Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

A cottage is not just a country house or a summer house, but a sign of the high status of owners who can afford such a scope. The interior and exterior design of such a luxurious home should correspond to its high level. It differs significantly from the design of the interior decoration of the apartment and the external decoration of the cottage, not only in the scope of work, but also in financial costs. Budget finishes and furnishings will nullify the effect of luxury that luxury country houses breathe. As a rule, no deviations from the chosen style in the design are allowed. The interior is made strictly according to the canons and rules, so that guests in no way doubt the possibilities of the owners or their good aesthetic taste. The design of the cottage can be trusted with professionals. Such a move will save the time of the owners, but will hit the wallet.Owners can take on the design and realize their own fantasies and ideas. As a result, they will try on the roles of venerable designers and may not be limited to their own homes, since the creative process tends to delay, like a whirlpool. There are a lot of stylistic decisions, however, some directions (fashionable) nowadays are preferable to others. Let us consider in more detail some of them.

Classic style

Classicism unites under its "wing" a whole group of styles. The directions developed autonomously in separate corners of the planet. There is an Italian, English, French, German classics. However, they note the presence of common parts in these different directions. Any classic prefers soft forms in small elements that decorate the house outside. Columns, balustrades, arches, rosettes, facade plinths, pediments, pilasters, rusta, panels, castle stones can play their roles. An abundance of these details looks cozy and elegant. The special color of the buildings gives a tone solution based on light contrasts. The secondary color is often white (it is decorated), which emphasizes the severity of the basic gray, coffee, brown, peach, sand tint.To emphasize the luxury of the exterior decorative elements are made in the technique of stucco with floral ornaments and soft "curls."

Classic style cottage

Modern style

The design of the cottage in a modern style is permeated with brevity, which in turn creates a multi-faceted beauty. The needs of a person of our era are very different from the needs of their ancestors. Even the very notion of “beautiful” has a completely different meaning. On the one hand, the building should be as innovative as possible, that is, equipped with the latest technology. However, this does not exclude the presence of traditional elements in landscape design (gardens, gazebos, decorative ponds). For the modern style is characterized by a smooth overflowing of the interior to the exterior. The effect is achieved due to the use of panoramic windows to the floor, which lift the veil of secrets of the interior decoration. "Transparency" allows not only to demonstrate the features of the interior, but also lets in more light and air into the rooms. For large private houses, the problem does not seem to be relevant, but the modern man literally reaches out to limitless spaces, trying to erase any boundaries.The facade of the house is finished with clapboard, plaster or revetted with decorative brick, stone. A similar decoration in a pair with wide windows and a neat courtyard, looks very different than in classical styles. The border between the walls and the foundation is also partially erased. In colors they try to resort to neutral, natural tones: gray, white, brown, black. Also for the modern style is characterized by the use of straight lines, sharp corners and geometric shapes (mainly rectangles and squares) in the exterior. It creates the illusion of a modular facade, as if assembled from different elements.

Modern style cottage


Art Nouveau does not recognize strict restrictions. It is based on simplicity and functionality. For decorating facades using mosaic, forging, painting and special types of plaster. The walls are made of brick, wood, stone or concrete. Restrictions on materials style also does not set. Modern is considered a model of free direction, which accepts any design decisions in a relatively flexible framework. It is characterized by “finished” compositions, the desire for completion can be traced throughout: in forms, colors and special decorative elements. The rule of symmetry allows you to put a mirror point in the design.Smooth lines in modern are used both in the interior and in the exterior. At the same time, luxury is not alien to the style, which is manifested in materials and noble stucco or statues in full growth, supporting the roof of the porch.

Art Nouveau Cottage


The main idea of ​​the style is the desire for admiration and surprise. The exterior often creates the illusion of the curvature of space. During construction, they resort to rasprepovki reception, when some part of the wall with all the elements comes to the fore or, on the contrary, moves back. Before designing a house, it is necessary to include in the plan an abundance of elements that the Baroque loves: balconies, balustrades, bay windows and towers. The style was originally used to create monumental structures: cathedrals and palaces. Therefore, the cottage should look like a miniature house for the rest of the crowned person and her suite. Baroque on decorative elements does not save, which often caused criticism and accusations of bad taste. Do not be afraid to use an abundance of jewelry. Just keep in mind that they must obey a common stylistic concept.

Baroque Cottage

Although the style is alive and well even in our time, most designers have abandoned it, as from an impractical direction.If you decorate the exterior of the house according to the principles of baroque, then your possessions will stand out as a bright spot in the cottage village and attract a lot of interesting views.

Flower garden around the house

Country music

The exterior of the cottage in country style is similar to the design of houses in the American province. Direction comes from the village, so it is characterized by the use of wood, raw logs and forging. The country style of the Russian village of country does not resemble at all. It uses more noble, neat lines, and the whole composition breathes a touch of elegance or an attempt to reach it. Do not recommend the use in the decoration or decoration elements with a hint of technical progress.

Country Cottage

Chalet style appeared on the alpine slopes. In fact, it is a village destination. Chalet-style cottages are built from timber. They are also characterized by the use of panoramic windows. In the Alps, this way guests can enjoy views of the picturesque surrounding beauty. The cottage must include a wide porch and an open loggia or balcony on the second floor. Decorate the site with the same bar or thin wooden planks.Combinations of wood with natural stone look organic. The latter may be decorated with columns or facade. Special attention is paid to lighting. The chalet likes the abundance of artificial light, in this style is similar to the loft, so the street can not be limited to one lamp.

Chalet-style cottage

American style

In the American style do not use untested design solutions. This direction is famous for its reliability and practicality. The roofs of the cottages do not obey the laws of symmetry. At construction use practical and inexpensive materials. Such an economy option will suit zealous people who can afford more, but do not want to boast. In the American cottages there is a glazed terrace and two entrance doors. The first one leads to the front yard (a home area between the gate and the building), and the second one leads to a beautiful rear platform, which is designed to receive guests and barbecue. Also in the American cottage featured pastel colors and panoramic windows. In general, the situation is simple but stylish.

American style cottage

English style

The exterior of the house in the English style is distinguished by rigor and a small amount of decor. In this style is divided into several branches, which were relevant in different eras.For the modern English direction is characterized by the presence of brick walls. If the cottage is already built, and the material was used is different, then outside the house is “polished” with the help of decorative trim. The main decoration is heavy oak doors, covered with handmade carvings. At the design stage of the drawing, add bay windows and windows with semicircular vaults. They will best reflect the British flavor. The classic English style, which was popular in the Victorian era, is characterized by the use of “embossed”, complex facades: they seem to consist of many elements that come forward. In the decor prevails traditional for those times carving. The walls outside are plastered. If you dig deeper into the era of the Tudor dynasty, then on the facades of such houses there were wooden beams (floors). The structures had sharp gable roofs and were decorated with masonry. The option is ideal for decoration of the cottage with elements of "rural" style. To get inspired, to find the source of ideas, look at photos of typical English mansions.

English style cottage

High tech

In the construction of high-tech houses use concrete and bricks.In the decorative finish lead metal, plastic and glass. Cottages in accordance with the canons of the most technologically advanced style, as a rule, are large, as the direction tends to the internal space. The roofs of the houses are flat, and the windows are panoramic. In rare cases, the entire facade can be fully glazed. The option is expensive, but it looks very impressive. Recently, there has been a trend of combining high-tech with eco style. Therefore, the use of wood is permissible. The decor is dominated by metal structures, beams, brackets of complex geometric shapes. Similar elements look appropriate in futurism. Choose a decor by the principle: "the more original the detail, the more spectacular the exterior will be."

High-tech cottage

It is better to forget about the dacha garden economy on this territory, since high-tech does not accept such remnants of the past. The installation of a modern greenhouse with automatic irrigation and lamps replacing the sun is permissible.

Roofless house

Interior of the cottage inside

The interior of the cottage plays the same important role as the exterior. If the latter welcomes guests and catches the gaze of passers-by, the interior decoration is considered to be more intimate.It is not shown to everyone, therefore it is possible to deviate slightly from the strict canons of style in favor of home comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. To decorate and furnish a house with your own hands is a multi-stage and complex work. Before you start planning, finding interior solutions and buying furniture, you need to make a plan or design project. Develop it on the basis of a particular style, which is chosen ahead of time. Among the most popular options worth noting:

  • Loft. An industrial style characterized by large spaces, brick accent walls, communications exposed and an abundance of artificial light.

Loft style cottage interior Chandelier with candles over the table Ceiling fan Motorcycle in the interior Steps to the second level with lighting

  • Country About him already mentioned above. The principles for interior and exterior are the same: raw wood, simple shapes, easy primitivism with a claim to rustic elegance.

Country style cottage interior The combination of stone and wood in the interior Living room with parallel exposure White furniture in the interior A table from the chest by the couch

  • Minimalism. Guest from the East accepts only the necessary details, natural materials in the decoration and the almost complete lack of decor.

The interior of the cottage in the style of minimalism The partition between the living room and the corridor Bulk floor in the interior The combination of black and white walls in the living room Decorative fireplace in the dining area

  • Provence. The style of the French hinterland loves antiques, artificially aged things, pastel shades and roughly painted wood in the decoration.

The interior of the cottage in the style of Provence Vintage lantern on the bedside table White sideboard in the interior Yellow window curtains Patterns on the ceiling

  • Scandinavian style.It is characterized by the use of cold gamut, wide windows, the presence of a fireplace and "natural" decor. The latter can be attributed to these branches on the walls, paths from woody cuts, animal skins on the floor.

The interior of the cottage with the Scandinavian style Ficus in the corner of the living room Cowhide rug on the floor by the sofa African mask on the wall Wood burning stove in the living room

  • Eco style. The direction promotes the proximity to nature and the complete rejection of everything artificial. No plastic or imitation in the decoration and decor should not be.

The interior of the cottage in eco-style Firewood in a niche by the fireplace The lamp on the glass table by the couch Laminate flooring and kitchen walls Yellow armchair in white interior

  • Art Deco. American style characterized by simple elegance. The interior uses pastel shades for the background and only one bright accent zone. In many ways, the direction is similar to the “lite” version of the classic style. It is more elegant and neat, devoid of clutter of small parts, but at the same time managed to maintain a touch of luxury.

The interior of the cottage in the style of Art Deco Table and sofas in front of a decorative fireplace Staircase with openwork railing in the interior Mirror panel in the living room Corner sofa in the interior

The above are just popular destinations, this list is not exhaustive.

Design project

Those owners of cottages who are sorry for their time can purchase or order the development of a finished project. Fans of creative tasks will give preference to independent work on the design of their home. Start with the layout, that is, the location of the rooms.Do not chaotically divide the building into separate rooms, the purpose of which will be determined after construction. Each room in the drawing should have its own specific function. Let's start with the basement or basement. The difference between them is only in the presence of windows. The basement slightly protrudes above the soil level, and the basement is completely under it. The lowest floor can be used to organize a cellar with pickles, fine wines, or equip a garage. The practice is very relevant in the west, but we have not yet taken root. As a result, the owners will not only save space, which can be used for another building, but also will be able to enter the premises from the street and from the house. The option usually includes two entrance doors. On the first floor, as a rule, there is a spacious entrance hall with a staircase, a kitchen and a hall. If the place still remains, then the additional room is equipped with a guest bedroom. On the second floor there are personal apartments of family members and work rooms. The attic space can be equipped for anything: a dressing room, a cinema hall, a workshop, a games room or a platform for outdoor activities.If the room will enter the residential complex, it will have to be reissued from a cold attic into a warmed attic, which is provided with lighting, heating and even water. The above is just a typical layout of the main rooms.

Design project of the interior of the cottage

In the expensive cottages usually provided for the location of bathrooms on all floors. If finances allow, they can be installed in each room. Thus, the problem with the morning and evening bursts will be completely solved.

Floor lamp by the sofa

Living room

Living room - the conditional center of any home and the main "transport" node. If her atmosphere breathes comfort, then all home and guests will gather in the room. As a rule, the living room has several bay windows, which are equipped with comfortable places for reading books or admiring the surrounding beauty over a cup of tea. Spacious halls can be arranged in dark colors, which will give the room depth. Looks impressive coffee and chocolate range, emphasizing the soft colors of tones of luxury furnishings. A great solution would be to install this fireplace. If the apartments have to be content with its imitations, then the countryside provides a good opportunity to arrange a home hearth. The proximity of the forest will allow you to easily get firewood for kindling.

Living room in the cottageCeiling with lighting in the interior Arch in the living room Interior in modern style Fresco in the living room The second light in the interior


In the bedroom embody one of the exquisite styles (classic, loft, modern). Since the room is usually characterized by large dimensions, it is conventionally divided into several functional areas:

  • A place to sleep;
  • Ladies boudoir;
  • Corner for daytime rest.

All three zones are combined into one composition, but if necessary, each can exist separately from the others. For example, a decorative partition with through niches will be a beautiful border that will organically blend into the interior. Bed - the main area of ​​the room. Recently, hinged beds are relevant in the elite interiors. In the furniture market, they have become a stylish novelty that is suitable for minimalism and high-tech.

Bedroom in the cottage

Kitchen and dining room

The dining room is a unique area that cannot exist separately from others. It necessarily plays the role of a supplement to the kitchen or living room. Try to imagine a separate dining room. Fantasy will inevitably lead you to the spacious rooms in luxurious palaces, where they organize receptions for more than a hundred people. Because of the pompous associations, the room usually adjoins the culinary room, even if it is possible to arrange it separately.The cottage kitchen is distinguished not only by its dimensions, but also by an abundance of natural light. In typical flats, she has to be content with a small window, which also often goes to the balcony or loggia. Accordingly, even the sunny sides do not save from the unpleasant situation of twilight during the day, which arose when there is a shortage of natural light. The dining room, as a rule, is separated from the kitchen by a conventional partition. In her role, the bar counter looks good. If necessary, it can perform the function of an additional tabletop, and at usual time you can drink a cup of tea or a glass of cocktail behind it.

Kitchen and dining room in the cottageMulti-level ceiling in the interior Fresco in the kitchen Different floor coverings in the kitchen and dining areas U-shaped kitchen Table-island in the interior

Children's room

In apartments, children's corners are usually equipped according to the principle of “in crush, but not mad”. In the spacious cottage each of the children will have their own room. As a compromise under the nursery take the attic. The room is spacious, to it without problems is water, electricity and heating. If there are more than two kids, then everyone can have their own small room, personal space, which not only adults need. In the attic they equip a real separate house, a small world exclusively for children.Here they will have a separate playroom, study or creative room and a bedroom.

Nursery in the cottage


As mentioned above, there are usually several bathrooms in the house. Leave the guests and household choices: on one floor, arrange a compact shower, and on the second - a spacious jacuzzi. If someone needs a quick wash after a run, then the first option will do. In cases where you want to relax and rest from worries under light music, surrounded by candles and aromas of essential oils, use a jacuzzi. Do not recommend loading the bathroom with washing machines and household cleaning products. The owners of cottages have enough opportunities for arranging a separate room-pantry. If the basement or ground floor is not occupied with anything, then it is equipped there.

Bathroom in the cottageRed decorative maple in the corner Shower and bath in the same room Wall light Modern bathroom Bath and shower on the podium

Hall and hallway

The hall differs from the hallway in its dimensions. The latter is a room between the front door and the living rooms of the cottage. In 80% of cases, a staircase to the second floor is placed in the hallway. This option allows you not to go through a string of other rooms, so that from the entrance you can immediately go up to your room. A small area for pereobuvaniya with a hanger under the outerwear and holders for umbrellas, smoothly flows into a spacious hall. He is increasingly being given a round, streamlined shape.At an equal distance from each other have doors to other rooms.

Hallway in the cottage

Pool in the house

Swimming pool in a residential building is a bright sign of the solvency of the owners of the cottage. A similar structure on the street will also emphasize the status of the family, but significantly loses its internal need for systematic care and cleaning of fallen leaves, street garbage. In addition, containers with water in the yard will periodically be filled with rainwater, which naturally will have to be drained. Perhaps there is no better place for a swimming pool than a basement or basement. Usually they are supplemented with a sauna, and the fonts with a bath. It should be borne in mind that the composition of this complex engineering structures will include:

  • Special bowl;
  • Pump equipment;
  • Heating system;
  • Circulating equipment.

Therefore, the purchase and construction of even the most unpretentious pool will cost a lot of money.

Pool in the cottage Waterfall on the wall Pots with potted plants by the pool Air dryer on the wall Mosaic in the interior

Decoration outside

The decoration of the cottage outside is carried out in accordance with the stylistic decision and the preferences of the owners. Decorate the house with corners, baseboards, arches, porches and terraces, columns and pilasters.These elements are made of plasterboard, polymer concrete, artificial stone and brick. However, these options are more suitable for budget design. In the expensive cottages, the exterior is polished with glass, ceramics, natural stone, brickwork, metal, and wood. Each material fits a particular style. Do not forget about the lighting, which will emphasize the features of the decor, put them in a favorable light and hide the shortcomings, if any.

Decorating the cottage outside tiles under stone


The process of arranging the cottage can be displayed in step-by-step instructions:

  • Design and layout:
  • Building;
  • Internal and external decoration;
  • The interior selection of furniture and decorations, and in the exterior - the decoration of the facade.

By the way, the exterior of the house should be in harmony not only with the interior, but also with the landscape that surrounds it. All additional buildings are necessarily linked to the overall composition, so that the design picture of possessions does not visually fall into pieces.

Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house images, pictures

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  • Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house

    Cottage design - interior and exterior ideas for a country house