, under the name Dodge, created a car that allowed any fatty person to overtake the best racehorse. Today, it is extremely difficult to make such a revolution, but this does not mean that no one is trying to do so. Let's see what the famous company offers us, releasing Dodge Caliber. Feedback has already been received, so we can search, review, compare.

Ground clearance of 195 mm, diesel engine,all-wheel drive, a muscular body - all this he. This device, as well as the 38-Collier Colt, eventually began to be imported to other countries of the world, including ours. But, as before, Americans see a car that is going to ship to Russia, a little different. So, cars that are delivered to us, do not have a four-wheel drive, and also do not have a diesel engine. Probably, we decided that we do not need a car with a parquet soul, and there is enough external surroundings for Dodge Caliber. Reviews say that it's all about the high cost of these components for our drivers.

The car is designed for youngerconsumers, at least, so say the manufacturers of Dodge Caliber. Reviews also say that for this audience the car is expensive. Still, it can be afforded by more mature people who earn, not only study. From the side, the car is ideal for a person who still remains on a technical wave. The one that MP3-players use in everyday life, one that loves loudly to listen to music and show off with its 17-inch shiny discs.

Designers managed to make the car bright,"muscular," with a bulldozer grille. In advertising it to present perfectly, fervent videos with the participation of beauties on the Internet and macho on the TV screens. All this leads, I must say. Probably not even overclocking to 100 km / h in 11 seconds, as it's not so much. Probably not even the maximum speed of 186 km / h, but the desire to fight, which has long been embedded in it. Its outlines just perfectly fit the description of the commando fighter.

The car, perhaps, famously coped with anydashing turns, climbs, trails. The beast lives somewhere in the soul of the Dodge Caliber. The reviews are only able to tell us about how he behaves on dry smooth covers within the city, on the ring and suburban routes. And he does it at small speeds smoothly, confidently, comfortably, but at the same time you do not advise us to put pressure on gas, because we will have to immediately increase the concentration. He throws to the right and left, because of what you have to keep the steering wheel firmly. I must say, this struggle is not tiring, especially if you enter into the role of commandos. Or just be young, or for a moment imagine yourself as such.

But there is another side to the Dodge Caliber. Technical characteristics of the engine are due to their properties to the development of engineers who invented a system of double change of the phases of the gas distribution. It allows you to save fuel. Maximum speed on the car is achieved at high speed. If you still have to do this, you will hear a monotonous buzz of Dodge Caliber. Reviews of many owners of this car talk about this feature. Given that you will move around on our roads, I must say that this occupation is not the most pleasant, so it's better to give up driving at high speed.

In general, the car turned out enoughinteresting, to take a closer look at his virtues and to drive him to his garage. As a last resort, it will be an excellent gift for the son, whose father can afford such presents.

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