Cheap hotels in Orenburg

Cheap hotels in Orenburg

Travel is a great pastime,which can not leave anyone indifferent. New cities, wonderful sensations, unknown places - all this will give a lot of new emotions. The only thing that can spoil the general impression is the absence of a place to sleep. Renting an apartment from unknown people is unreliable. Rooms in hotels located in the city center are expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives! For example, there are inexpensive hotels in Orenburg. Thanks to this offer, tourists can enjoy the beauties of this unique city at an affordable price.

Five Reasons to Visit Orenburg

cheap hotels in orenburg

Orenburg is an amazing city, which alwaysfamous for its breathtaking architecture. On its territory you can see a huge number of amazing monuments. In total, there are five main reasons why you need to visit this place.

  1. Go through the old bridge. The main attraction of Orenburg is a pedestrian bridge, which runs through the Ural River. According to historical data, it was built in 1800, there is a legend that the famous Russian writer Vladimir Dahl also participated in its creation.
  2. Buy a souvenir in a trading store, locatedon the territory of the Gostiny Dvor. This is a real value for the city, which every tourist is eager to visit. The extensive shopping complex still retains the design of the pre-war time, despite the fact that it is periodically restored.
  3. To enjoy the ringing of bells on Sovetskaya Street. This area has some kind of its own remote, unlike other places, atmosphere. It's always calm here, I want to forget about all the fuss and stop for a while in time. It is believed that the bells were made in the second half of the twentieth century. The very tower was built quite recently, its height reaches 35 meters.
  4. Ride on the children's railway. This attraction should be visited by every tourist who comes to this city with a child. Here each detail is similar to the real one.
  5. The most beautiful place in this locality isSquare named after Lenin. On its territory you can see many old sights. This name was given to this place due to the presence in it of a monument built in honor of Vladimir Ilyich.

In addition, it is worth to visit the wonderful cityin order to walk along beautiful streets, parks and the embankment. Each building will surprise with its unique appearance. In order to enjoy this place without hurrying, you should choose an Orenburg hotel in advance. Inexpensive for a day you can rent a room anywhere in the city.

Armada Comfort

There are the most comfortable hotelsOrenburg. Cheap numbers do not say that the guest will live in unfavorable conditions. For example, you can consider a hotel called Armada Comfort, which received a three-star statute.

hotels in Orenburg cheap for a day

On the territory of the complex there are about 45rooms of different classes. Each of them has all the amenities for living, namely wireless internet, electric kettle, refrigerator, mini-bar and tableware.

Visitors can also pass their time onthe territory of the restaurant, bar or billiard room. Free private parking is also available. The approximate cost of one room is 1500 rubles per day.


"Manor" is the best option amonghotels in Orenburg. Inexpensive for 3 hours to rent a room here you can only for 500 rubles. A special system of discounts is provided for those who decided to stay in this place for more than five days.

hotels in Orenburg cheap for 3 hoursThis is a very cozy place whereonly 15 rooms. Each guest here is treated as friendly as possible, creating an "at home" atmosphere for them. There is free internet in every room. There is a cozy restaurant on the territory of the complex.

Despite the fact that the hotel is located near the city center, there is always clean air, a high level of vegetation and silence.


There are very cheap hotelsOrenburg. You can rent a cheap room only for 400 rubles per day. This is an ideal option for those who went on a business trip, to find work or just want to visit a new place, while not making extra costs. There are nine rooms with different number of beds. Of course, the hotel does not include extra food, free parking, a restaurant and other amenities. But in this place is always clean, comfortable and friendly.

 Orenburg hotels cheap room

Several hostels - hostels

Cheapest hotels of Orenburg by the conditionsreside resemble a hostel. In one room can be at the same time from 2 to 10 people. The building has a common kitchen, bathroom and toilet. If necessary, you can ask for a minimum set of dishes (kettle, pots or plates). Of course, this place is not for those who are used to living in comfortable conditions, but you can spend the night in a new city from 200 to 700 rubles per day. Such hostels include "Dormitory UDPO", "Apartments on the spacious street" and "Alaska"

Fortunately, in modern life, everyonecan independently visit any city he likes. Arrange a real multi-day vacation in one of the oldest cities will help the hotel Orenburg. Inexpensive variants can be found even in the central part of the city.

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