Cribs Papaloni: reviews

Cribs Papaloni: reviews

Most of the time the kids spend in bed. They sleep there, play, know the outside world. Parents should ensure maximum safety for the baby, so that he does not damage his gently body. Paraloni beds are of high quality and reliability. This manufacturer is fully responsible for its products and provides the maximum comfort, safety, necessary for young children.

About the manufacturer

Papaloni - Italian brand, which produces children's furniture and accessories for the care of babies. At the heart of the company's activities is the responsibility for the comfort and health of the kids. "Papaloni" produces high-quality goods with safe structures. The products of this brand are distinguished by their unordinary design, good functionality, durability and durability. Its popularity earned thanks to original furniture. Chests, changing tables, cots have smooth rounded shapes. The absence of sharp kutas and ergonomic furniture design from Papaloni are the main factors determining the choice of buyers in favor of products of the Italian brand.

For the manufacture of children's furniture, the manufacturer uses only natural wood and high-quality coatings. The company carefully selects varnishes and paints strictly in accordance with current standards. All products of "Papaloni" are certified, which guarantees the safety and quality of the goods. Especially popular among young parents use crib Papaloni. They are not only practical, but also beautiful.

Cribs Papaloni: reviews

Features of beds

Baby cots "Papaloni" are made of environmentally friendly materials. For the case the manufacturer uses natural wood of the best grades: beech, ash, oak. All wooden parts are neatly cut out by special technology and carefully processed to perfect smoothness. The peculiarity of Papaloni beds is their unique shape. All models do not have sharp kutas. The Papaloni is the ideal place for babies to rest. All beds from the "Papaloni" pass security and assembly quality control at the initial and final stage of production. To connect parts, the manufacturer uses high quality Italian fittings. Paints and varnishes, by which the wooden parts of the crib are processed, are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Assortment diversity

The manufacturer offers beds in different shapes and colors. All Papaloni beds are represented by two types of models:

  • Rocking-cots. They are fixed on self-orienting wheels, which are equipped with a system of stoppers. Such products can be moved and fixed in the right place.
  • Cribs-pendulums. They stand on their legs. They are driven by a swinging pendulum system.

The cots "Papaloni" come with a drawer and without it. All models have a standard bed size, which is 60x120 cm. The width and height of each crib can vary depending on the design. As for design and style, the manufacturer develops unique cribs with unusual frames and colorful inserts. So, in the models "Vitaly", "Luna", "Aura" sidewalls decorated with colorful drawings. For parents with high demands Papaloni produces an exclusive model of "Maggie". This bed is made in a seasoned English style. It is decorated with aged fittings and has a stable design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Papaloni beds have such advantages:

  1. Ecological compatibility. All beds are made with natural wood without chips and cracks. Cover with non-toxic lacquer.
  2. Security. Vertical rods are located a short distance from each other, which eliminates the jamming of the baby's head in them.
  3. Regulating bottom. In all models it is possible to set it in two positions, so that the growing up kid could not fall out of the crib.
  4. Large capacious box for things. In some models there is a niche with a lid. It is convenient to store all the children's accessories.
  5. Presence of the mechanism of the descending front wall. The growing-up kid can independently climb into the crib and peel off it.

Disadvantages of beds can be considered:

  • Relatively high cost.
  • Possible difficulties in the self-collection of a cot with a pendulum system.
  • Over time, it becomes necessary to tighten the screws and clamps.
  • In case of inaccurate use of the crib, paint may adhere.

Baby cot Papaloni "Giovanni"

This model combines the best characteristics: high strength, beautiful appearance and functionality. Papaloni "Giovanni" - a cot with a laconic design. The classical form of this model gives it versatility in combination with other children's furniture. Features of the bed:

  1. Material of execution - beech wood.
  2. Original Italian furniture.
  3. Rack panels that provide ventilation for the sleeper.
  4. Adjustable bottom.
  5. The front panel is removable.
  6. If the baby grows up, the crib can be turned into a comfortable sofa.

The price for Papaloni beds is from 9000 to 24000 rubles. So, the most simple model of "Winnie" costs about 9200 r. For sleeping places with a box you need to pay from 14 500 rubles. Cot-rocking Papaloni "Giovanni" costs about 10,400 r. The price for the same model with a box and pendulum system is 14,800 rubles. The most expensive is the cot-pendulum "Olivia". Official distributors offer this model for 23500 rubles. Sometimes stores make stocks and can significantly lower prices even for the most expensive models. In this case, you can buy a crib "Papaloni" for several thousand cheaper.

Beds "Papaloni" are very popular among young parents. The products of this brand received high marks and recommendations from satisfied customers. Papaloni bed, reviews about which are only positive, differs from the products of other manufacturers by perfect design and reliability. According to buyers, the sleeping place perfectly performs its functions. It is comfortable and beautiful.

According to customers, the cribs Papaloni the most original and durable. Especially the parents liked the cots-swings. Thanks to the wheels, the product can easily be moved to the desired location. Many parents liked the color performance. All models are available in several shades, which simplifies the choice of a suitable crib. They fit nicely into any interior.

There are also negative comments. Some buyers do not like the build quality and price. According to them, cribs "Papaloni" with time begin to squeak and loosen. Therefore, it becomes necessary to tighten the latches and bolts.

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  • Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews Cribs Papaloni: reviews